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hi, i'm sorry if this has been asked but in your powerpoint you said that the tumblr sj community is guilty of antisemitism. what kind of things has it done? also, i love your blog!

I’ll take this one since I’m the blog’s resident Jew.  Oy vey, where do I start…

  • SJ community loves to police Jewish identity and silence actual Jews when they talk about their own identities.  This usually happens in context of either “Are Jews White?” or “Jewishness is just a religion” conversations.  In reality, Jews are an ethnoreligious group that ethnically originated in the middle east, and while some ethnic Jews have light skin, it’s actually due to centuries of forced assimilation in European and Slavic countries through rape, which is a big reason why Jewishness is matrilineal.  Furthermore, there exist Jews who do not look white at all.  There are black, brown, and asian Jews who are all ethnically Jewish, and these conversations erase them.
  • “Jewish privilege”.  Fact: It’s not a thing.  It’s actually a very common anti-semitic trope that says that Jews run everything so they are not oppressed.  Jews are oppressed, and face anti-semitic violence.
  • “Anti-semitism is not just about Jews, there are other semitic people.” While yea, there are other semitic people, the term “anti-semitism” was created by Germans in the 19th century to refer specifically to the hatred of Jews because it sounded more scientific.
  • Blaming anti-semitic violence in Europe on the actions of Israel.  I see this literally every single day on this site, and it’s very upsetting.  Jews that live in the diaspora are not responsible for Israel’s actions, and especially should not be suffering at the hands of white people in Europe under the guise of anti-zionism.  
  • Finally, and this is a big pet peeve of mine.  The only people I ever see reblogging posts about anti-semitism are other Jews.  Even a lot of my non-Jewish followers will reblog posts about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. but ignore posts about anti-semitism, and that as a Jew makes me feel unsafe. 

That’s enough for now.  If you’re interested in learning more about Jewish identity and anti-semitism, you are welcome to check out my personal blog: yochevedke.  I discuss that stuff a lot.  


I love how aphobes wanna say that aces and aros don’t face oppression, then turn around and exclude them from pride parades because they’re “not LGBT enough”

BTS Reaction To: Their S/O Suffers From Chronic Migraines

Warning(s): might give you a migraine because it almost gave me one trying to relive the symptoms in my head

Author’s Note: This ask intrigued me especially, since I don’t see a lot of reactions online for things as brutal as migraines. I wouldn’t consider myself a migraine sufferer, but in my junior year of high school, I probably had a migraine about every two months. BUT, they lasted about two weeks at a time. They got so bad at one time that I was rushed to the ER. I haven’t had a migraine in a while, thank God for that, but I feel that I will have at least one in the future (since they run in the maternal side of my family rip). Migraines have many different triggers and vary in intensity from person-to-person, but I tried my best to describe them in words.

seokjin: The postdrome phase, though seeming like a relief to those who never underwent migraines, only added onto the torture you endured through the attack phase. Because the migraine took out all your energy, you were only left tired and confused each time.

Thankfully there were those, like your boyfriend Seokjin, who made this period more enjoyable for you.

Usually, Seokjin did his best to cook you a high-quality meal during postdrome, but this time around, he might’ve went overboard. The bed tray on top of you almost collapsed under the weight of plates upon plates pf food placed on it.

“I made sure to not cook with anything that had a strong, distinctive smell, just in case that brings your headache back,” Seokjin explained. “I know how sensitive you are to smell when you get migraines.”

“Oh, no, it’s okay: I think most of that phase is over,” you assured him groggily, looking down at all the food he prepared for you. Was he cooking for just you, or you and all six of his fellow bandmates? “But I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this? I haven’t eaten anything but crackers for days…”

Seokjin sighed.

“I know, but I just wanted to make sure you had plenty to eat tonight, especially since you still plan on going to work tomorrow. Don’t worry if you don’t finish it.”

He pointed at you in warning.

“But,” There was a large pause after, “This is probably the only time I’ll let you get away with not finishing everything.”

You rolled your eyes.

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yoongi: In your opinion, migraines were the worst when no one was around to nurse you through them. So, whenever a migraine struck you alone at home, you had no choice but to mope to your room, shut the doors and blinds, and cry silently until the pain lulled you to sleep.

