hatos cosplay


Today a few of us took our Dollfie Dreams for a photo shoot at the park.

Anghel Higure // Custom Volks Dollfie Dream Sister - DDH-05, SS-Bust, Semi-White // Faceup - myself // Eyes - handmade // Wig - customized Himekazura // Boots - Volks // Cosplay - handmade // Uniform Jacket - custom order Choco x Chouchou // Accessories - handmade, Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong, Doll Heart

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Sakuya’s got silky underwear☆

Sakuya was laaverosada

Yuuya was yours truly


“And then the scorpion burst into flame. A brilliant crimson glow. And by the light of his burning body, he lit up the night forever.

…I am that scorpion now. I would burn a hundred times for my friends’ happiness.”

Part one. Part two (couple shots with AZ Hiyoko) here!

Holiday Star Nageki: @elyuucos
Photos: ETL Graphic