hatred still exists

Fix You

Author: Whatsername Lambert

Rating: M

Status: Completed in August 2012

Word Count: 51,343

Summary: In a seemingly perfect world, all human beings are blind from birth. Each individual can only receive sight from his or her true love. Narrow-minded Blaine Anderson is stuck in a rut with no way out, and Kurt Hummel has learned the hard way that hatred still exists even in this ‘utopia.’ Both think they will never find their soul mate.

Tropes/Genre: soulmate!Klaine, angst, romance, blind!Kurt, blind!Blaine

Lynne’s review: This is quite a unique twist on the soulmate trope, and set in a different sort of society than we’re used to. It was quite a fascinating read - I really enjoyed this, especially the pay off.

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When Will This End Anon?

Anon, I have to say, I was pretty optimistic that we were reaching the natural conclusion and that what we were seeing was what many had predicted, worse before it gets better.  But honestly, with the way Hedwig has been handled, with the constant reinforcement of Darren’s straightness, I am starting to lose hope that we are anywhere near the end.  And I do often wonder, why is Darren allowing the bearding to get out of control?  Why is Darren allowing publication after publication to remind us of how straight he is while playing a transgender role? Because even at its worst during Glee (Listen Up), he still had control. He still did not allow kissing photos.   And excessive “loving” couple photos like we get now.  Holiday photos.  Vacation photos.  And to that I question, what happened post-Glee that changed everything?  And why have the games gotten much, much worse? And I think to answer that you have to ask yourself why is Darren still engaging in these games?  And I think there are multiple factors.  And sorry, this got way longer than I intended.

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To Be, Or Not To Be

Summary: Vampires are immortal. They live on forever, but not their Eves. To be, or not to be—that is the question…and answer to end this slowly dwindling time.

Pairing:  Kuro x Mahiru

Genre: Shounen-ai, supernatural, hurt/comfort

Rating: T

Author: Canna / Yellow Canna

Status: Complete (One shot)

I never knew the absolute silence could be so frightening.

I stared at the pair of lips above me, quivering and moving slowly. I knew this person was talking, but I couldn’t hear anything. I could feel something warm trickling down my body…but I couldn’t move my neck to see what it was. All I knew was that my body was completely drenched in the sticky warmth and what felt like a pair of arms holding me impossibly tight.  

“….—ro…” A raw voice choked out of my throat, trying desperately to form words. “K…ro…”

Those lips stopped moving. Sharp fangs bit down hard on the lower lip, drawling out blood before they gave out a shaky response. However…I still couldn’t hear. It felt weird…being able to hear myself but not this person.


Those lips moved stopped moving and suddenly gone slack. My vision began to blur, coming in and out of focus before my gaze drifted up…

“So…rry…” The soft whisper left my throat in contrast to my speeding heartbeat.

I stared in horror at the pair of wide, unblinking blackened eyes that didn’t have a tint of white in them. They just stared at me…completely dead…

Aah!” I screamed as I shot out of the bed. Sweat poured down my face as hot puffs of breath worked its way through my lips.

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hkvoyage  asked:

The soulmate fic where everyone is covered in a scarf or bandana over their eyes till they meet their mate - I'm going for a second try. Is it 'Fix You' by Whatshername Lambert on FF?

Thank you and also thank you @caramelcoffeeaddict!

Fix You by Whatshername Lambert

In a seemingly perfect world, all human beings are blind from birth. Each individual can only receive sight from his or her true love. Narrow-minded Blaine Anderson is stuck in a rut with no way out, and Kurt Hummel has learned the hard way that hatred still exists even in this ‘utopia.’ Both think they will never find their soul mate.

With regard to the anti-LGBTQ+ post in the wolfstar and drarry tags today– I’m not going to respond to the content in it because so many people have already responded beautifully in the reblogs, but I do have a few things to say: 

  1. If you, like me, are feeling gutted and hurt and angry about this post, I’m so so sorry that you had to see it and that hatred like this still exists. I’m always available by IM or ask to talk.
  2. Please don’t give the post any notes. If you like someone’s response to the post, please let them know in a way other than liking the original post. It’s gotten a lot of notes and that just makes it more likely to show up in someone’s feed or in the tag, and that’s not what we want. 
  3. Religion is never a valid justification for hating, oppressing, hurting, or dehumanizing someone. Neither is it enough for you to say you love all people “despite” their identity; that makes it seem as though their identities are flawed, and they are not.
  4. You are valid, your identity is valid, and you are deserving of love– without qualification. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.
  5. If you’re Christian: know that I don’t assume that you agree with the OP because of your faith. I know a lot of awesome, accepting Christians (and people of other faiths or no faiths as well).
  6. I am angry, yes, and I want to lash out, yes. But fucking hell, the OP (who is 15, by the way) has received death threats over this. That’s too far. The OP was wrong to say what they did, and it was hurtful, and they have a lot to learn– but telling someone to kill themselves is just as bad or worse. Respond to their post with a counter-argument if you wish, or rage about them to your friends, or message me and we’ll share the pain of being dehumanized together, but don’t send death threats. That’s not okay.
  7. Unfollow me if you agree with the OP. I won’t miss you.
I had never seen so much hate in people

You can say anything about the officers and guards actually shooting people, but the truth is they choose to do what they’re doing, they choose to torture, kill, rape, beat, cover in gasoline, tie, throw tear gas, run over things like streetlights. They choose it, no one would ever force me to kill or rape another human being. The hate you can see in their faces when they shoot, when they beat someone. The way they enjoy it, the fact that they enjoy killing, hurting, raping people. It just shocks me, I don’t understand when we as a country became so disgusting. The fact that my ideology makes it ok for you to shove a rifle up my ass ( I mean this as literally as possible, there’s at least one confirmed case of a student raped with a rifle) makes me absolutely sick. Those disgusting human beings will still exist after the dictatorship is over, whether this is tomorrow or one hundred years from now, those disgusting sociopaths will still be here. And that is scary and awful. the fact that I was threatened with a gun over a cellphone won’t disappear when this dictatorship falls, that hatred will still exist.