I finished reading the manga to Ouran High School Host Club and I’m full of feels. I never was the biggest shōjo fan but goodness I loved this manga from beginning to end. It was so funny. I watched the anime first and was unsatisfied with the lack of season 2 and read the manga from start to finish - it is much better.

The characters are explained better. The panels are well organized. Their personalities just flew off the page. So great. Usually you have a few characters you like and a few you dislike but I can’t single out any of these characters as superior to the others or vice versa. They’re all so kawaii in their own way. It really was just such a cute story and it made me sad that it had to end. However the writer brilliantly allows you to imagine what the future will be like for these characters - as presented in the omake. So, it doesn’t actually feel like it’s over.

Manga: Ouran high school host club

Story & Artwork: Bisco Hatori


“It doesn’t really matter, does it? Guy, girl or appearance, what matters is what’s on the inside, right?”

Couldn’t do it any other way or Tumblr fkin shrunk it… -_- I think all we learnt from this is that Ack really can’t draw Sakura petals

And can we talk about how Haruhi is the best heroine ever pls


I uploaded something to Youtube….!?! Haha, what a bizarre feeling. It’s been such a long time. Hooray for one-day edits!