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Here's a thought:

What if the Hogwarts sorting process is less about who you are, and more about what you need?

The sorting hat sees a boy thrust into a new world he barely understands, a boy desperate not to blend in with the crowd, and a girl who would sink as deep into her books as she is allowed, and says- what do these children need? They need courage. The courage to keep moving forward despite overwhelming circumstances and high stakes, the courage to see themselves as heroes, the courage to speak up and speak out against injustice.

The hat sees a lost girl whose world has been shattered, who can’t be bothered to fit the world she sees to others’ standards, and says- what does she need? Knowledge. The knowledge of how and why things happen, and the wisdom to accept the things she cannot change.

The hat sees a boy desperate to fill his father’s shoes, used to getting his way and confused at a world that works differently than he was taught. The hat says- he needs power. He needs an identity that will remind him that he has worth, that he can be more than he is.

I wouldn’t want to attend a hogwarts that sorted based on what universal human trait I exhibited most often. I wouldn’t want to attend a hogwarts that sorted similar personalities into uniform groups. I would want to attend a hogwarts that sorts based on its students’ needs, doing its best to help them succeed.

When dumbledore says, “perhaps we sort too soon,” maybe he sees the good that a little bit of courage, instead of a sense of self-worth inflated into superiority, could have done Severus Snape.

Maybe the most dark wizards come out of slytherin because, despite their house’s best intentions, they never quite find the confidence they need there. And it is the unsatisfied, those most disenchanted with the system, who seek to destroy it.

Stuff that goes through a Ravenclaw's brain

• “It doesn’t make sense, if the chicken came first, how? But if the egg came first, HOW?”

• *someone tries to talk to Ravenclaw* “Shit shit SHIT HOW DO HUMANS COMMUNICATE I HAVEN’T TALKED TO ONE IN 3 DAYS”

• “Why do people say things like “simple as pie” when the actual baking of a pie can be quiet complicated…“

• "Okay, so if I stay up until 2 am, wake up at 6:00 I get 4 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can often lead to drunk-like behaviors and I have that test tomorrow… okay I’ll stay up until 12:00 and get 6 hours of sleep. I can watch 2 episodes of Parks and Rec, read 5 chapters, and study for half and hour and be asleep in time.”

• “omg these people are literally making me dumber.”

• “Nah, I don’t want to go out tonight, I still have like 200 pages left of this book.”

• “Wow, they’re super cute. Okay. Calm down. Don’t overthink this, don’t overthink this, don’t O- DAMN IT IM OVERTHINKING.”

• “My future self is looking back on me right now, and has at least 100 things they wish they could tell me…”


we come across many blogs and posts about this particular event in one piece,,,,,,,,, well it is indeed the sweetest gesture shown amongst the straw hats.
but many say that, Luffy always gives Nami his hat so as to keep it safe, (to protect his treasure).
well i choose to differ,
the reason is,
this one gesture is shown by LUFFY not to keep his HAT safe, but to give NAMI emotional strength whenever she is worried or distressed or sad or sick;
as you can observe in recent episodes the strawhat is not being flicked from the captain to his navigator.
it is not because there is a string attached which keep the hat strapped to his head;
but it is because,
 now Nami doesn’t need to be consoled by this gesture of showing that he is there for her,,,,,,but now she just have that much trust, faith and belief that Luffy will never let anything bad happen to her…..

The Houses + Water


- A hot-water bath at the end of a long day
- Filling scent of rain on pavement or grass
- Fish, life forms living in aquatic habitats
- Enduring the rain if it means training/working harder


- Noise and intensity of pouring rain
- Ferociousness of crashing waves
- Clapping and laughter of a brook on stones
- Rain-bathing for fun despite all the reasons not to


- Water so clear it’s hardly visible
- Glassy lakes and bodies of water
- Smooth, mirror-like reflections
- Cool sips of water in between reading


- Swift, dynamic flow of a river
- Smooth gliding of water when swimming laps
- Trail of waves and foam when a boat speeds on water
- Movement and a glint in the darkness of deep water

The Houses + Earth


- A varied collection of potted plants
- Ecosystems teeming in rocks and wood
- Ceramic and clay pottery creations
- Fresh produce like fruits and vegetables
- Valleys, the land between two mountains


- Rough, possibly dangerous, rocky terrain
- All kinds of active volcanoes
- Hanging cliffs, and shouting from atop them
- Vertical rock climbing because why not
- Sturdy, sometimes stubborn boulders


- Glittering crystals and diamonds straight from the stone
- Spacious caverns with spilling light
- Breathtaking view from a mountaintop
- The presence of periodic table elements
- Plateaus of cool climate and fair altitude


- Indigenous architecture made of stone
- Polished and cut diamonds and emeralds
- Dark caves and hidden treasure
- Fossils and unearthed artifacts
- High mountaintops, isolated but preserved


hey,, i was thinking, most people, ship characters in an anime based on clear shown signs, like a tremendous amount of affection or loads of moments

some even ship two never gonna end up a couple characters too, just on the basis of comical or for fun kinda moment put in, by the writer

and people are trying to put all that same logic over in ONE PIECE

but think for a moment,,,, what if, Eiichirio Oda might not be trying to make Luffy and Nami an usual anime main couple by making it all lovey dovey from the first chapter

what if he is trying to make  two people to become friends first who started to understand each other little by little which made both of them emotional anchor for each-other, one holding the other wherever the journey goes to, sailing towards there, until the end

so, now we look back at Luffy and Nami, their relationship, (if Oda is actually trying to do so), over the years as we have seen grown, from just an eye-contact at first through the splashed up drops of sea, to friendship, to having a blind faith on, to becoming a shoulder to be cried on,,,,, to ultimately (yet to come) sailing the seas for the life, holding each-others hands

What if he is trying to show us, how two friends fall for each other, fall in love?