hatred still exists

Next Question.

S4 made me hurt. S4 made me think. Here is where I am at the moment, this is just an opinion.

Moftiss clearly wanted to make “a big something” with BBC Sherlock. A masterwork, a mystery, full of Easter eggs and historical, political, literary, cinematic, metaphysical references. A multi-layered media experience with dick jokes, love stories, agony and unanswerable questions about the meaning of life. About the essence of reality.

They’re working shit out; I don’t think they have answers, that would be dull. They’re asking the big questions and putting them all into a soup pot for us to taste.

Like James Joyce’s ULYSSES. Like 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. These are creations that astound and continue to inspire argument, confusion and re-interpretation.

Good. An admirable goal. Not sure it has been successful… But that’s the nature of these kinds of things. Artists put their “big something” out there and let decades of viewers, scholars, critics and curious decide what it means.

Here’s my question:

Why did Moftiss drag Sherlock Holmes and John Watson into it?

Really. Why them?