Thinking you were asleep, Yoongi only shrugged and pulled the door shut, opting to spend his time in the small, makeshift studio of your apartment that he had put together in hopes of spending more of his time closer to you.

Though the room was located at the other end of the apartment, you were still sensitive to even the tiniest sounds. So, to you, his upcoming projects were as loud as they would be sitting front row at one of his sold-out concerts.

You finally decided to open your phone, squint at the intense light, and text out your frustrations.

‘Please turn your music down.’

His reply was unusually quick.

‘Did I wake you up from your six hour nap?’

‘Migraine.’ The text was small yet powerful.

In an instant, the music disappeared, allowing the house to be flooded with overwhelming silence. This silence was perfect for your throbbing migraine, however. You sighed with relief.

‘Better?’ That was your boyfriend’s only question. Too tired to type out words, you sent a thumbs-up emoji. He replied immediately.

‘Okay, good.’

Before turning off your phone and trying to catch up on some much-needed sleep, a final message caused your phone to vibrate once more.

‘Now stop texting me with that bright ass phone, close your eyes, and go to sleep.’

You laughed for the first time that day.

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hoseok: You jumped as the bedroom door opened, slowly flooding the entire room with a minimal amount of light. But in your current state, this light had the intensity of a thousand suns, so you pulled the sheer bedsheets over your head, doing your best to retreat back into your safe haven of darkness.

Despite not seeing, you already knew it was Hoseok. He had taken free time away from his family to nurse you through this migraine episode, no matter how much you begged for him to visit them.

Placing two cold water bottles on the nightstand, he whispered, “Do you need anything else?”

“No,” you muttered. “Please just stay with me.”

“Of course,” Hoseok whispered, moving slowly into the bed and taking his place beside you. He was careful enough to keep his distance from you, for your hot flashes were way too sporadic at the moment. His only contact with you was by holding your sweaty hand, caressing the skin with his thumb. “Just promise me you’ll rest more, okay?”

You’ll try.

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namjoon: It was the fourth and probably last day of this tortuous migraine. Day by day, the pain lessened, so much that you could move around the house without becoming nauseated, walk into the sunlight without being burned alive, and finally fall asleep without hours upon hours of restlessness before.

But it came back.

In the middle of the night, you shot up from your slumber, panting heavily. Despite the darkness in the room, everything before you spun, revolved, and twisted around quickly, creating objects in your otherwise blank line of vision.

“Y/N?” Despite being a generally heavy sleeper, Namjoon rose up immediately after you. He was always alert during the most difficult times of your life, and this definitely was one of them.

You could only curl in on yourself pathetically, holding your head as your body began to shake with either pain or sobs: probably both. Namjoon reached out to touch your hand, but you couldn’t feel anything: nothing but the mind-splitting pain wreaking havoc on your brain.

You stuttered as you tried to speak. “N-Namjoon—”


Within seconds you were in his arms, numb to everything as he rushed your quaking body to the nearest hospital.

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jimin: Whenever a migraine visited, you were adamant on staying tucked in your bed, only moving momentarily to use the bathroom or check the time. So, it was uncharacteristic for you to agree to moving from your comforting bed, opting to step into a warm, lavender oil bath prepared by your boyfriend instead.

When he turned to leave, you surprisingly made Jimin stay. And so here he was, sitting with his back to you on the plush, bathroom rug to keep you company.

“And why exactly do I have to turn away from you?” Jimin wondered, following the wood pattern on of the bathroom’s cabinets to keep him from boredom. “I’ve seen you naked hundreds of times already.”

“Because you know how disgusting I look whenever I have migraines,” you answered matter-of-factly, as if his question was ridiculous. “It’s embarrassing.”

“You don’t look disgusting,” Jimin assured you, turning to look at you. “You just look like a woman, strong enough to deal with anything that comes at her, even if it’s something like a migraine.”

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taehyung: After months of being together, you and Taehyung still struggled to formulate a specific way to treat your dreadful migraines. But one day, in the midst of one of your episodes, you found your dazed self stepping out of the bed and heading towards the living room, relieved at finally finding the possible cure to all these terrible migraines.

This cure was Taehyung’s singing. Despite your hatred for sound during these moments in your life, his voice was an exception. So he was surprised when you took your spot in his lap, urging him to continue and then falling asleep in his arms within minutes.

