Hatoful Boyfriend: A Summary
  • Ryouta:Professional crossdresser
  • Sakuya:Problematic fav
  • Kazuaki:*is the teacher* *sleeps through class*
  • Yuuya:*sneaks along wall humming Mission Impossible theme*
  • Okosan:PUDDING
  • Anghel:*crashes through window*
  • Shuu:*jokes about dismembering people*
  • Bad Boys Love Story:
  • Ryouta:Professional crossdresser moonlights as homicide detective
  • Kazuaki:*far too calm in every situation*
  • Nageki:Probably dead
  • Yuuya:*is beautiful; knows everything*
  • Okosan:*Pokemon references*
  • Anghel:*boss battle music*
  • Shuu:*ACTUALLY dismembers people*
  • Holiday Star:
  • Ryouta:Actual housewife and part time magical girl
  • Sakuya:Gullible bag of dicks
  • Kazuaki:*miraculously stays awake through math*
  • Nageki:Probably not dead?
  • Yuuya:Shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks and an assault rifle
  • Okosan:Loves you
  • Anghel:*crashes through fourth wall*
  • Shuu:*jokes about dismembering people*
Hatoful Boyfriend Warnings Masterlist

Hatoful Boyfriend is a great game, except that it tends to delve into some very interesting territory. Proper discussion of what this territory involves can’t really be done without massive spoilers - which is a problem, because a lot of it could be upsetting to an unwitting player.

This post is an attempt to list all of the potential major triggers in Hatoful Boyfriend and its sequel with as few spoilers as possible. This means that all of these warnings are presented with zero context. You’ll just know that these topics come up, not why or how or when.

Note: Only read the list for the next route you’re doing to minimise being spoilt for other routes! You can use Ctrl+F to find the route’s name and dodge the others. Also, this post itself has no trigger warnings tagged so that those who need the warnings can actually find it. Keep that in mind!

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: hatoful boyfriend is a dating sim starring a human girl in a school for birds. the goal of the game is to date the birds at your school, even though you’re a human being yourself.  I only bought the game as a joke, and expected it to maybe give me a good laugh or two because the concept was so ridiculous. the first bird i decided to date was nageki because i sorta felt sorry for him since he didn’t seem to have any friends. an hour later i was crying. hatoful boyfriend ended up taking me on an emotional journey that i’m still recovering from. i can no longer look at a bird without being reminded of the birds of st. pigeonations. today i saw i dove and i nearly started crying because it reminded me of ryouta. this is my life now. i can only hope the pain will eventually pass, while i count down the days for the release of hatoful boyfriend: holiday star remaster