hating people's stupidity and ignorance

eddie would?? love kids??? like children represent that kind of curiosity and intelligence that hasn’t been worn down or beaten out of them by the education system and society. children naturally want to explore and play. they’d ask him questions and he’d be so happy to answer like, ‘finally someone i can explain things to who won’t get mad at me!’ lmao.. he’d be that kind of person who pretends to be shocked when a little kid explains something new they learned to him, they’ll come up to him all excited and wide-eyed like, ‘did you know tigers are the biggest cat species!!!’ and he’d be like ‘oMG NO I DID NOT PLEASE TELL ME MORE WHAT DID U LEARN ABOUT THEM.’ eddie hates ignorance and stupid people so much so he’d love little kids wanting to learn and study..

one thing that makes me dizzy are people that are genuinely against the items gorillaz put out for a lot of money like

if you a big enough fan youre gonna buy it right? and it’s there for those people and it goes into funding the shit they need to make more videos, goes into the production of a lot of stuff (They ran out of budget in plastic beach and we lost A LOT of story)

so like

im not sad if they have big messages but gonna turn around and put out expensive merch because honestly how the fuck else are they going to make anything

cut them some slack, its not like you cant buy their cheap cds, hell if it’s such an issue torrent their shit bam about the same concept right

its like people dont understand how much money and time it costs to produce animations and videos and all that shit that they do just for us.

at the same time people would be upset if they put out the music then didnt do shit all else

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disabled jungkook and loving and sweet and caring jimin protecting him? (maybe blind kook, or mute koom, or deaf, or something)

just for the future, i don’t know if i feel comfortable writing about disabilities and other things that disadvantage someone in society if i haven’t experienced it myself. HOWEVER that being said, i was selectively mute for a while (like a year or two) so i will write about selectively mute kookie! thanks for sending it in! also WARNING: there may be hints of abuse in this. nothing major but still. 

+ “if you don’t talk you won’t have any friends.” it was something his father had said to him many times. it had been years since he talked normally. sometimes he wondered if he had forgotten how. and for the most part, his father was right. he didn’t have friends. 

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okay im gonna say this once and never again. stop saying jaebum is homophobic. if yall got some actual receipts that are trustworthy and FACT CHECKED then send them my way if u think that it ‘’proves’’ anything because every ‘’’call out post’’’ for jaebum i have ever seen has been utter fucking bullshit. jaebum being all ‘’’noo homo’’’ IS NOT homophobic and anyone who says it is needs to shut the fuck up and educate themselves on ACTUAL lgbt+ issues. some straight guy proclaiming his heterosexuality to the world is NOT HOMOPHOBIC- a display of fragile masculinity, yes- a hatred or intolerance to the lgbt+ community, NO. so stop getting offended and calling jaebum out for being problematic for something that is only really harmful for his own self esteem 

Listen the Fuck Up

Y'all I’m so damn tired. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE OR A LARGE MAJORITY DISLIKES YOUR FAVE DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO CALL OUT EVERY FUCKING HATE POST YOU FIND. It’s a waste of damn time and honestly I can’t support it. You trying to police tumblr bc you wanna be a damn save a fave squad isn’t doing shit.

PSA: How to Handle Fave Hate

1) happen to see fave hate online


3) get over the fact that people have stupid opinions rooted in hate and ignorance that you can’t fix

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also don’t forget the following:

+ Rupphearlpphire (Ruby + Pearl + Sapphire)
+ pearlmethyst (Pearl + Amethyst)
+ Pearlidot ( Pearl + Peridot) 
+ Amedot (Amethyst + Peridot)
+ Garnethyst (Garnet + Amethyst)
+ Garnedot/Perinet (Garnet + Peridot)
+ Jaspis (Jasper + Lapis)
+ Jaspernet (Jasper + Garnet)
+ Jasperose (Jasper + Rose)
+ La pearl (Lapis + Pearl)
+ Lapidot (Lapis + Peridot)
+ Converse (Connie + Steven Universe)
+ Polygems (Garnet + Amethyst + Pearl)
+ GregRose (Greg + Rose)
+ Opalnet (Opal + Garnet)
+ Pearl² (Blue pearl x Yellow Pearl)
+ Chestdiamonds (Yellow x Blue diamond)

+ SARDONET (sardonyx + garnet)
+ Sapphearl (Sapphire + Pearl)
+ RUBY³ (Ruby Squad)

The good thing about having so many ships:Countless fanart / fanfics / headcanons / fan comics.

The bad thing about it: countless useless and annoying ship hate posts; immature and stupid harassment; ignorant messages of people who think they can tell me what to do/draw/like based on a very limited, underdeveloped point of view. 

Sure, I don’t ship pewey (just like any human + gem ship except for GregRose) nor any underage ship ( like Connie/steven + adult/gem), but I don’t go around telling people what to do. If I don’t want to see that on my dash, I block it. End of story.

I also don’t ship Pearlrose, but DAMN those artists are AMAZING. The pearlrose tag has so many fabulous art. 

Sorry for the long answer! hahahaha But sure, of all ships Pearlnet AND Rupphire are my main ones.

