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I watched the subbed version of this short ONCE before jumbling down some notes. It’s currently 1:30 am, I am very tired, but this is important

Bold are important (look into), italics are favorites (theorize)

  • Black Hat gets too excited/happy his powers get… Uh… “Out of control”?
  • Black Hat vomits acid or something of the sort
  • The guy before Flug was important to Black Hat(?)
  • Someone laughed at Black Hat and supposedly lived and is also not currently part of the cast
  • Alan is beautiful and lovely
  • Those buzzards looked like something straight out of looney toons
  • Black Hat has an odd hatred for lemons
  • Black Hat enjoys cannibalism(?)
  • Black Hat got bored of Bubblegum cutting candy limbs OR doesn’t like cutting limbs
  • Black Hat throws a hissy fit (Pt.1 & Pt. 2)
  • Black Hat has a habit of switching to English when saying his organization’s name(?)
  • Flug has worn shorts and a low cut tank top(?)
  • Flug and Dementia were adults during VHS days and still look relatively the same (VHS’s were around when I was just a tot, so about 14-15 years?)
  • Black Hat can get very pisses and beaks facade when talking about the following: The viewers, 505, and Whiney villains who talk to much
  • Black Hat makes Flug skip each and every romantic moment between Fin and PBG
  • If there’s an opportunity to promote a product, Black Hat will take it
  • I love that joke about LemonGrab having ears because it shows Alan has seen us talking about Black Hat’s lack of ears Marry me Alan

Ah…. a jumbled bunch of notes to help gather my thoughts before bed.

Add, if you will, everyone, as again, I watched the short ONCE and jumbled a bunch of notes AFTERWARDS, so I could have forgotten something

anonymous asked:

Neurological anon here, dealing with epilepsy is very difficult for every one involved. So perhaps you could do an Inquisitor with that? It's a very scary disorder, especially if you've never witnessed someone have a "fit" before.

Cassandra: The first time the Inquisitor lapses into a seizure the Seeker immediately thinks they are injured. She draws her weapon immediately and covers them, alert for both the enemy and the injury, and is more than a little disconcerted to see neither. Her mind flashes to poison or an issue with the anchor, and it is likely that she will not have struck onto the true cause by the time the Inquisitor comes to and is able to rest and recover enough to offer an explanation. 

But once everything is explained settled Cassandra is able to handle things fairly practically. She makes sure that potions that help control symptons and seizures are always within reach, and that no scouting party goes out with some on hand.

Solas: Among the elvhen seizures may not have been as prevalent, but that does not mean the mage is unable to react appropriately. Magical interference can overwhelm a mind already struggling with too many impulses and so instead he trains the Inner Circle on how to use the recovery position and ensure the airway stays clear. He is clinical in his methodology but never uncaring– and it helps preserve the Inquisitor’s dignity and privacy where possible.

Varric: Like Cassandra, the first time Varric sees the Inquisitor go into a full blown seizure it’s more than a little unnerving. And more than that he feels helpless during the entire process, which is not a feeling that the author enjoys. So when everything has passed and they have some distance from the initial incident Varric sits them down and presents his list of questions.

And like the dwarf himself, the questions are both practical and focus on the dramatic. But unlike his writings, Varric sticks with the absolute truth in his notes. And later he writes up a very detailed and yet easy to understand guide to distributed through out the Inquisition. Essentially a first aid pamphlet it ensures that anyone working with the Herald knows what to do and when.

Vivienne: A lauded healer in her own write, Madame de Fer is perhaps one of the calmest party members when she first witnesses a seizure. Without prompting or fuss she gets them onto their side and loosens armor or clothing around their neck and waist. Her confident demeanor soothes others around them, and by the time the confusion and exhuastion have passed a potentially terrifying moment is turned into only a slight delay.

Later, when they return to Skyhold, she will work with them to refine a daily smaller dose potion that will allow them to have more consistent symptom control. She also works with Varric to ensure his pamphlet is trustworthy.

Blackwall: He’s seen seizure often enough, though in truth they’re usually on the battlefield after injury or the extreme stress of fighting and grief. But a seizure disorder is new to him, and a little discomforting. But he learns quickly enough, and his quick reflexes often have him in charge of the ‘hug and lower’ stage of seizure treatments in the field. After Revelations he will be honored by words if they still let him help them, and never shirks his duty.

Sera: Perhaps one of her least favorite elements of the entire seizure business is that she can’t stick an arrow in it, but that does not make the resident Red Jenny any less determined to help the Inquisitor whenever possible. Highly observant by nature she learns the tells and signs that warn of an impending episode, and can sometimes even alert the inquisitor before their aura’s kick in. She is also the first to volunteer for potion carrying duty- being used to hauling around glass bottles as needed- and is faithful in always having what they need on hand.

And woe betide any who mock the Inquisitor for their condition. Because arrows do work on them.

