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It depresses me that there are so many people out there who dont know about the main ending to Hatoful Boyfriend. It straight out depresses me. There are people who have played maybe like ten minutes of it and cringe. But they dont know, all they see is a game where you romance birds, but oh my god its so much more than that! Theres a whole 5 hour ending thats easily the equivalent of two scifi murder mystery movies!!! BUT THEY DONT KNOW *clenches chest* …they dont know

Decided to colour my old Kazuaki-kun sketch. ^^
Working on the lineart (it’s still a W.I.P, so - sorry about the mistakes!) right now, so - I just randomly made this~✩

Sorry for the spam of him recently… ^^;
I’m swear I’m obsessed.


Let’s Play : Hatoful Boyfriend SHUU ROUTE Pt. 1 [ Visual Novel ]

Anon Submitted- Hatoful Fanfic!

Thank you so much to the person who sent this! This means a lot to me and the amazing followers reading this! So, thank you for taking your time to come here and write a fanfic for all of us! We love you and this Fanfic!

Shuu was experiencing what was quite possibly the worst day of his life.

He couldn’t remember the last time something like this had happened. It was probably when he still went by Isa, perhaps when Tohri committed one of the seven cardinal sins. He couldn’t stand it. He was dizzy and nauseous and felt like he was going to pass out. He had lost his glasses.

This never happened. Ever. Sure, maybe he put them down and, for a brief moment, forgot where he placed them specifically. But he’d always find them within the minute. His colorblindness guaranteed it. It was why his glasses were red; they stood out so starkly against any background to him that he would find them instantly, even without the visual assist. But this time, they were quite simply gone. He had placed them on his desk this morning, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and squinted out the window for a moment or two, and then, just like that, they were gone. It had been hours and there was no sight of them.

He had spent the past several hours tripping and stumbling over everything. The door, the legs of his chair and his desk, his own two feet, Miru and Kaku (which resulted in tears and half-assed comforting)… Absolutely everything. He’d bumped into no less than three people in the time he’d been searching the infirmary, and no students were bold enough to enter today. Apparently, his squinting in a valiant attempt to make out more than smudges of gray made him look even more ticked off than usual. That was fine by him. It was less likely for someone to slow down his search for the missing glasses.

The door opened. Ah. Speak of the devil and…

“Salut, Doctor!”

…Aw, fuck.

Of all the people he hadn’t wanted to see today, that damnable fantail was highest on the list. Granted, he was on the infirmary staff. Shuu should’ve expected to see him at some point in the day. He’d stopped in earlier that morning, too. He hadn’t said or done much. Simply dropped in to say a brief hello, make sure the medicine cabinet by his desk was in order, and left for class. As if he paid any attention to his grades anyway. Shuu’s seen them. They’re not pretty.

“Hello, Sakazaki,” he muttered, plainly irritated and not even close to hiding it. He dug through the drawers of his desk, deliberately hunching over whichever one he opened. He was intent on shielding the contents from Yuuya’s prying eyes. “I need no assistance today. You may leave.”

“What?” Yuuya asked,voice thick with held-back laughter. Yes, laugh all you like. It’ll be all that more enjoyable to hear that sound cut off by a scream. “You seem to be having plenty of difficulty. You’re pretty glued to your desk right now. I can sweep up and change the cot sheets and such while you work, sir.”

“That is unnecessary. Leave,” he muttered, far more focused on finding that telltale red blur. His headache was getting worse by the second. He doesn’t have the energy to focus so hard on seeing. He can’t even tell if squinting is helping or not at this point. However, he heard footsteps draw nearer, a cry of merry Christmas, and muffled laughter. He turned around and didn’t have to squint much to tell that Yuuya had scooped Miru (or was it Kaku?) into his arms and was most likely smiling that infuriatingly smarmy smile.

“At least let me organize the medicine cabinet again,” Yuuya said, holding Miru(?) on a jutted out hip like a baby. “I heard Okosan crashing about earlier today. I’m willing to bet he mixed up the meds in his quest for protein supplements. Oui?”

Shuu hissed out a sigh through gritted teeth. The most infuriating part was that he was right. Okosan had, in fact, been one of the three individuals to have gotten underfoot that day. The medicines were in incredible disarray, and he had been too busy searching for his glasses to care. He supposed if it got Yuuya out of his hair…

“Fine, do as you wish. But be quick about it. Do I make myself clear?” he seethed.


For the next ten minutes, everything was blessedly quite, save for the occasional shuffling of papers or desk drawer opening and closing from Shuu or the slide of a medicine container against wood from Yuuya. Finally, the sound of sliding quieted as Yuuya presumably finished his task. “All done, sir. See you tomorrow!”

“A single night cannot be long enough…” he muttered. Yuuya clearly heard, as muted laughter sounded from near the cabinet. He mumbled a goodbye to whichever of the Christmas Thieves that’d attached itself to him and made to leave, bumping against the desk as he did so. Shuu shot him a glare. Yuuya shifted his weight nervously.

“My bad. Sorry,” he said, quickly making tracks for the door. Odd. Yuuya was a spacy one, and notably not the most intelligent, but Shuu had never known him for clumsy. His confusion was abruptly resolved when a flash of bright red caught his attention from the corner of his eye and, lo and behold, there lay his glasses.

Right atop the corner of his desk.

Precisely where Yuuya had brushed up against.


Yuuya froze. Shuu placed his glasses atop the bridge of his nose, turned around, and smiled icily. Yuuya looked reasonably terrified.


In an instant, the door was shut, and lady luck had clearly blessed Yuuya, as the scalpel Shuu had launched lay embedded in the door.

Tomorrow, he is so dead.

You will find bird love on Vita July 21 ⊟ 

Hatoful Boyfriend, the visual novel about building relationships in a school full of presumably dashing, handsome talking pigeons, will launch on PS4 and Vita July 21. 

I’ve been waiting for this release, so I have yet to jump into the heart-pounding world of pigeon romance. But even if you’ve been around the flock before, there’s new stuff here for you: a new bird to romance. Tohri from the upcoming sequel will appear in this new version.

I’ve just written a whole post about a game where you date pigeons! People play it! It’s apparently good! We’ll find out!

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