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Meine aller beste Freundin ist ein echter BTS Fan und wir wollen unbedingt nächstes Jahr (wenn BTS hier ein Konzert hat) auf ein BTS Konzert. Am liebsten auch in Düsseldorf. Ich hoffe sehr das sie nach Deutschland kommen.

Hoffentlich! :)

finished a tae doodle i started a few days ago x) 

really liked this airport fashion of his ♡

Watch on princeminmin.tumblr.com

his giggle… his english… *clutches chest*

If BTS were sorted in Hogwarts

I could see him in Gryffindor because of how confident he is about himself. He also seems to like being praised, even if he doesn’t looks/asks for it. Many Gryffindors are like that actually, in contrary of what a lot of people would think. But when you got this face, honestly, you gotta get used to compliments. >.< Also, because of his shape, I would totally see him as a beater. He could have replaced one of the Weasley twins when they got kicked out of the team. I’ll just let you imagine how great he would look in a red dress robe.

As you probably know already, Yoongi persevered a LOT to get where he is now, and even with all they achieved by now, he has a lot of plans and ambitions for the future. A big difference between Gryffindors and Slytherins is that rather than taking action quickly and strongly, Slytherins have a plan on how to get what they want, and they enjoy every step they climb, getting closer and closer to achieving their dream. And I don’t know why, but I think the water element is the one that fits him the best. With blonde hair, he would be the nice version of Draco.

Hoseok is the first one who would suggest a whole bunch of free hugs! He also can be friends with anyone and he never hesitates to help others when he
can. I can totally imagine him visiting the elves in the kitchen after class and getting out of there with a pile of cakes cause oh god they would love him so much.He would obviously share them with all his fellow Hufflepuffs, cause, it’s Hoseok and he would probably see them as his second family. That’s how I personally see Hufflepuffs.

The first house that comes’s to most people’s mind for Namjoon is Ravenclaw because he’s very smart, but I see him more into Slytherin because of his load of ambition and strong leadership.He’s also one of those Slytherins that are feared because of his tough guy looks, but is a really nice person. He will stay by your side and would still roast the hell out of anyone who makes fun of you once you become friends with him. And also, he would probably be Snape’s favorite, since he could make him answer all his questions instead of having to give points to Hermione/Gryffindor! >.<

I mean, come on, this one is obvious. Jimin is probably the nicest cute ball of fluff you’ve ever seen. Plus, he puts a lot of hard work into everything he loves and is the least likely to cheat in a game in my opinion.He’s just very selfless and loves making other people happy. But even though he is nice, I can totally imagine him laughing his butt off when Taehyung would try doing the common room’s riddle and failing miserably, resulting him to be drenched in vinegar. Dang I could write an HP AU…

Even though most people see Taehyung as an idiot, that’s only because of his quircky side, which is one of the main Ravenclaw traits! And I know that he is more intelligent that he makes it seem. I think he would be the type to have random interests and he would love knowing as much as he can and would get very enthousiastic about them. And I would love to see him asking Namjoon to help him with his common room’s riddle, and getting pissed at him when he decides to let him wait in front of the door until a fellow Ravenclaw comes to save him.

First and formost, his favorite color is red AND he is the golden maknae! So right off the bath that’s a winner! But he also matches the house’s traits, which are daring and brave. I think he could be impulsive when a problem occurs. He also seems to be the most competitive and I would perfectly see him as a beater alongside with Jin! (If an artist is reading this, please make a fanart of that, it would be great) And dear, he would cause a bunch of nosebleeds, and I’m not only talking about bludger accidents! ;)

Phew! FInished coloring a Halloween sticker set that I collabed with @bibbledoo​ on! She did the beautiful lines and sketches and I did the colors and shading! These will be for sale this upcoming late September/early October! PS: This set on here is transparent! Give it a click!

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joshler & jendeb playing strip poker fucfkcxlkk

pleaase tyler n jen prbbly take off their hats or socks first bt deb whips off her bra n j shimmies outta his boxers smehow til they end up w ty shirtless jen in bra n undies deb in her socks n josh w his hat n a smile theyr al so in love