Looking forward to seeing Hatfields & McCoys on the History channel! Not so distant relation to both families and after spending many a summer right off the Big Sandy River with family members that still live in the area, it’s pretty exciting to see Kevin Costner, Tom Berenger and Bill Paxton playing some of my relatives. 

Hatfields & McCoys ended tonight. it’s a three-part miniseries on the History Channel, and it was fucking brilliant.

so. good. so good so good so good.

except that they went and killed Cotton at the last minute, which i mean…what??! it had to be the (mostly) innocent slow kid, and not that dumbass Selkirk? really now?

but Cap lives. which is the important part. because Cap is mindbogglingly nice to look at. and the boy only has one good eye. it’s ridiculous.

anyway, the point of this sentence fragment-ridden tumblr post is Holy Shit Watch Hatfields & McCoys. the repeats are airing right now if you’re on the east coast, or at least some of them. sorry about the spoilers, by the way. but this show is tragic and horrible and awesome and Cap Hatfield is made of magic and sexiness and badassery. point being, watch the show. watch it.