today i got my ombre in beauty salon and all that time i was thinking about tohri getting tired of his coworkers looking so terribly plain and deciding to give them some nice highlights o:



what happens when you let your twitch viewers name the protag on Hatoful Boyfriend

You will find bird love on Vita July 21 ⊟ 

Hatoful Boyfriend, the visual novel about building relationships in a school full of presumably dashing, handsome talking pigeons, will launch on PS4 and Vita July 21. 

I’ve been waiting for this release, so I have yet to jump into the heart-pounding world of pigeon romance. But even if you’ve been around the flock before, there’s new stuff here for you: a new bird to romance. Tohri from the upcoming sequel will appear in this new version.

I’ve just written a whole post about a game where you date pigeons! People play it! It’s apparently good! We’ll find out!

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