“ I’m not smug, ma’am. It’s just the unfortunate shape of my face.”

James Hathaway & Jean  Innocent

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“Jean Innocent? [Hathaway] gets on with her.”

 James Hathaway & Jean  Innocent 

“Reputation” (Pilot Episode)

In Defense of Hathaway/Innocent shipping

So, I really did agonize over whether or not to make this post. I’m not really one to share my opinions on the internet. If I don’t like something, I ignore it, vent privately in my head or tell one of the few people I know will not judge me for it. (You should see the size of my blacklist :O) But despite this I just have to comment on the recent amount of disdain (at best)/ vitriol (at worst) that I have recently seen directed at the rise of Hathaway/Innocent shipping.

Maybe it’s because Jean Innocent is one of my two favorite fictional characters of all time and any thing that even remotely resembles dislike of any kind makes me uber-defensive of her. Maybe I worry that this tendency could transform the already considerable neglect that Jean gets from the fandom into outright dislike and character bashing. Maybe it’s because I ship these two harder than I’ve ever shipped or thought I would ever ship anything. Maybe it’s because I’ve repressed and meticulously  concealed most of my shipping feelings for at least three years, because I’d convinced myself that I would be forever alone with my shipping feelings and I was terrified at the thought of offending someone else with my delusional opinions. Maybe it’s because the rise in J/J shipping (as admittedly sub-par as most of the fic is) is what ultimately gave me the courage to  publically admit that I shipped it and feel comfortable identifying myself as a shipper without the accompanying sensations of guilt at my “delusion,” my “bizarreness”–my “secret sin” even. Maybe it’s because I fear that I don’t address this now as calmly and rationally as I can, things will get even uglier and it will get to the point where Lewis no longer feels like my “home” fandom.

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I’m in the process of recapping S1 of Lewis so that I can get back to my crappy graphics making, but when I accidentally took this, I knew I needed to write some sort of meta/word-vomit about it.

Though the resolution/quality is less than ideal (which makes sad since I probably won’t be able to use it for graphics), this cap nevertheless encapsulates so very many of my Hathaway/Innocent feelings.

Although Jean is unfortunately quite blurred in this image in a way that jeopardizes photoshopping attempts, there are some very interesting interpretions that are created by this blur. For one thing, Jean is in the foreground of the image, just as supposedly she is the “face” and head of the station. But she appears at first glance to be a “blank face,” attempting to conceal/minimize her own personal complexities  partly to maintain the “professional exterior” she feels the job demands and partly because she is  somewhat ashamed of her own insecurities and vulnerabilities.

And yet, the one thing that the blurring cannot  obscure is the look of quiet desolation on her face which is unfortunately far too common in Jean Innocent screencaps. I’ve said before that I think Jean is actually the loneliest character on the show. Though her sorrow may not be as demonstrative as Robbie’s or James’s, it is far more constant and never directly  acknowledged (in canon by the writers at least) by either Jean herself or the other characters, which means that she’s never fully able to heal from it.

And yet, she does not have to. (Or at least, she wouldn’t if the writers’ would actually pay attention to the subtle-emotional-complexity-that-Rebecca-has-given-Jean-without-any-prompting instead of  just using her as the exposition foil) Look at the way that Hathaway sees her–Hathaway who probably has much more in common with Innocent than any of the other characters. Hathaway–who like Innocent–vainly attempts to repress his own sorrows and insecurities but will never be able to successfully manage it.

I would argue that in this cap Hathaway looks at Innocent like someone who desperately wants to know her and who at some level already knows her far more deeply than anyone else can, due to their shared repressed desolation. There could be (and perhaps is) a real genuine understanding between them that would serve as consolation for them both.

And yet… we cannot ignore the fact that James is looking at Jean this way, specifically while her back is turned and while Robbie’s attention is diverted elsewhere. This suggests that James still feels more-than-a-little -terrified at the prospect of actually interacting with Innocent at the intimate, emotional level at which he wants. This is not all-together surprising, considering the professional boundaries between them as well James’s crippling insecurity.

But there may be another factor involved–look at the way the blurring makes Jean seem to glow, whereas James remains in stark focus. It makes Jean look almost angelic–beautiful and untouchable, whereas –to James at least–all of his imperfections are out in the open, in his mind–an obvious detractor to anyone would try to get close to him.