Since this revelation, you two were glued to one another whenever a migraine hit you. Each time, you would lie in Taehyung’s arms as sung to you, allowing his soft melodies to put you to sleep.

“Are you sure my singing isn’t too loud for you?” Taehyung asked for the hundredth time, massaging his fingers into your scalp.

“Mmmm, less talking, more singing,” you whined, opening your eyes in annoyance.

With a gentle kiss to your forehead, Taehyung was back at it again, serenading you with one of his favorite childhood lullabies.

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jungkook: At this point, the ice pack on your head only made your migraine worse seemingly working alongside the chronic illness to crush your skull into pieces. Since crying did nothing to get you out this situation, you finally gave up.

Until Jungkook came in.

“I’m not sure if this would help, but online it said that gel packs are better than just ice for treating migraines,” Jungkook explained, leaning forward to place the pack on your forehead. “It should be a lot lighter.”

As soon as the innovation made contact with your skin, cool relief replaced your hot flashes. Your eyes fluttered closed at the relaxing sensation.

“Did that help?” he asked, sitting at your bedside to hold your hand.

His gestures were shy and tentative, something completely different from what you usually saw on stage when he was doing what he genuinely loved. Jungkook feared seeing you angry or, even worse, inflicting you with more pain.

“You’re so cute.” Your answer wasn’t entirely related, but it said enough.

Jungkook smiled at your words.

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Hopefully this was accurate. If you can’t tell, darkness, baths, soft music, caffeine, gel packs, cold water, crackers, and even just having my mom lie in bed with me until I fall asleep yes I’m lame help my migraines.

Scientists Scramble To Discover More About A Disorder That's Haunted People For Generations

This disorder is called “Misophonia” 

“Scientists all over the world are scrambling to find out what causes it, how to treat it and really just to identify it. But that doesn’t mean it’s something new. Many seniors have suffered in silence for decades.

Ask Michael Lawrence, 65, who has suffered from a sensitivity to certain sounds since he was six. Or better yet, ask him about his mother who died at the age of 93, after having drunk much of her life away to escape the sounds that haunted her.

Scientists have dubbed it misophonia. Literally meaning “hatred of sound,” the word is derived from the Greek words miso, “hate,” and phon, “sound.” It is also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity.”

…..”Researchers at Newcastle found the “first evidence of clear changes in the structure of the brain’s frontal lobe in sufferers of misophonia and also report changes in the brain activity.”

“Brain imaging revealed that people with the condition have an abnormality in the emotional control mechanism which causes their brains to go into overdrive on hearing trigger sounds,” A Newcastle University press release reported in February. “Researchers also found brain activity originated from a different connectivity pattern to the frontal lobe. This is normally responsible for suppressing the abnormal reaction to sounds. The researchers also found that trigger sounds evoked a heightened physiological response with increased heart rate and sweating in people with misophonia.”


Do I Have Misophonia?

Misophonia affects about 10% of the general population. However, misophonia is drastically different from simply being annoyed at a sound. This is not to say misophonia does not result in very, very strong annoyance from sound; annoyance is not the only symptom. Misophonia elicits a physical response, such as flinching (at its most drastic), muscle tension, and/or increase in heart rate. Misophonia also results in a strong emotional response, such as hatred, anxiety (fear of sound is known as phonophobia and is a related, but separate, disorder), wish to harm the source of the sound, and/or anger. 

See where you rank on the scale below:


The Sound Of Me Pushing Phil Collins Down A Flight Of Stairs Leading Directly To Hell
The Sound Of Me Pushing Phil Collins Down A Flight Of Stairs Leading Directly To Hell

in case anyone didnt know, I have a burning hatred of Phil Collins

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What is misophonia and why people always ask about it? When I read about it seems like Autism? What? But is two different things right?

Misophonia is “hatred of sound” but specifically it is a disorder where particular sounds cause people to get really really angry/upset and/or anxious. These sounds tend to be things like other people chewing or breathing, and it’s often specific to family members (or it’s global but worse with family members). There are people who have misophonia who can’t be in the same room as their families during meals.

