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Hey all, your friendly neighborhood tea-enthusiastic, botany-centric, carbuncle-loving Astrologian here! Just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m looking to interact! I’m looking for all kinds of RP! Friendships, relationships, hateships, all the ships. :)

You can find me in-game by Iria Nicholaides.

Have a fun night!


I have a confession to make to all of you.. I pray you will forgive me but..

I fucking love all your characters and like to picture your characters facing demons and fighting other worldly creatures and just listening to music and thinking about how your characters would save the day.

I also confession to shipping them, and I don’t mean just romantically. I mean friendships, broships, hateships, all of it.

I’m sorry, forgive me everyone.

LFC- Petra needs RP! Cross Faction Accepted!


Petra’s mun here! I am wanting to expand the RP for my character and that includes both Horde and Alliance! I am looking for all possibilities! Friendships, hateships, businesships, trouble and angst! All of it! If you have some ideas you want to toss my way, I am open to listening. While she has an amazing dynamic with her siblings as she’s so opposite of them, and her relationship with Veth is swoon worthy, I would like to get her involved in some more plots! So let me know what you think or if you’re interested! I also always LOVE random RP encounters just for fun! So send me a prompt!

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Hey, Like/Reblog this post if you’re an Alliance RPer on Wyrmrest Accord who wants more interaction

With maybe a wacky, and fun-loving adventuring warlock babe who leads a group of adventurers to their doom every week.

Looking for more contacts! 

Character sheet below the cut!

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LFRP: Astrevide

What I’m Looking For: Long term Rp, Slice of life is fine, too.

Ships: Romance, friendships, hateships, professional contact, adventure, whatever.

Fandom: WoW

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Either is fine.

Faction I Play: Alliance

Server: Dalaran/Wyrmrest Accord.

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: Tumbr/Discord/Occasional in-game

Triggers: None.

RP Strong Points: Communicative, good at keeping a story going, fairly easy-going.

RP Weak Points: Fairly new to RP and limited time.

IC Information:

Name: Astrevide

Race:  Draenei

Can Currently Be Found In: Stormwind.

Would They Be Known :  By some. She has a bit of a reputation, both professionally and personally.

Personality:  Astrevide is a younger Draenei, not born on Argus, but on one of the worlds in between. She’s approximately 11,000 years old. She’s outgoing, sarcastic, energetic. Gets distracted easily and has a hard time sitting still. She’ll talk to just about anyone, about just about anything. She enjoys drinking, and only gets more gregarious the more she drinks. She’s the daughter of a single father, a Vindicator, and learned to hunt and shoot at an early age. Very confident, knows she’s good at what she does. Animal and nature lover. 

Language(s):  Common, Draenic. Wants to learn Darnassian. 

Height: 6′4″

Body Type: Curvy, a bit on the full-figured side.

Eye Color:  blue and glowy

Hair Color:  black

Age: 11,000-ish

Notable Scars, Marks, etc:  Has a few bites on her arms/legs from pet taming that went bad. 

Tattoos/Piercings: Pierced ears, tattoo of a black butterfly on her left hip.

First Appearances: Usually seen pacing around or drinking in the taverns in Stormwind. She’s at home in her leathers and her black hair is twisted into two small buns beneath her horns. Easy-going, approachable, and friendly, perfectly fine playing the fool if it makes people underestimate her. Always watching, always ready, and handles a lot more liquor than it seems she should be able to. Gregarious. Likes to fight, though, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find her in the middle of a bar brawl. 

What To Expect: Expect her to buy you a drink and ask you too many personal questions. Flirting should also be expected, whether you’re male or female.

Where I RP: Tumblr/Discord/In-Game

~Looking for Contact~

What I’m Looking For: Pre-established relationships: friendships, hateships, allies, family, enemies, etc.

Fandom: World of Warcraft

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-Faction accepted

Faction I Play: Alliance

Server: Wyrmrest Accord

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: Discord, Tumblr, In-Game

Favorite Type of RP: Long-term, progressive RP. Though, I’m open to pretty much anything.

