hatoful is a lot like undertale in that there isn’t really one big bad guy in the story. multiple people contributed in some way to the main conflicts.

except while in undertale, everyone has at least a little bit of good inside them, in hatoful, everyone is at least a little bit Super Fucking Shitty

i finished playing hatoful boyfriend with my roommate and now we’re on the sequel.. i thought id draw my main character (her name is dank memes.. it started out as a joke but now its her #Brand LMAO)! my theory is that since they dont see humans like a whole lot, the birds think she looks beautiful no matter what. also, hunter gatherer who lives in a cave.. she probably doesnt have the best means of getting ready in the morning, and tbh, does she even care?

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: hatoful boyfriend is a dating sim starring a human girl in a school for birds. the goal of the game is to date the birds at your school, even though you’re a human being yourself.  I only bought the game as a joke, and expected it to maybe give me a good laugh or two because the concept was so ridiculous. the first bird i decided to date was nageki because i sorta felt sorry for him since he didn’t seem to have any friends. an hour later i was crying. hatoful boyfriend ended up taking me on an emotional journey that i’m still recovering from. i can no longer look at a bird without being reminded of the birds of st. pigeonations. today i saw i dove and i nearly started crying because it reminded me of ryouta. this is my life now. i can only hope the pain will eventually pass, while i count down the days for the release of hatoful boyfriend: holiday star remaster