It’s not a widely known disorder and isn’t in the DSM yet, so that’s why people ask about it. Autistic people often have misophonia, but it is not autism-specific. People do usually have some kind of neurological difference like ADHD, autism, OCD, or an anxiety disorder if they have misophonia.


fragments of a lost soul from a high school drop out

square filled: praise kink
ship: sam/dean
rating: mature
ao3 link
tags: praise kink, hand jobs, body worship, self-hatred, emotional hurt/comfort
summary: “The sound of water hitting the porcelain sink echoed around the bathroom. Dean’s hands gripped the side of the sink, his knuckles practically white as he stared down at the water, wishing that the sound could drown out the thoughts in his head. Except it never did work. No matter how loud the outside world was, the voices in his head were even louder.”
word count: 2.1k+
a/n: okay, i’m gonna be frank with you, i’m kinda iffy on this piece. really kinda iffy. i feel that it might slightly ooc but who knows and i haven’t written actual smut in forever so i’m trying to get back in the groove of actually writing it. as always, thoughts, comments and opinions are welcomed.
written/created for @spnkinkbingo

The sound of water hitting the porcelain sink echoed around the bathroom. Dean’s hands gripped the side of the sink, his knuckles practically white as he stared down at the water, wishing that the sound could drown out the thoughts in his head. Except it never did work. No matter how loud the outside world was, the voices in his head were even louder.

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Thoughts on the new DuckTales info:

  • I’m really curious about the mystery surrounding the rift between Scrooge and Donald, and I’m excited that the new show is going to explore their relationship a bit.
  • I agree with @sarroora that it seems likely there’s going to be some parallel to the L&T in there, with Donald playing the role of Hortense & Matilda
  • The trailer implied that Scrooge has not been actively adventuring in a long time – I wonder if he stopped because Donald left, or for some other reason?
  • Scrooge and Donald finding something to unite them in their mutual hatred of Gladstone sounds a-maaaa-zing
  • This version of Goldie has the last name “O’Gilt” – more Rosa influence
  • It’s been stated that Scrooge and Goldie still met during the gold rush in this continuity. I wonder if the show will address the fact that both of them must be over 100 years old?
  • Little Helper.
like i never loved you at all

summary: based of take that’s ‘like i never loved you at all’, reader recalls on some of their best and worst memories with peter - peter parker x reader

word count: 978 (this is really short oops)

requests: open

warnings: none?? angst maybe idk 

a/n: this is the first thing i’ve written in a while and it’s probably really out of character and i tried to be gender neutral :)) feedback is always appreciated! enoy!!

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I swallow poison because it’s the only consistent thing in my life.
It does not lie.
When I am high, I am high. When I am crashing, I am crashing. There’s no mixed signals and it has never denied the fact that it is killing me.
Drugs have been kinder to me than most people; drugs have no favoritism. They show no love, no hatred.
It sounds sick, but at the end of the day, I AM sick. No half-truths will change that. No prayers will change that. Screaming at me, telling me I’m throwing it away…
It will not change that.
You cannot fix me.
I have to fix me.
And I’m sorry if it hurts you, but I’m not ready to be fixed.
((I just need my fix.))
—  You asked me why I went to drugs for help instead of people; I always had drugs and they always had me; I always had people, but they always left. -n.m.d // mine
What is Misophonia?

Misophinia is a hatred sounds. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

People with Misophonia have certain sounds that trigger them. There is a wide variety, from eating to breathing. It can be all, or just one.

Misophonia isn’t just having sounds that just ‘bother’ you, either. Fury, Hatred, and Disgust are all feelings one can feel when hearing those sound. Misophonia also creates a sense of flight-a need  to get away. A reaction to sounds can be not so severe, but it can lead to panic attacks, as it has for me.

I’ve had severe Misophonia for a long time. When I was six was when I first started to realize it. I thought I was a freak, and only told my parents two years later.

I thought it was nothing, so I just always said it was fine. But this year,I found that it was an actual thing. So I started going to therapy for it. And just today I realized how many other people have it.

If there are so many people on this website that know they have this, think of how many people here don’t. Think of how many people in the world have no idea that they have this.

Read the Wikipedia article here

Even if you know you don’t have this, please reblog this. People need to know more about Misophonia. There are people that do, but far more that don’t.

