Ek nayi shuruwat...Bollywood ke saath

Growing up in India, Bollywood is a huge influence in many people’s lives and we are no exception. For both of us, bollywood has been our means of entertainment, and
now it holds a deeper meaning in our lives; it’s become a passion.

Whether it’s Koffee with Karan or behind the scenes of movies, we’ve seen it all. This blog is created to share our insights on everything and anything that’s related to Bollywood.

We hope to bring interesting types of media to entertain you all. We encourage you to give us feedback and interact with us as it will make a great experience for you and us. We want to give everyone something ‘hatke’ and exciting, which doesn’t yet exist in the blogging world.

With that said, we hope you enjoy our blog. Toh chalo…

Phir milenge chalte chalte,
Ek Khiladi, Ek Haseena

This is Lilly. She’s one of the 3 main characters in the graphic novel I’m working on now (Mighty Jack). I’ve never before been so far into a book and found myself still working out the character designs.

I know who these characters are, but I’m not 100% settled on how I am going to draw them.

BookCon Panel: Graphic Novels - In the Studio

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm (BATTLE LINES), Pénélope Bagieu (EXQUISITE CORPSE), and Ben Hatke (LITTLE ROBOT) will share a behind-the-scenes look at how they create graphic novels, from idea to finished project. Moderated by Calista Brill, editor at First Second Books. 

Sunday, May 31st
2PM, Macmillan Stage 3139
Ticketed event: go to Booth 3056 starting at 10AM for a free ticket. One prize pack of signed copies of panelists’ books will be raffled off. 

Authors will also be signing books for sale from Greenlight Bookstore immediately following the panel.

Photo Above: A look inside Ben Hatke’s studio!

Tuesday May 26th is ‘it feels like a memory i never had" gallery opening from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at Gallery 263 in Cambridge. There will be a collaborative performance between Elizabeth Hatke and myself featuring several of her sculptures, prints, and sketches.


Took my sons for a walk on Sunday afternoon, yeah he was wearing his @simonandmary hat that he just so loves! I too really like the detail on this hat!!!

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The act of filling a sketchbook is the act of becoming comfortable transferring your thoughts from your mind onto a page.

As your sketchbook fills up it will become as unique as you yourself are. Every artist will use a sketchbook in their own way, but when you become very comfortable in transferring your thoughts onto a page flipping through your sketchbook or notebook will look like a peek into your mind. I try hard not to be precious about my sketchbooks. I don’t expect my sketchbooks to be beautiful pieces of art; I expect them to catch ideas as they fall out of my brain.


I met @deanxp here on Instagram but I can happily say that we have become great friends and have spent some of the most amazing days in South Africa with him and his beautiful woman @jenny_dison . HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER STAY THE WAY YOU ARE! 1PERFECT LOVE…

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