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The Women Behind the 'Alt-Right'
The overwhelmingly male crowd at the white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville shouldn’t be seen as an absence of women in the movement overall.
By Caroline Kitchener

This woman who said she feels empowered when she’s supporting and being supported by a big strong man….girl, you don’t know what empowerment means! Sure have a supportive relationship but that has nothing to do with empowerment!!!

I only hope that the women in alt right will continue to be silent and maybe they’ll start to realize putting people in boxes is archaic and the men who like to stomp their feet and grunt don’t know as much as they’d like you to believe.

The adventure zone overwatch mains

Taako: mains bastion and symmetra. He’s all about those easy kills™

Magnus. Reinhardt and Winston. Occasionally plays 76.

Merle: mains Ana and mercy. What is healing?? He doesn’t know.

Lucretia: d.va and symmetra. “Stay on the objective you dickwads!”

Lup: junkrat and sombra. Only plays to fuck shit up.

Davenport: mains torbjorn and Ana. No good at close combat.

Barry: only plays mccree. Fuck team comp.

Kravitz: mains reaper and lucio. K/DR Is life.

Carey: mains genji and tracer. Will kick your ass 100% of the time.

Killian: mains doomfist and hanzo. has to talk Carey out of going 1 on 1 with a winston.

Angus: mains phara and zenyatta. Good payload boy.

I think the reason why shipwars are so pathetic and cringey to me is that I use to be one of those people that would complain and post anti content

like… please stop….. you’re going to look back on how you behaved and want to punch yourself in the face

bishaws  asked:

even out of topic from root f*nch is just so fucking arrogant and scared of making decisions out of his comfort zone, doesn't opt to question his immovable ethics, and doesn't understand his own machine and even he acknowledges in the end that it's bc of him that ppl (his friends) are going to die because his inaction made everything SO MUCH HARDER IN THE END for him, his friends, THE WORLD? it's not just fandom shit it's critical thinking skfjajdj HES A DUMB FUCK

he’s a hypocritical arrogant asshole who thinks he’s morally superior and his friends died, because of his dumb decisions so…

h*rold @ tm: you can’t make decisions for people, you can’t take away their free will
also h*rold when tm did just that: you’re evil now and you were supposed to take away this person’s free will and make the decision for him

I really don’t think I can survive 19 weeks to get close on the Royal Romance. Am I thrown out of the palace? What’s going to happen? Will it be several chapters before I can even see Liam? Fuck. I don’t want this. This is the worst. I don’t think I’ll be playing Book 2 for a while because my heart won’t be able to help it.

I also haven’t decided if I’ll be writing fluffy fanfic or just trying to pretend Cordonia no longer exists… Ugh. This is the worst.