hats polo shirts

I was called a dyke today and that was fun


Dressing down a suit. Take 3

Take 3 of wearing a suit without a tie (See take 1 & Take 2).

Worsted flannel navy chalk stripe suit, khaki pique cotton polo shirt, brown oxford suede brogues, brown felt hat and a paisley scarf.

so i forgot about the D23 expo! i realized that i could get my melody cosplay together for that!! its in august so much sooner than halloween :))

i am not an experienced cosplayer so does anyone know
1. where i could buy a short yellow apron like hers?
2. the best way to get the “meat cute” logo on there if i have to do it at home?
3. if theres a site that could just print it on there for me? most sites dont have aprons as a printing option hah

just a reminder heres what her outfit looks like