“Don’t be such a bloody diva.”

James Hathaway & Jean Innocent

Series 8


“ I’m not smug, ma’am. It’s just the unfortunate shape of my face.”

James Hathaway & Jean  Innocent

↳ Series 1


“Jean Innocent? [Hathaway] gets on with her.”

 James Hathaway & Jean  Innocent 

“Reputation” (Pilot Episode)

for-southendgirls  asked:

Omg, your Collide fic is so good and it's the only thing keeping me from complete, Hathocent withdrawals. I keep on going back to it just to re-read it. Please update it soon! *fangirl tears*

Oooo… thank you so much. I am so glad that you are enjoying it. Now that I’ve sort of caught up on my writing, I don’t imagine it will be too too long since the next update. (I’ve had a lot of the next chapter pre-written since I started the fic a long time ago, and I’ve had more inspiration recently to fill in some of the gaps). The next chapter will probably be the last full chapter, though I do have some snippets of a “a few months later” epilogue scene.

I do have two  Hathocent other fics in the works right now, though I’m not at all sure when you can expect them.  I’m trying to avoid working on them (particularly the multi-chapter one) until Collide is finishes, since I do have a very bad habit of leaving fics on hiatus for a very long time) 

One is a somewhat nsfw oneshot (*whispers* strip chess) that is somewhat complicated by the fact that I know next to nothing about chess.

 And the other is a more canon-compliant, post-S9 multi-chapter  fic in which Hathaway and Innocent meet again at a conference after she’s left. Which also looks like it is going to have some smutty times (which makes me a bit nervous cause with maybe one-two  exception, I usually just “fade-to-black”  but I think this one needs more physicality).

I do wish that more people wrote for them, (but I’m not at all  surprised when there is slash-potential instead) especially more people willing to write the smutty times which I don’t always feel comfortable writing. (I was hoping the Morseverse anon meme might fix some of that, but it hasn’t been as active as I was hoping–and most of the little action there is in Endeavour focused).

Insistent Terminology - notmoreflippingelves - Lewis (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There's a word that James Hathaway has always hated--though not for the reasons one might think, as Jean Innocent discovers when the two spend Valentine's Day together.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Lewis

Rating: T

Pairing: James Hathaway/Jean Innocent

Summary: There’s a word that James Hathaway has always hated–though not for the reasons one might think, as Jean Innocent discovers when the two spend Valentine’s Day together.

Warnings:  Extremely mild  implications of sexuality; 1 swear word.