Triggers: None.

Things I Will Not RP (IE: NSFW, Torture, Romance, etc.):  Will not RP adult themes with minors.

RP Strong Points: Flexible, communicative, adaptive, plot-driven, understanding.

RP Weak Points: Not very confident with running large-scale events.

IC Information:

Name: Claire Donovan

Race: Human

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional): Amber Heard

Can Currently Be Found: Anywhere, really. She moves around quite a bit, though is staying in Stormwind for the time being.

Would They Be Known : Claire has been one of the many regular performers at the Darkmoon Faire over the past couple years, and would be known there as ‘The Flying Fox of Westfall.’ Most of her acts take place high above the ground and involve incredible acts of agility, flexibility, and coordination - while she uses these skills in other, more lucrative areas of employment, she wouldn’t really be known for anything outside the Faire (yet), unless someone was really looking for her.

Personality: In a word - unpredictable. In a few more words - impulsive, calculating, intelligent, snarky, cunning, sweet (sometimes), conniving, guarded.

Language(s): Common, Orcish, some Thalassian

Height: 5′6″

Body Type: Average height, lithe form, toned muscles.

Eye Color:  Claire has heterochromia - her left eye is royal blue, and her right eye is emerald green.

Hair Color: Dirty blonde

Age: 22

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: The ring finger of her right hand has a faded, jagged scar that runs all the way around - it’s healed, faded, and is a few shades lighter than her normal skin tone. Another scar can be found just under the left side of her collarbone, and has a matching twin just to the left of her spine.

Tattoos/Piercings: Claire has a daith piercing in both ears, two cartilage piercings on her right ear and one on her left, and two in each earlobe. On the inside of her right forearm, running the length of her elbow to her wrist, is a tattoo of a fox - the tip of its nose ends at her wrist, while the tip of its tail just touches the crook of her arm. The inside of her left forearm hosts another tattoo - that of a dagger with an intricately designed hilt. The tip of the blade stops at her wrist, while the handle ends at her elbow.

First Appearances: Claire has long, wavy, dirty-blonde hair with natural highlights - most likely from spending time in the sun, which also explains the subtle tan of her skin.  She’s quick to offer a smile, and can be polite if the situation calls for it, but she doesn’t have a lot of patience for things or conversations she deems uninteresting. Makeup is usually only used around the eyes, if she wears any at all, though she’s no stranger to painting her lips every now and then. Her wardrobe is mostly unpredictable, as she changes styles as often as she changes her mind - she could be found in a simple tunic and pants one day only to be dolled up the next for no particular reason at all.

What To Expect: This really all depends on how she’s approached/what kind of situation she finds herself in.

Where I RP: Discord, Tumblr, & In-Game

LF Contact Maeskia

What I am looking for: Long-term, short-term, romance, hateships, friendships, clashing personalities, storyline, personal growth!

Fandom: World of Warcraft
Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-faction is welcome, though it will probably be done over Discord or Tumblr.
Faction I Play: Horde
Server: Wyrmrest Accord
Venues I Actively Roleplay In: In-game, Discord, Tumblr.

Favorite Type of RP: ALL THE RP! \o/ I’m not too picky! 

Triggers:  Children endangerment, no thank you! OoC communication is key.

Things I Will Not RP: I’m cool with anything (save for animal abuse/child abuse of any form)., I am requesting that any interactions be with players 18+.

RP Strong Points: Enjoy anything dark/twisted/humor/sweet being tossed at me.  I am not offended but a rude/cruel IC toon.  I enjoy them a bit to be honest.  Love deep storylines and able to create them with a partner. Often able to pull in alts or NPC to twist it up some.  Beyond loyal to a rp partner and willing to wait for real life.  I get it happens.  Please just communicate!

RP Weak Points: I am dyslexic. To see a typo can be a huge challenge for me.  I often misplace words as well.  I do try rather hard but sometimes just struggle with seeing the typo.  I am shy at times as well.  I get scared to reach out to someone even if we have rp before.  Once I warm up, I am a dork.  Also a full time mom so my hours are odd because I live around my kids’ needs.