Hathaway/Innocent Fic Recs
  • Solidarity (Hathaway & Innocent friendship; Lewis & Hathaway friendship)— “In the end, we will remember—not the words of our enemies—but the silences of our friends”(warning for: character on deathbed)
  • The Letter (gen/friendship)— Drabble of Hathaway’s important meeting with Innocent. (Warnings: “Intelligent Design” Part 2 spoilers)
  • An Innocent Misunderstanding (Lewis/Hobson with Hathaway/Innocent friendship and shippy subtext)—James thinks that he’s found the perfect way to get Robbie and Laura together. Jean is skeptical, but she agrees to play along. And thus begins the most unorthodox match-making scheme in the history of Oxford. (Warning for: noncanon compliant, some sexual references, debatably OOC and a little cracktackular ( I wrote it so I can freely admit it))
  • Mistakes — (Hathaway/Innocent; onesided Jean/Mr Innocent)—She’d made several seemingly small mistakes, each of which had inevitably led her to make the coup de grâce of mistakes.” (Warning for: Implied, non-graphic adulterous encounter)
  • Something in Common (gen with background Lewis/Hobson and Innocent & Hathaway friendship)—Innocent feels that she doesn’t really have anything outside of work.She is more than happy to be proved wrong.(warnings: The Ramblin’ Boy Part 2 spoilers)
  • Letting Go (gen with implied Lewis/Hobson and slight Hathaway/Innocent subtext)When Lewis and Hathaway are assigned a missing person case, they also disappear. But it’s too soon to formally involve the police, so Innocent and Hobson have to take up the search. (Warnings: Mild violence and language)
  • Good Result? (Hathaway/Innocent)—Innocent must determine whether a reckless decision made under the influence of loneliness and alcohol was-in fact-the right one. (Warning for: Implied Sexuality)
  • Questions Without Answers(Unspoken and/or Onesided Hathaway/Innocent)—He keeps asking himself the questions, though he’s sure he’ll never find the answers.(Warnings: mild sexual references).
  • In Mind’s Eye (Hathaway/Innocent)–Hathaway thinks some rather creative ways for Innocent to use his neckties.(Warning for: sexual content and mild BDSM.)
  • The Meeting (Hathaway/Innocent)—James Hathaway goes to discuss his future with DCS Innocent but the meeting doesn’t go according to plan. (Warning: sexual content and spoilers for “Intelligent Design”)
  •  An Ordered Disorder (Hathaway/Innocent)– He had almost forgotten how therapeutic it was to cling and be clung to. There was a curious and mutual strength that came from a shared sense of vulnerability, a clearness of head and heart that was the result of laying each bare before someone who listened and would care. And now they must say goodbye to “Jean” and “James” before they’d even properly said hello. (Warning for: Implied sexuality and “Allegory of Love” spoilers)

Rebecca Front Meme:[2/2} Ships: James Hathaway/Jean Innocent (Lewis)

Hathocent AUs/Fic Prompts

So I recently discovered this random scenario RP generator, where you insert two names and it gives you a random scenario with the individuals. Because I am shipper trash, I entered Hathaway’s and Innocent’s names and was reasonably satisfied with some of the prompts. I also thought that this might be helpful to individuals who are thinking about writing or drawing something for Jean Innocent appreciation week. Although I personally used Hathaway for the other character, I think several of these scenarios could probably work as Jean/other character (ex. I can see Jean/Laura, Innocent/Lestrade, and Jean/Mr I pretty easily in a lot of them) if that is more other people’s speed.

Already basically canon

  • James Hathaway is too nervous to approach Jean Innocent, and only admires them from afar.
  • James Hathaway is about to do something stupid. Jean Innocent does not think this is a good idea.

 Reasonably Plausible

  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent cuddling.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent go to a bar. Jean Innocent gets too drunk and James Hathaway has to take them home. (Or vice versa)
  • Jean Innocent has offended James Hathaway in some way but doesn’t realize it. (Or vice versa)
  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway going to an event that requires formal attire.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent as rivals in a competition or contest. James Hathaway wins.
  • Jean Innocent loses a bet to James Hathaway.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent watch fireworks together.
  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway dancing.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent watching a very sad movie. James Hathaway is crying.
  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway go ice skating.James Hathaway is not very good and Jean Innocent has to help them.
  • Jean Innocent taking care of an injured James Hathaway.
  • Jean Innocent comforting a sad James Hathaway
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent got handcuffed together and lost the key.
  • James Hathaway cooking lunch for Jean Innocent
  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway meet after not seeing each other for a long time.
  • James Hathaway frequently has dreams or nightmares about Jean Innocent.
  • James Hathaway pulling pranks on Jean Innocent.

Mildly Crack AU

  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway meet on a blind date.James Hathaway wants to go on another date, but Jean Innocent isn’t sure.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent wearing each other’s clothes.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent at a wild party.James Hathaway doesn’t want to be there.
  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway fighting together, back to back.
  • James Hathaway drawing Jean Innocent. (Overall crackishness will obvi depend on what kind of drawing it is. Is it a less-than-flattering cartoon? A nice portrait? Or a naughty “draw me like one of your French girls” scenario)
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent at the beach.
  • James Hathaway giving Jean Innocent a piggy back ride.

Total Crack AU

  • Jean Innocent, a knight in shining armor, must rescue the distressed James Hathaway. (THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE; SOMEONE PLS WRITE THIS!!!!)
  • James Hathaway suspects Jean Innocent is a werewolf. Jean Innocent is actually hiding a more mundane secret. (Or vice versa)
  • James Hathaway discovers Jean Innocent’s terrible secret.(Or vice versa)
  • James Hathaway is Jean Innocent’s hired body guard. (Or vice versa)
  • Jean Innocent is under a terrible curse. James Hathaway knows how to cure it. (Or vice versa)
  • Jean Innocent as a film noir detective and James Hathaway as the desperate client.
  • Jean Innocent as a superhero and James Hathaway as the sidekick.
  • James Hathaway as a vampire feeding on Jean Innocent
  • Jean Innocent and James Hathaway meet during the zombie apocalypse. Jean Innocent needs James Hathaway’s help.
  • James Hathaway accidentally drinking a love potion and fallng for Jean Innocent.
  • James Hathaway and Jean Innocent swap bodies