My prints for AX! If you have any feedback, questions, comments, anything, let me know! I’ll be doing a bit of refining and color correcting tomorrow to address anything before printing them!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I will likely not be selling the Off print! I may print one as an example of full commissions, but I doubt I will sell it. 


Hey everyone! A while ago I hit 100 followers, which is totally rad! I want to show my appreciation to everyone, so I’m doing an art giveaway! Here are the rules:

1) You gotta be following me!

2) Likes and Reblogs each count once, for a total of two entries

And that’s basically it! Here’s how the giveaway works. I’m willing to do 2 sketches, a lineart, or an icon.

1 Person gets the choice of two of those, and if they pick the lineart they can choose to have colors slapped on, if they want. Alternately, I’ll do two of those skulls, and mail them to you!

3 People will get a choice of one of those.

Plus, if you were following me before this post, and you are one of the four, you’ll get to pick another option! (If you aren’t the grand prize, you can choose to get a skull instead of your two choices). Hope that makes sense! If you have any questions, just drop me a question in the ask box. 

The deadline will be October 15 at Midnight PST, and the results will be posted the next day.

(also, if you guys want other examples, you can check out my artblog, or the tag i use for me art!)


The first project in my 3-D Design class, where we had to take a large number of a specific object and use them to create a form that has one of the main elements of 3-D design. I chose small party favor puzzles, and created a form that has a lot of repetition.