Name: Maeskia Duskwhisper

Nickname: Mae, The lady

Race: Sin’dorei (Blood Elf)

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional): Angelina Jolie

Can CurrentlyBe Found In: Silvermoon or Shattrath City

Would They Be Known:  If they are/where a Scryer, into artifacts,  been to Outlands

Personality:  While Maeskia has a delightful charm to her, something does seem a bit off about her. She is not afraid to play along with the ideas of others even if she does not agree with them.  There is something more, unexplained behind the grin of hers.

Language(s): Thalassian , Human, Demonic, Orcish

Height: 5′9″

Body Type: Slender almost frail

Eye Color: Fel Green, hard to tell what is even behind the brilliant color.

Hair Color: Honeycomb brown

Age: Middle aged adult

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: No scars

Tattoos/Piercings: Runes written in demonic hidden all over her pale flesh.  Not often seen as her clothing covers it

First Appearances: Curious but blunt, quick minded.  Stunning on the eyes  

What To Expect: She adepts how she acts from person to person.  She will mold herself to someone’s.  Except the unexcepted with her.

Where I RP: Primarily in-game around Silvermoon City! I would love to rp all over the game!

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LF Contact - Valissa

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What I am looking for: Long term, short term, friendship, hateship, contracts, work, romance, etc. 

Fandom: World of Warcraft
Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-faction is welcome, though it will probably be done over Discord or Tumblr.
Faction I Play: Horde
Server: Wyrmrest Accord
Venues I Actively Roleplay In: In-game, Discord, Tumblr.

Favorite Type of RP: Anything that has an end-point. No quick paced or skipping ahead. I like things to actually happen with time. Just about anything, honestly.

Triggers: Sexual assault/child abuse.

Things I Will Not RP: I will NOT RP any 18+ themes with minors! This includes, but is not limited to; gore, violence, death, and sexual scenes. I will also not RP any sort of rape/child abuse/child death. It may be mentioned or used to set a scene, but will not be in depth. Ever.

RP Strong Points: I am extremely flexible and nearly always available when needed. I won’t bail out on stories, and I can stomach just about anything. Easy to get in contact with, will try everything once, and yea!

RP Weak Points: I get sidetracked. Easily. Especially if the RP is in Discord. I can also be snappy sometimes due to RL and just not want to RP. Don’t hold it against me.


Name: Lady Valissa Ebonhart

Nickname: Val, Lissa, Lady, She-Demon

Race: Shall we just say Sin’dorei? If you are of dark magic, let me know! 

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional): Barbara Palvin

Can Currently Be Found In: Ebonhart Manor

Would They Be Known: If you knew Sha or Kalranthan. Otherwise, they are rather unknown.

Personality: She is very flirtatious and goofy. She enjoys having a good time and making others smile. Extremely laid back and easy going, but does have a temper that will have the world burning if sparked.

Language(s): Thalassian, Orcish, Common, and many others she has learned over the years

Height: 5′8

Body Type: Slim and lithe

Eye Color: Fel green, gain a hint of purple when using magic.

Hair Color: Ebon black

Age: Unknown, looks to be mid twenties.

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: Nope

Tattoos/Piercings: Couple of piercings in her ears.

First Appearances: Enchanting. She has a near predator like aura to her that she hides behind a blinding smile, charm, and beauty. She is normally donning clothes made of the finest silks that accent her body and curves. She has absolutely no shame in flaunting what she has, and it shows.

What To Expect: It depends on the day. Some days Valissa will be very laid back and easy going, while on other days she will be volatile and temperamental. Due to what she is, her RP can take a very dark turn, though seldom in the company of those she does not trust.

Where I RP: Anywhere and everywhere?

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Contact Info - Badeau

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What I’m Looking For: Work contacts,friendships, hateships, etc.

Fandom: WoW

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-faction is definitely doable.