Iron Bull: Seizures are not unheard of among the qunari, though most who live with frequent spells are often chosen for duties that are behind desks rather than among the fighting. Still Ben Hassrath are trained to spot and respond to many things, and along with Blackwall he is often the first to catch and position the Inquisitor during episodes. He also places himself in charge of post-seizure morale, especially if the Inquisitor is embarassed or ashamed afterwards, and his list of puns is both varied and ep-lectic.

No, he’s not sorry.

Dorian: One of the worst symptoms of Blight sickness were the seizures like the one that they witnesses in Redcliffe, and years of living in the same household as Felix have taught him a few tricks. While the Altus is glad to bow to Vivienne’s more accomplished potion skills he has lists of diet changes, exercises and even meditations from around Thedas that prove highly effective. He also has piles of research to add to the collective cause, and is among the calmest of the party in reacting to a seizure. He and Sera tag team predicting them, and have a casual running tally that makes it seem more past time than problem.

Cole: “Colors dance in my eyes, music sings but no one is there. Legs shaking, arms reaching, words that aren’t mine. Can’t remember after, so tired, did it happen again? No one thinks any less of you. It makes them feel good to help you as you have helped them. They all want to help, and no one will let you fall. “

Late night tumblr story time

At the Romantic Times convention in Dallas last year, there was a rodeo themed night with a mechanical bull you could ride. So naturally I had to ride this mechanical bull, right? Now, if you’re unfamiliar with romance novels, cowboy/rancher/farmer/rodeo dude romances are like, a BFD. Well, there’s this cute guy with a cowboy hat and a plad shirt who works with the mechanical bull set up, and he’s laughing with the women and getting flirty with them when he’s helping them onto the bull. I get up to the front of the line, and he sees the tattoo of a beluga whale on my chest, and like, the whole flirty cowboy persona just drops, and he’s like, “I love whales.” And he rolls up his sleeve and shows me a tattoo of a whale. Not just any whale. Some specific whale who has a defect with its voice and it can’t talk to other whales, so it’s like, the loneliest whale on the planet. And as he’s telling me about it, he gets actually choked up and goes, “I’m sorry, I get real emotional over this whale.”

TL;DR: romance readers and authors who love cowboy romances go to a party and don’t realize that an actual romance novel cowboy is also at the party.

anonymous asked:

Inquisition companions react to the Inquisitor having luxurious hair, and i mean RIDICULOUSLY luxurious hair. It's like their hair is from a L'Oréal commercial all the time, even when it's raining, it's that ridiculous.

Cassandra: It takes her some time to see it, and so it’s not until they have been camped for several days in the Storm Coast that she begins to notice. No matter what they go through, what they crawl through, the Inquisitors hear is flawless. And Cassandra is not a vain person, not exactly, but…well, even the most down to earth person can feel the prick of jealousy when placed against perfection. When she finds out that it just naturally does that she’s a little miffed but otherwise just accepts it.

Solas: It’s a curiosity and no mistake, but once the mage realizes it is biology rather that some enchantment that keeps their hair  in that state he loses all interest. It’s not as though they have any tips to help him alone after all.

Vivienne: Her reactions are similar to Solas’s, but rather than losing interest she encourages them to flaunt it at ‘an appropriate level, darling. Nobility will envy you for what they cannot have, and you ought to make the most of your gift.”

Sera: Hair is hair, and only nobs or prissy nobles care about it. Except…except Inqy’s hair is perfect all the time, like all the time, and it’s starting to bother the Red Jenny. She suspects magic until they find out it just grows like that, and then she suspects a prank. Finally Sera spends two weeks straight trying to startle them or find them with even a single hair out o place before giving up in a huff. 

That is not normal.

Blackwall: It’s quite obvious to anyone with eyes that the resident Warden cares little for the appearance of his hair or beard, but the state of both is exacerbated when he is next to the Herald and their flawless coiffure. If he is a regular in the Inquisition party he may well start upping his grooming practices, but if not than he simply ignores it and goes about his business. There are bigger things to worry about.

Varric: This shit is golden. A hero character saving the world with flawless hair? Nothing says stereotypical character more than that, and nothing sells more than a stereotypical character doing the unexpected. This is going to make him a mint.

Dorian: It takes less than a single day of trudging through the twisted red lyrium future and then the attack on Haven for Tevinter’s most fashionable pariah to notice something odd about the Herald. But once it clicks he can never unsee it. The mage spends long hours perfecting his own carefully groomed appearance, and yet he has seen Orlesian nobles spend hours in salons and not look as good as the herald doing rolling out of their bedroll. It haunts him day and night as he hunts for the answer, finally culminating in him storming their quarters while the Inquisitor bathes and demanding to know the truth. When he finds out it simply happens he is heart broken, and slinks away to spend all his days in despair.