And last, but certainly not least:

Misophonia is REAL


If we’re comparing love to trees
Then sure I’d say it’s evergreen
But when time comes swinging, chainsaws attached
Even a forest vs an axe, (good luck with that)
Can do nothing but sit by and watch, as
Its limbs are ripped off branch by branch,
Its beating heart under attack,
It’s compost in this circumstance.

A thousand years aren’t strong enough
To live one hour undercut
By the wasted days and empty promises,
The unvoiced issues that eat away at positives,
Till all that’s left are termite mounds
Built on lies and hatred, the piercing sounds
Of two bound together for far too long
Just cut those bonds, set the strings to burn
In a fire of familiar logs, they yearn
For peace between those foreign powers
Who once were lovers
But now are cowards, lost
In a forest of a million trees
Could you torch all of those memories?

When you come back, my straightened hair and pressed dress fool you into thinking you love me again

(but you don’t. You are just staring open-mouthed at the adult version of the girl you loved and wondering why her hand isn’t yours to hold.)

We sit in a coffee shop and my pretty lipsticked mouth hurls every dirty word I know at you

(but it still doesn’t sound like hatred. It sounds like tired love who has given up looking for a place to lay its head and now is angry at what has kept it up all night. it is a child fighting sleep. everything would be better if it would just give in.)

You are amazed at my straight-backed resolve. When we were young, you were afraid the world would bend me in on myself and you would hear my bones cracking from the next state over

(and now you marvel at my strength. this is the lesson you always wanted to teach and now I have learned it so well there is nothing left to prey on. the teacher hands the student knowledge and the student sharpens it into a knife. you never thought it would be used against you.)

Fortesa Latifi - When You Come Back

After Clementine Von Radics’ Wyoming

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So I have ADHD-I as well as Sensory Processing Disorder. I do engage in pacing and repetitive movements for self-soothing, but I've found that I can't tolerate seeing or hearing other pwople engage in pacing, repetitive motion, or repetitive noise. It doesn't help to reframe it as "that's their self-soothing behavior", those things send me into overload very quickly. I was wondering if that's an ADHD/SPD thing, or if anyone else has noticed that with themselves?

This sounds like misophonia (hatred of sounds) and misokinesia (hatred of movements). I have both, mildly—they raise my anxiety but I don’t get ragey the way a lot of other people do.


