The new Hatoful Boyfriend store run by Esc-Toy is now up and running!

The store can be found -here-

For anyone who missed the Hatoful Boyfriend Kickstarter but still wanted to get their wings on the exclusive plushes or straps now is your chance! 

They also currently have two new items in the works for any Shuu and Okosan fans ready to add more to their collections.

  • People who doesnt play the game :Yeah, it's the stupid pigeon dating game, right?
  • People who actually plays the game and the sequel :Haha... Yes, it's just a stupid pigeon game.... Haha... Haha... *cries in 73 languages*

ooooohhhhh i have SO MANY WORDS TO SAY ABOUT THIS but i will keep my beak shut. just know i spent a lot of time and thought on this……..

Hatoful Boyfriend Human Headcanons!! go play hatoful on steam or iOS. please. play it all the way through. i promise you wont be disappointed.

if you’re wondering about any missing characters, it’s because I didnt think the characters were suited to a realistic treatment. But I never say never, so who knows.