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pitafish  asked:

I've wanted to tell you this for a while now, but thank you so much for sharing your love of One Piece, especially for Usopp. Your love for him helped convince me that he is the best Straw Hat. I've even cosplayed Usopp to show admiration for the character, and it's really made going to conventions so much more fun! So thank you for showing the best of our favorite sniper!

You’re so very welcome! I’m really glad I could have some sort of impact on gathering more love for him! He absolutely deserves it and to this day I still feel so very strongly about this haha. 

I’d love to see your cosplay of him if you’d like share sometime! You don’t really see a lot of Usopp cosplayers. It’s a good thing and a sad thing almost haha. I know I’m already making plans to revise my Usopp cosplay since it needs some serious updates. Really looking forward to wearing his Zou arc outfit sometime. That little hat and polo shirt is to die for~