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I've wanted to tell you this for a while now, but thank you so much for sharing your love of One Piece, especially for Usopp. Your love for him helped convince me that he is the best Straw Hat. I've even cosplayed Usopp to show admiration for the character, and it's really made going to conventions so much more fun! So thank you for showing the best of our favorite sniper!

You’re so very welcome! I’m really glad I could have some sort of impact on gathering more love for him! He absolutely deserves it and to this day I still feel so very strongly about this haha. 

I’d love to see your cosplay of him if you’d like share sometime! You don’t really see a lot of Usopp cosplayers. It’s a good thing and a sad thing almost haha. I know I’m already making plans to revise my Usopp cosplay since it needs some serious updates. Really looking forward to wearing his Zou arc outfit sometime. That little hat and polo shirt is to die for~

Who in Yowapeda should you fight? Sohoku

A handy dandy guide for destroying these children. Featuring emotes.

Onoda Sakamichi 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

Who wins? Nobody

Oh my god. Oh my god? Why would you even consider this. This child is a little ball of sunshine, just what is wrong with you? All he’s ever wanted to do was have friends and watch anime. Onoda has never wronged you. He would never wrong anyone. I hope he bikes over your toes. Him and every other person in this show. Shame on you.

Imaizumi Shuunsuke (・-・。)

Who wins? You

Do it. Fight Imaizumi. Sure, he may be tall, but the kid has never been in a fight in his life. The worst he could do is stab you with his chin. Fight Imaizumi. Make him cry. He’ll enjoy it, anyway. Win - Win.

Naruko Shoukichi ೕ(•̀ㅂ•́ )

Who wins? You

Don’t know why you’d want to fight him either, but sure, go for it. He’s literally a chihuahua with a bad dye job. He’s got nothing on you. He’ll run away after the first punch, though. You’ll feel bad if you chase after him, so it’s probably not worth it. If he does stick around, though, just dodge until he gets tired. Then you can tuck him in before bedtime.

Kinjou Shingo ( ̄ー ̄)

Who wins? Kinjou

Have you seen this man. Honestly, have you? He is over 6 feet of pure muscle. You can’t defeat him. Don’t even try. If he even looks at you you’ll spontaneously combust (or at least that’s what the rumors say…). Don’t fight daddy darkmeat. You will die.

Makishima Yuusuke (゚⊿゚)

Who wins? Makishima

He will use his sharp edges to his advantage. He is 90% angle, he will cut you in every place imaginable and look bored while doing it. Don’t fight Makishima. Makishima is a real life tetrahedron. You’ll come out looking like you had a battle with a paper shredder. A paper shredder covered in vomit. Don’t do it.

Tadokoro Jin (`(エ)´)

Who wins? Nobody

Even though he seems daunting, Tadokoro is not much of a challenge, at all. He has zero weak spots. Anywhere you aim will yield no result. He will just watch you tire yourself out as you punch wildly until you pass out. Then he’ll wake you up and you’ll have lunch together. So fight him. He will be your friend. Bless this man.

Teshima Junta (つ≧▽≦)つ

Who will win? You

Please fight Teshima. 1st Inter-High Teshima at least. He’s kind of a dick. Knock him around I guess, he might cry, but not in the good, Imaizumi way. You might feel bad, but don’t. Destroy him, if you must. Just don’t touch his hair. It would be a crime to hurt that. This is your only warning.

Aoyagi Hajime ⊂(・ヮ・⊂)

Who will win? Everyone but you

He’s like Onoda, but sassier. What has Aoyagi done to you? Why must you hurt him? Let him be. Besides, if you lay a finger on him, you’ll have to deal with Teshima and Tadokoro. Mad. Pray to every deity you can think of, because you will be demolished. I would pray for you but you brought that shit on yourself. RIP you.

Honorable Mentions:

Kanzaki Miki: She will destroy you. behind those eyes lies a power unbeknownst to man. DO not tempt her. SHe has seen hell and she is ready to unleash it upon you. Satan in a visor and pleated miniskirt, believe me.

Sugimoto Terufumi: This child will break into tears if you even look at him wrong. Don’t fight him. You’ll just feel awkward and sad. Like his whole existence. And you don’t deserve that.

Mr. Pierre: Don’t fight him. This man is Kinjou to the max. The cruelty behind his bucket hats and polo shirts is making me shiver. Don’t do it. Who knows what will happen to you.

Kanzaki Tooji: Look at his knee. Look in those eyes. Don’t fight him. He’s just trying to make a living as the Big Brother Character. Ask him out on a date instead.

Tachibana Aya: Fight her, sure. Word on the street is that she does Judo or some shit, so you’ll be in for a surprise. She’s like a pinata. Bust her open and see what she’s made up of. Or don’t because she’s like, 14 and you’ll feel bad.

so i forgot about the D23 expo! i realized that i could get my melody cosplay together for that!! its in august so much sooner than halloween :))

i am not an experienced cosplayer so does anyone know
1. where i could buy a short yellow apron like hers?
2. the best way to get the “meat cute” logo on there if i have to do it at home?
3. if theres a site that could just print it on there for me? most sites dont have aprons as a printing option hah

just a reminder heres what her outfit looks like