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To liberate on that beautiful Jimin is a tease headcanon. Jungkoook makes him call him daddy.

but… but of course….. oh my. “hyung you’ve been a bad boy. you know what bad boys get”

“p-punished/??” (whimpering into jjk’s ears while trying to rut against him but u know jjk’s in charge now and won’t let jimin release some stress)

“punished what?” probably jjk’s fucking rubbing his knee against jimin rn what a dick tbh

“punished daddy” jimin whines n jjk’s triumphant as fuck

i mean he really is fml

and this

yuppo 11/10 being called daddy


Lighting is splotchy in dressing room but you get the gist. Look is casual but I just couldn’t find the right blazer in the right size. Bought a VS bra for the first time in years. Only got one thing for M (shopping for her is way more fun, obvi). Exhausted/hungry/need to pee/3% phone/ carrying heavy AF purse w/ work laptop/ iPad & book for proofreading work/ etc. Scared to look at my checking account balance but I’m taking a cab so I can stop at my house for a sec, get contact lenses/ underwear/ makeup and continue to my sis to put M to bed. Then I might hit up the phantom 24hr nail salon.

why be anti when you can love and respect everyone in your fandom equally?

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)