hatherton street


January 25th - I’d like to claim credit for noticing this, but I didn’t, so can’t. Great pal [Howmuch?] spotted this and told me a few weeks ago. Today, as I rolled down Hatherton Street in the Butts, near Walsall  Town Centre, I recorded a fascinating little relic of the past. These buildings are due to be demolished to make way for a new factory, being moved in from elsewhere in the borough. Formerly offices and workshops, they’ve lain derelict for some years. As I took these pictures, construction workers were erecting hoardings around the site prior to its clearance commencing. Before they did, I had to photograph the above small sign, situated next to one of the boarded-up doors.

I know nothing about the Umbrella Manufacturing and Repairing Company, or what happened to them. But the thought crosses my mind: how long has it been since such a business could be economically viable in Walsall? A curious, odd little piece of history. Glad I caught it before it was lost forever.