I was going to post these all separate but I thought, “Wait…Valentine’s Day…” so here’s a cute sequence of Tamaki and Haruhi! (Fun fact, I got engaged a few months after I colored the last one :3) Scans from (used to be) Omari Sister’s.

Full sized versions of each are here, here, and here. All three can be found on my devart and too lazy to link.

We’re always contradicting ourselves.
We want people to tell us apart….
…yet we don’t want them to be able to.
We want people to get to know us…
…but we also want them to keep their distance.
We’ve always longed for someone to accept us…
But we never believed there’d be anyone who would accept our twisted ways.
That’s why we’ll stay locked up tight…
…in our own little private world…
…and throw away the key, so that no one can ever hurt us.
—  Bisco Hatori, Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 9

“It doesn’t really matter, does it? Guy, girl or appearance, what matters is what’s on the inside, right?”

Couldn’t do it any other way or Tumblr fkin shrunk it… -_- I think all we learnt from this is that Ack really can’t draw Sakura petals

And can we talk about how Haruhi is the best heroine ever pls


Apparently my college has a course that requires Ouran Host School Host Club and the Walking Dead.

I love this school

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