Faction I Play: Horde.

Server: Wyrmrest Accord but cross server is also accepted.

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: Primarily Discord and Tumblr. I plan on resubbing sometime soon, but not yet.

Favorite Type of RP: Long-term progressive RP, but shorter interactions are also okay. I tend to prefer to write shorter RP on Tumblr.

Triggers: Generally none, though if non-con isn’t discussed OOCly at all and/or ICly as part of a character’s kink, then I won’t RP it. I refuse to deal with something like that being sprung on me or my muse. A backstory discussion is a different matter, and doesn’t need to be cleared with me first, providing it stays reasonably succinct.

Things I Will Not RP: Will not RP any NSFW themes with minors. Ever. Also anything involving explicit concepts or harm concepts involving kids, incest, or bestiality. Not gonna go there.

RP Strong Points: Very flexible, organic type writer. Good communication. Complex established character. I do my best to return the effort that’s given by the person I’m RPing with.

RP Weak Points: I have health issues, and I take care of my mom who has dementia.There will be days where I don’t feel well enough to get on my computer to do things, or days where my mom needs all my attention. If you can work around these factors, then you’re good.

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Book in 2014

I have read 90 books in 2014 with some rereads as well. Here are the books I loved in 2014:

  • Eduardo Galeano/Los hijos de los días
  • Jorge Luis Borges/Aleph and Other Stories
  • Vladimir Nabokov/Pale Fire
  • Alexander Pushkin/The Captain’s Daughter
  • Markus Werner/Am Hang
  • Marisha Pessl/Special Topics in Calamity Physics
  • Miguel de Cervantes/Don Quixote
  • Neil Gaiman/The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  • Art Spiegelman/Maus
  • Alison Bechdel/Fun Hom
  • Antoni Casas Ros/Enigma & Le Theoreme d'Almodovar
  • Margaret Atwood/The Year of the Flood & Life Before Man
  • Rose Tremain/Trespass
  • Alice Munro/Hateship Friendship…. & Too Much Happiness
  • Lydia Millet/My Happy Life
  • Ben Lerner/Leaving the Atocha Station
  • Ben Okri/The Famished Road
  • Bernhard Schlink/Summer Lies
  • Peter Heller/The Dog Stars
  • Roberto Bolano/Amulet
  • Connie Willis/Doomsday Book
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez/Chronicle of a Death Foretold
  • George R.R.Martin/A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons
  • Julien Green/Leviathan
  • Xavier de Maistre/Voyage Around My Room
  • Ian McEwan/Sweet Tooth
  • Stephen Chbosky/The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Joel Dicker/The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
  • George Saunders/The Tenth of December
  • Agatha Christie/Curtain & And They Came to Baghdad
  • Anton Chekhov/Chekhov’s Doctors (Some Short Stories)
  • Marie Sabine Roger/La Tête En Friche
  • Alberto Manguel/The City of Words
  • Fernando Pessoa/The Book of Disquiet
  • Wilhelm Genazino/The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt
  • Luis Sepulveda/The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
  • Stefan Zweig/Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman & Decisive Moments in History
  • Karen Russell/Swamplandia!
  • J.K.Rowling/The Cuckoo’s Calling
  • Stephen King/The Dead Zone & Firestarter
  • Sylvia Plath/The Journals of Sylvia Plath
  • Romain Gary/A Promise at Dawn &The Life Before Us: Madame Rosa
  • Virginia Woolf/Orlando (special thanks to distantheartbeats)
  • Jean Echenoz/Un An
  • Mo Yan/Big Breasts and Wide Heaps
  • Orhan Pamuk/White Castle
  • Sevgi Soysal/Tante Rosa &Yıldırım Bölge Kadınlar Koğuşu
  • Selcuk Baran/Güz Gelmeden
  • Melisa Kesmez/Atları Bağlayın Geceyi Burada Geçireceğiz

The rest of the books I read in 2014 is here.

Books I loved in 2013

So tell me your favorites?