Things To Love About Kyoya Ootori

This is an appreciation post for my high-key petty rich boy son

~ Hatori Bisco, the author of OHSHC, said that Kyoya’s name means ‘Spectacles’.

He’s named after his glasses you guys

- Used his entire vacation in France to track down Tamaki’s mom and make sure she was okay , and when he got home he went to Tamaki first thing and told him that his mom was doing well and was happy

( Kyoya is the best BEST friend )

- Extra enouh to attempt sleeping on a sidewalk

- Is trying his best to keep Tamaki out of depression

- quietly makes sure all his friends are okay

- Is friends with all his bodyguards

- Done with Tamaki and amused by him at the same time

- Laziest motivated guy you’ve ever seen

- manages not to have bedhead when he wakes up ?

- Would kill a man for upsetting Tamaki

- But would also consider killing Tamaki if provoked

- Simultaneously views Tamaki as a supreme annoyance and a great friend

- Soft smile

-Almost always chill

- Frequently arranges drama whenever Tamaki is in a bad mood just so he can watch Tamaki try to fix things

( Kyoya why )

- Keeps notes on what his friends like so he can meet their needs when they’re unhappy

- Big Brother Friend

- Motivated mainly by pettiness


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