I’m a Libra, don’t make me choose! ;> 

We are surrounded by unconventional things all our lives. Things scare us, and exposure is inevitable. We watch tv shows when we’re not supposed to, we look up things on the internet not meant for children’s eyes, we read books and articles and magazine headlines about abuse, rape, adultery, etc. You can avoid these things all you want, but they’re out there, and bullying a small group of shippers on the internet will change nothing. Stop putting the responsibility of what influences you on some random blogger you don’t even know. Saying people are affected by the presentation of adultery  is no more damaging than bullying people for liking something unconventional. You say I’m not getting the picture, but from what I see, neither are you. You justify your bullying with something that cannot be changed. Adultery in the real world, between real people can’t even be helped. People fall in and out of love all the time. I’m not saying it’s healthy or right to go behind a partners back, but it’s something that happens all the time, every day, to a lot of people. All I want is to stop the bullying over a subject that is so ingrained in our society and media, that we could never dent it if we tried.

Also, stop holding your ship on a higher tier than others. Just because it’s canon, doesn’t mean people can’t ship anything else.

 Be nice to each other, even if you disagree.

You know it sucks that Taylor has to deal with ignorant stupid pathetic people that hate her for no reason. No one cares about you not liking her but making jokes and laughing about her trial is disgusting. She will get through this and she will stay strong because her fans will always be here for her no matter what.

Patater Fic: New Things

Summary: Kent has no idea how he even ended up at this stupid Christmas party. It’s not like he’s a big fan of the holidays in the first place, and seriously, this is all just a little much.

Pairing: Alexei “Tater” Mashkov/Kent Parson

A/N: Written for angryspaceravenclaw for the swawesomesanta2016 gift exchange. I’ve never written Patater before, but it was fun! :) Thanks to @luckiedee for betaing! <3

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Kent has no idea how he even ended up at this stupid Christmas party. It’s not like he’s a big fan of the holidays in the first place, and seriously, this is all just a little much. The entire room is decorated in green and red, people are wearing Santa hats, and Jingle Bell Rock seems to be playing on loop from the various speakers on the makeshift stage, the presence of which fills him with a feeling of trepidation. It looks like there’s some kind of (probably terribly saccharine, embarrassing) event planned for later.

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Honeslty I am so sorry you are getting hate. People just so stupid and ignorant sometimes. I send you triple the loves for every time someone sends hate to you!!! 💕

Thank you so much sweetheart. It was just that one anon that got to me a little bit. Thank you for the love ❤️

Honestly I’m just so fucking disgusted and horrified and saddened and angry because of the elections.
I constantly think on the worse side of things, and have the lowest opinion of humanity, and even then, I’m still surprised again and again at how stupid, ignorant, hateful, and horrible people are.
I am disgusted that those people think so less of immigrants, of LGBT+, of poc, of women, of anyone who isn’t Christian. I am horrified of what is going to happen to this country and the people in it because of the elections, of how LGBT people will be discriminated against further and put into conversion therapies, of families torn apart from deportation, of the war that is inevitably going to break out from having such an unstable leader, of all the sexual assaults that are going to be ignored and passed over. I am saddened knowing that people knowingly voted to ruin other people’s lives and do not care because they are so consumed by ignorance and hate. I am angry at myself that I allowed myself to have some shred of hope that people might, MIGHT, be better than this, that people would care, that people weren’t truly as ignorant as I thought, but I was wrong.
I was so wrong. I voted and I tried to prevent this from happening and I wish more people would have too.

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Why you hate white girls?😶

OH MY GOD FOR THE LAST TIME: I don’t hate white girls or people. I hate bad vibes, I hate when people try to come for me, I hate ignorant bitches and stupid fuckboys. I could give a fuck about your ethnicity.

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It's not fair to vote against Klaine. I love Chris Colfer's books, I've read them all, but the fact is I'm also a Klainer. We want to win to show those homophobic delena fans that they can't beat us, every vote for Delena goes to a Neathendral as Kurt Hummel would call it. So yes. Although I understand why you want to make it all about Chris in the chris colfer tag it's not fair to destroy our hard work for celebrating Chris's character On glee either!

First of all: you (and other Klainers) really have to stop saying that most/all? people who vote against Klaine are homophobic, whether they are Delena fans or not. It’s simply not true (although I’m sure there are a few, as there are idiots in every fandom). And it’s also quite low of you to try to bring a serious (and very real for many people) problem due to nasty, ignorant hate into a stupid fandom fight about a poll for ships.

Also: how nice of you to play the misunderstood victim card here, while in the same breath you’re calling Delena fans hateful names, saying they are homophobic and primitive (and no: Kurt Hummel would never call them that word).

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People didn’t vote for Hitler because they hated Jews. People didn’t vote for Trump because they hate women, or any other group of people. And dismissing them as such, reducing a huge part of the population of a country to “just hateful and stupid”, means contributing to a situation where people will continue to feel ignored, and turn towards the loud guy who’s promising to listen to them. Sorry, but that’s how it works. That’s always how it works. I don’t know why it’s still so surprising.

And anyone wondering what went wrong: THAT is a big part of what went wrong, and what has been going wrong for a while now. It’s easy to say “you’re stupid”. It’s a lot harder to listen. But if you want to understand, then listening is the better, or really the only, option.

Unfortunately, this culture where understanding someone’s point of view is seen as the same as agreeing with it, and thus demonised, doesn’t encourage understanding. And that, frankly, is a problem that everyone can start solving, right now.