Drakengard 2 Sentence Starters
  1. Are you going to treat me like a kid forever?
  2. You’re starting to use your sword like a real human.
  3. I believe you are duty bound to ensure that they did not die in vain.
  4. How many times have I carried you on my back?
  5. It has become my duty in life to protect you.
  6. Nothing will stop you as long as we are together.
  7. I’d hate to waste time picking you up if you fall.
  8. They tried to destroy the world. Such crimes cannot go unpunished.
  9. You’re just a gang of assassins. You can all go to hell!
  10. They’re not proud martyrs! Look how terrified they are!
  11. I am still haunted by what they said.
  12. I never asked for such grave responsibilities.
  13. If only you would stay out of trouble, I could dedicate more time to reading.
  14. Pathetic! Time you started to stand on your own two feet.
  15. You obey their every command and follow them around like a puppy. When did you become such a sycophant?
  16. I have some knowledge of the black magic arts.
  17. Don’t you pity me! Don’t you dare pity me! I will not be pitied!
  18. I have no reason to fight you. Put away your sword!
  19. We fight on the side of justice!
  20. It’s not often that the guilty asks for the harsher punishment.
  21. Humans just don’t belong in the air.
  22. Chasing women is like chasing mice; no reward.
  23. If the guilty are good at anything, it’s running and hiding.
  24. It bothers me to have someone so powerful in our midst.
  25. You fight evil yet you’re willing to trust everyone around you.
  26. When I see fools like you I want to crush them like insects.
  27. Some savior you are, traitor!
  28. You promised that you’d always protect me as a knight!
  29. What’s all the fuss. What have you done?
  30. I wasn’t planning on eloping with you just yet but I suppose now is as good a time as ever.
  31. I’m not surprised. Jealousy, hatred, treachery. Sounds like a typical human story.
  32. It’s just the two of us now. Just like before.
  33. You’re the only human I care to be with anyway.
  34. You should not fear the unknown. You should embrace it.
  35. Does nothing frighten you?
  36. As long as that memory lives within us, we can stand firm in times of adversity.
  37. In just a few seconds I’ve gone from knight to exiled traitor.
  38. Will you stop sitting on my back and whining? You’ll pull through. I know you will.
  39. In the end, it seems to be the only place I can call home.
  40. I remember playing here when I was young.
  41. I haven’t seen you smile in a long time. You know, I thought you’d forgotten how to laugh.
  42. Our life together was not so bad.
  43. You people are only valuable as sacrifices.
  44. You have something to believe in. I envy you.
  45. Oh, you’re so mean. But not mean enough!
  46. Don’t you have any sins you’d rather wash away? I’ll wash them all away for you!
  47. It never used to be like this. I used to be so happy. Everyone loved me. What happened?
  48. The Storm. The Darkness. It’s coming to swallow me up.
  49. Do you have any idea what you’re doing?
  50. You’ve cast a spell on them, haven’t you!?
  51. I need answers. There are too many questions still remaining.
  52. You commit one crime after another. But why?
  53. I won’t forgive you for this.
  54. Maybe it doesn’t heal because it serves as a reminder of that day.
  55. Just because you can’t make any friends, doesn’t mean you should take it out on the rest of us.
  56. Are you really that anxious to die?
  57. How do you like that? They just ran away. Well, it saves me the trouble.
  58. What, you’ve forgotten me already? How quickly the young forget.
  59. There I was thinking you were some regular crook, and it’s you!
  60. You haven’t changed. Still playing the fool as always.
  61. Mere children, but they do love to inflict pain on humans. Innocence can be a deadly weapon.
  62. Sometimes an excess of charm can kill a man.
  63. I see that we cannot go back to the old days.
  64. To die at the peak of beauty, how romantic.
  65. I’m glad that we could meet one last time. I will never forget you.
  66. I never saw gratitude on the faces of the civilians. We did nothing to deserve their thanks.
  67. THIS is the hero who saved the world!?
  68. There is witchcraft in those red eyes of theirs.
  69. Stop clinging to the ghosts of the past! Don’t you know who you are anymore!?
  70. Even stone-headed fools have the right idea, some of the time.
  71. The truth of the past and the reality of the future are not always easy to reconcile.
  72. They told me, never forget. Never forget your crimes. Live on, open your eyes, and spend every waking moment reflecting on your sins.
  73. I believe in the path that I have chosen. I must follow it right to the very end.
  74. I have no destination nor have I any home to return to.
  75. It’s an end without an end. An end without a beginning.
  76. I never wanted to come back. Especially not like this.
  77. You still fight for others? You’re pathetic.
  78. You shed blood and tears to save people’s lives. That is what you want, right? Please, make me believe it.
  79. Nothing’s more terrifying but death but then life’s no picnic either.
  80. I think our reunion was fate or something like it.
  81. You ask too much of me. If we live to atone for our sins, we’ve lived long enough. I’ve lived too long.
  82. I couldn’t stop them from dying. I felt so helpless.
  83. Aren’t you running from the truth?
  84. Tell me why they had to die!
  85. Everyday it’s betrayal, hate, and murder. It’s too much for me.
  86. I would have given up if I had lost them.
  87. I’ve scoured the world for them! They’re my only kin, my only family. I yearned to see them again.
  88. When I heard that you were the prisoner, my heart stopped. I had to see with my own two eyes.
  89. No matter what we find, nothing could surprise me now.
  90. How typical of you. You watch and take no action.
  91. Right and wrong mean nothing in this world. You are either strong or weak, and if you are weak you are dead.
  92. Of what value are pride and dignity? Power alone brings you the respect of the mewling masses!
  93. Don’t look at me like that! The world would be better off without idiotic idealists like you!
  94. Soon enough, you’ll realize the justice you hold so dear is nothing but a lie.
  95. There’s no such thing as a meaningful battle but reality is that if we don’t fight, we die.
  96. We meant to save the world, not to destroy it!
  97. Maybe the humans drive the gods to anger just by being alive.
  98. This place fills me with sadness.
  99. I will never forgive! I will never forgive the treacherous humans!
  100. Death will be a blessing for us.
  101. Show no mercy! Do you wish to die!?
  102. The one who calls to me. I cannot see. Where are you?
  103. You heard my voice, and tried to set me free many times.
  104. How the people must have turned against you.
  105. I had waited so long… so long to see you again.
  106. It’s over. We’re together now.
  107. It’s all in the gods’ hands. They created the world. They can destroy it, too.
  108. I’ve lived too long. I never wanted to see the end of the world.
  109. Please. I can’t let more innocent people die.
  110. They are empty shells. Leave them.
  111. But the gods don’t like good children. The gods love children who love gods.
  112. Saving the world and saving them. They’re one and the same to me!
  113. It’s the aroma of history. Finally, I am home!
  114. Patience, patience. Like it or not, you’ll soon understand.
  115. I sense the truth sleeping deep within.
  116. We leave the throne with much anguish, but with our dignity intact.
  117. Humans foolishly assume superiority. They’re just one part of the grand plan.
  118. Shall we check? Dead or alive, I know that you won’t be satisfied until you know.
  119. Stop talking nonsense and lend me your shoulder.
  120. When I die, I want it to mean something.
  121. If you hate me so much, go ahead and kill me now!
  122. Love me. Love me, please?
  123. You don’t have to be a good person. I want you to be yourself.
  124. Is it you that I seek? Is it I that you seek?
  125. You can be with me. Would that be such a bad thing?
  126. They showed me everything. They said, “This is all your fault.”
  127. I didn’t care if I died. Death would at least provide relief.
  128. Your fate has no relevance to me. Repeat your foolish history, if you like.
  129. Think of your future. I’ll follow you, whatever you decide.
  130. The myth is about to become reality.
  131. One look into your eyes and I knew you were a person with a purpose.
  132. I cannot believe in a peace achieved through one person’s sacrifice.
  133. What order is left in this world? Do not delude yourself.
  134. This is my fate. This is why I was born. I must fulfill my destiny.
  135. I don’t care if it means facing the gods. I’m determined to fight until the very end.
  136. They gave their life to save me! But why!?
  137. We’re still alive for a reason. There are things we must do.
  138. All we have left is war and the desolation it leaves in its wake.
  139. I’m right here. I’m still myself. I’m no longer a puppet.
  140. I should have known that sentiment would cloud your judgment.
  141. You are pathetically weak. How will you fight the blaze raining down from the heavens?
  142. I can see myself in your eyes. A young child who believed they were a dragon, and that they could fly.
  143. I wanted to stay with you. As long as you remained my father, I wanted to stay. But this is good-bye!
  144. A child who defies his father’s wishes cannot hope to surpass him.
  145. Is this my only choice? Do I really have to fight you?
  146. I don’t want our time together to end like this! Why does it have to be this way?
  147. If you wish to go your own way, you must surpass me first!
  148. Didn’t you know? Children always surpass their forefathers. it’s been that way throughout history, for every race.
  149. Good-bye. Thank you for raising me.
  150. You thank me still? You’re a sentimental fool. Just like your father.