Iron Bull: The Qun doesn’t care about the herald’s particular style, and so there was nothing in the reports about the phenomenon. If it’s almost any color under the sun he gives it no more than a raised eyebrow and a good way to tease the ‘Vint. But if it’s red he can’t keep his eyes off of it, and will eventually give in to the urge to touch it– with the Herald’s full permission.

Cole: “Tie it back, push it away, its just hair. They always look but I don’t know how to tell them looking doesn’t make it work. Seeing your hair makes them happy. And sad, and jealous and sometimes they smile. I tried to thank it, but your hair won’t talk to me– it’s afraid of my hat.”

This is true love.

Alex Nylander - Burning Sensation

request: Oooo Im so excited to read your work!!! Could you do one with alex where theyre on summer vacation or something and she has burned in the sun and Alex is a bit in the mood and wants to do something u know 😏 but they cant cause of her sunburn hurts?
authors note: i hope you enjoy this! i really did enjoy writing it and am quite happy with it actually. please, as always- feel free to send me some feedback as it always motivates me and i greatly appreciate it.
word count: 2803

With it only being two weeks until you and Alex were bound to se off for the states once again- you had decided to spend some alone time in the sun. The summer in Sweden had been dreadful, weather wise. When you had flown to Sweden in mid July, you had expected to be greeted by the lovely, glistening swedish summer heat. However, you were majorly disappointed as your flight had landed at Arlanda airport in treacherous rain. And basically every day after that had offered the same sort of weather. It had gotten on both yours and Alex’ nerves. He had planned on taking you out by the sea and lying by the pool and all other things you could possibly do when the sun was out. Fair to say very little of that, had actually happened. So spontaneously, the two of you booked a last minute trip to Marbella. The Swedish summer had failed you. You were hoping the Spanish one would not do the same.

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Then and now: Still just as cute.


I feel like there’s more throwbacks out there for this post, but I couldn’t think of any, so feel free to chime in if you think you know who’s missing.

***EDIT***: I just remembered another! Kerry Washington, DUH. She was in the first season of Boston Legal, as Chelina, the co-worker that took Alan to Texas for a last-minute execution appeal… AKA ‘the episode in which I BAWLED like a baby and stared at my screen with total disbelief, utterly devastated, as the credits rolled’. On a happier note, it’s also ‘the one in which Alan looks hot in a cowboy hat and kisses Chelina and rides a freaking mechanical bull’.And I was thankful beyond words for being so late to the Boston Legal party, 'cause I didn’t have to sit on that ending during the long, between-season months. I just hastily jumped to s02. ANYWAY, I digress. After Boston Legal ended, James and Kerry did Race, a Mamet play.

I’ll concede that Kerry isn’t exactly a distant throwback, but I’m lumping her in there anyway.

And right now I’m annoyed 'cause I can’t seem to figure out how to edit a post in order to add a photo. If anyone can assist, I’d be tremendously thankful.

Let me talk at you about Iron Bull’s armor

So I was figuring out how to do Iron Bull’s armor, and it’s pretty interesting from both a technical and a characterization standpoint. Bioware has long made an effort to have their characters’ costumes obey the laws of physics, to include actual pockets, straps, etc, and Bull’s armor is no different – I can look at the decorative scrollwork on it and tell you what tool is used to apply that design.

This one, called a pear shader

But – and this is the cool part – that’s a pretty off-label use of that tool. The pear shader isn’t normally used for making an entire design, it’s used for adding depth to specific places, such as the curve of leaves or petals:

Moreover, almost all leather tooling is first carved before it’s stamped – you cut the general outlines with a swivel knife, and then use a variety of stamping tools to create different depth and texture effects. Here’s the progression, as taken from my Thorin bracers tutorial:

But there is no cutting anywhere in Iron Bull’s armor. It’s all stamps. (Different stamps; I think parts of the belt are going to take a beveler instead of a pear shader, but my point stands.) From a world-building perspective, this is such a cool detail. That the qunari don’t just put different designs on their armor, they use entirely different techniques in their leathercrafting – as they would, if their tradition had evolved independently of human craftsmanship. This thrills my nerd-artisan soul to the core – that somebody at Bioware thought of that, and that it showed up in the game.

So anyway, here is my first foray into off-label use of the pear shader, experimenting with both smooth and textured versions:

I’m not loving the wobbly lines on it – as happens, when you’re not following cutlines – but then I looked at the reference pic again, and that is… exactly what Iron Bull’s shoulder is doing. Whoever designed his armor certainly knew what they were on about, hats off. :)

Continued in Part 2!


First and Last Lines in Cut-Scenes to the Inquisitor (*Cole, Cullen, and Bull were varied so I hat picked)

Advisers Under The Cut (because this became too long and I wanted them in this gifset but alas, Tumblr formats demands):

[Playthrough from YouTube user: FlufflyNinjaLlama]

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