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He had forgotten something.  He knew it.  There was something missing as kicked the last  nin in the back of the head, effectively rendering all of them dead or unconscious.  Tobi did not care to check which.  Picking his way through the limp bodies, he went on forward to nowhere in particular.  Somehow, this felt wrong.

The explosion still rang in his ears after the few weeks after.  He had not come back to the base, they probably thought he had died in the explosion.  Along with someone else.  He idly thought about how it was more use to have Sasuke dead than himself alive.  The masked nin gave a small laugh at that.

Obito would be mad he had left his position at the base without saying anything, he was sure.  It just didn’t dawn on him to care all the time.  A few minutes would pass where he would think about returning, and yet he kept walking at a sedate pace towards where-ever.  The same direction he had started walking after looking at what was left of a man in that crater.  

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In, and out.

Breathing, not the stomach that wanted up his throat and onto the floor.

He could do it, he could do it, he could do it…

Tobi could do it- if he were actually who Pain thought he was.  But no, little did the Leader of the Akatsuki know, but this masked man was not the ‘Madara.’  Well, neither was the other one, but he was far closer to the legend than Tobi.  Little Tobi, he felt small anyway, had been called into the dark, quiet office.

There Pain had ceased his dark stare into what felt like his soul with the rinnegan eyes and had given Tobi a mission.  This mission was important, secretive, and very dangerous.  It was a solo mission so he would not be impeded by other Akatsuki members… those weaker than him supposedly.  

This was all fine-

-If he was who he said he was.  Now the younger masked man paced his room, the one he had wanted so much before he had joined the organization.  Oh, how he wished he had never done this now.  

No that was wrong.  That was wrong.  He wanted to help, so he would help.  Tobi would complete the mission and prove that he was not so weak to his father!

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“Hello there.” Shisui looked at his visitors with a small, gentle smile on his face. It was always nice to have visitors, well at least to him it was. He unfolded his hands and stood up from the spot where he was sitting at so the others wouldn’t have to look down at him. It would’ve made him feel quite uncomfortable and thought it would’ve been rude if he hadn’t stood up.

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can you name your top 5 friends on here? or people you like the most? :c

//ok well this isn’t really fair seeing as how I LOVE MANY BLOGS ON HERE OK so I am just gonna list a few that come to mind. Note these people i interact with on a semi regular basis, if I forgot anyone I AM SORRY I AM DUMB

irukas (the biggest shit ever)

hatredandtruth (CJ is the shit)

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“Shame you can’t get rid of me.”

Orochimaru made a very large mental note to himself for when this is all over, he’d cut off his legs. 

“So when I am to meet the boy?” The conversation was going nowhere, only serving to add to his pure frustration with this individual.

“That’s up to him.”

“It figures that you’d leave such a thing up to..him.” He had barely stopped himself from churning out another insult. He had rather wanted to, but Orochimaru had known it would only turn into a degrading circle until they end up back where they started. 

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You listen to me right now and listen to me well. This is. The most frightening muse. On tumblr. I have yet to feel so afraid from any other rp/writing situation then I did while rp-ing with him. He really knows how to get your adrenaline going. This is coming from someone who sits inside the mind of Orochimaru daily. 

Though he doesn’t respond to every message he gets, he’s a really kickass guy and I’m kind of stalkerish to all of my followers. I mean honestly, It’s wonder why he hasen’t unfollowed me yet for how much I bother him or how I have any followers at all. Shit his photoshop skills are amazing too. It’s a shame he smells like socks though. 

Ya know I heard about this Kakashi group, that may or not be made.

I think there should be The Tobi Federation 

just saying

wouldn’t it be creepy if all the Tobi rpers had this on their blogs?

not a link or anything we’d just be this secret organization of semi-ultimate evil, and wouldn’t that be neat?  I’m pretty sure there are at LEAST two other Tobi that follow me, how ‘bout it guys?