Hey guys, I just wanted to make a quick post on something I feel not enough people talk about!
/Misophonia: what is it?/
According to misophonia.com, “the literal definition of misophonia is hatred of sound but a person with misophonia does not simply hate all sound. People with misophonia have specific symptoms and triggers and are sensitive to only certain sounds (and occasionally to visual triggers).” Hearing a trigger noise can make someone feel a range of emotions - anywhere from anxious and upset to violently angry. “Exposure to a trigger sound elicits an immediate negative emotional response from a person with sound sensitivities. The response can range from moderate discomfort to acute annoyance or go all the way up to full-fledged rage and panic. Fight or flight reactions can occur.” Personally, this has always manifested with eating/drinking/mouth noises, such as chewing, slurping, crunching, hard “s” sounds, pops, etc. It normally sends me personally into an anxiety attack with a flight or flight reaction (which unfortunately normally ends up being fight). It is something I often find people take lightly. When I tell them about my issue, they normally /imitate a trigger noise/ or laugh. However, it can be and is incredibly damaging. I cannot eat with others almost at all anymore unless there is significant background noise. I personally cannot stand my own noises, and therefore have to eat with headphones playing something /all the time/. So please - I encourage you to read up on this! It’s very interesting subject to me especially, someone who has it.
Sorry about the long post I’m going to make a seperate one on how to deal if you or a friend is experiencing a trigger noise. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to message me @mito-chondria! Love you all!