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I have a confession to make to all of you.. I pray you will forgive me but..

I fucking love all your characters and like to picture your characters facing demons and fighting other worldly creatures and just listening to music and thinking about how your characters would save the day.

I also confession to shipping them, and I don’t mean just romantically. I mean friendships, broships, hateships, all of it.

I’m sorry, forgive me everyone.

~Looking for Contact~

What I’m Looking For: Pre-established relationships: friendships, hateships, allies, family, enemies, etc.

Fandom: World of Warcraft

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-Faction accepted

Faction I Play: Alliance

Server: Wyrmrest Accord

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: Discord, Tumblr, In-Game

Favorite Type of RP: Long-term, progressive RP. Though, I’m open to pretty much anything.

Triggers: None.

Things I Will Not RP (IE: NSFW, Torture, Romance, etc.):  Will not RP adult themes with minors.

RP Strong Points: Flexible, communicative, adaptive, plot-driven, understanding.

RP Weak Points: Not very confident with running large-scale events.

IC Information:

Name: Claire Donovan

Race: Human

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional): Amber Heard

Can Currently Be Found: Anywhere, really. She moves around quite a bit, though is staying in Stormwind for the time being.

Would They Be Known : Claire has been one of the many regular performers at the Darkmoon Faire over the past couple years, and would be known there as ‘The Flying Fox of Westfall.’ Most of her acts take place high above the ground and involve incredible acts of agility, flexibility, and coordination - while she uses these skills in other, more lucrative areas of employment, she wouldn’t really be known for anything outside the Faire (yet), unless someone was really looking for her.

Personality: In a word - unpredictable. In a few more words - impulsive, calculating, intelligent, snarky, cunning, sweet (sometimes), conniving, guarded.

Language(s): Common, Orcish, some Thalassian

Height: 5′6″

Body Type: Average height, lithe form, toned muscles.

Eye Color:  Claire has heterochromia - her left eye is royal blue, and her right eye is emerald green.

Hair Color: Dirty blonde

Age: 22

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: The ring finger of her right hand has a faded, jagged scar that runs all the way around - it’s healed, faded, and is a few shades lighter than her normal skin tone. Another scar can be found just under the left side of her collarbone, and has a matching twin just to the left of her spine.

Tattoos/Piercings: Claire has a daith piercing in both ears, two cartilage piercings on her right ear and one on her left, and two in each earlobe. On the inside of her right forearm, running the length of her elbow to her wrist, is a tattoo of a fox - the tip of its nose ends at her wrist, while the tip of its tail just touches the crook of her arm. The inside of her left forearm hosts another tattoo - that of a dagger with an intricately designed hilt. The tip of the blade stops at her wrist, while the handle ends at her elbow.

First Appearances: Claire has long, wavy, dirty-blonde hair with natural highlights - most likely from spending time in the sun, which also explains the subtle tan of her skin.  She’s quick to offer a smile, and can be polite if the situation calls for it, but she doesn’t have a lot of patience for things or conversations she deems uninteresting. Makeup is usually only used around the eyes, if she wears any at all, though she’s no stranger to painting her lips every now and then. Her wardrobe is mostly unpredictable, as she changes styles as often as she changes her mind - she could be found in a simple tunic and pants one day only to be dolled up the next for no particular reason at all.

What To Expect: This really all depends on how she’s approached/what kind of situation she finds herself in.

Where I RP: Discord, Tumblr, & In-Game

what i really want is some deep, plotted relationships. whether it’s expanding on a canonically established relationship, or establishing a relationship with a muse that pyrrha has never met ( including oc’s and crossovers ). tbh i want everything from close friendships, to hateships, to familial relationships. i just really want plotted relationships.

allisiana holt ⁕

What I’m Looking For: Storylines/progression RP in any form - friendships, hateships, romantic ships, etc. Magical roleplay of any kind. Casual. Anything, really!

Fandom: World of Warcraft.

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Sole. Maybe cross-faction via the Kirin Tor but she really has no other reason.

Faction I Play: Alliance.

Server: Wyrmrest Accord.

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: In-game as well as via discord. Tumblr RP isn’t really my thing but I can give it a go if that’s the only option. - Feel free to ask for my usernames.

Favorite Type of RP: Magic, noble, adventure, close friendships, hate ships, romance… I’m trailing here. I like it all.

Triggers: Spiders. Don’t bring that around me. That’s all. Communication is key~

Things I Will Not RP: Circumstances depending. 100% will not RP anything with spiders though.

RP Strong Points: I like to believe I’m a decent writer. I’m always so hyped about RP. Siana has a rich history and a developed personality.

RP Weak Points: My availability can kinda suck sometimes. Often times I enjoy discord RP more than in-game (if not planned), so that can be a problem for some people.

IC Information

Name: Allisiana Holt.

Race: Human.

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional): Caitlin Stasey [ Lady Kenna ]

Originally posted by queen-ofscots

Can Currently Be Found In: Stormwind, Duskwood, any large and/or formal events, or just anywhere! She loves to travel.

Would They Be Known : She’s a cousin to the Holt family, sister to Cedrick Holt. She’s a professional jewel crafter as well as harpist, and she’s also grown up in the Kirin Tor. She’s bubbly and loves to travel, so she could have met anyone most anywhere.

Personality: Curious, outgoing, free-spirited.

Language(s): Common.

Height: 5′3″

Body Type: Lithe.

Eye Color: Hazel.

Hair Color: Brown.

Age: 22.

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: N/A.

Tattoos/Piercings: Ears pierced. 

First Appearances: She wears free flowing gowns adorned with jewels made by her own hand, coupled with those amidst her hair and pieces of jewelry elsewhere as well. She has a little peachick named Emery that follows her around as a familiar, too. Might have an older protective brother an sister in law looming over her. :P

What To Expect: A kind, bubbly young woman. 

Where I RP: Discord, in-game, and on the rare occasion - tumblr.

Looking for Contact - Jasper Quinn

What I’m Looking For: Pre-established relationships: friendships, hateships, allies, family, enemies, etc.

Fandom: World of Warcraft

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Cross-Faction accepted

Faction I Play:  Alliance

Server: Wyrmrest Accord

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: Discord, Tumblr, In-Game

Favorite Type of RP: Long-term, progressive RP. Though, I’m open to pretty much anything, including fights, flings, short term romances, feuds, ect

Triggers: None.

Things I Will Not RP(IE: NSFW, Torture, Romance, etc.):  Will not RP adult themes with minors, everything else fair game

RP Strong Points: Flexible, communicative, adaptive, plot-driven, understanding, paragraph orientated.

RP Weak Points: Lack of drive if RP is slowburn, unable to direct events in game, easily distracted

IC Information:

Name: Jasper Quinn

Race: Human

FC (If Applicable; Picture Optional):  

Can Currently Be Found In: Stormwind City, Booty Bay, Pandaria - basically any port town with a good tavern and beautiful woman.

Would They Be Known: Jasper made his name as a fence of any and all stolen or otherwise ‘hot’ goods. He’s made several dealings with the shadier parts of all towns, and is well known among thieves, pirates, and bandits. SI:7 is aware of him, but he handles mostly petty fence sales, and so he stays under the radar pretty well.

Personality: Charming, funny, easy-going, witty, and a little goofy

Language(s): Common, -some- Orcish

Height: 6′3

Body Type:Muscle gut - thick, muscular body, with a nice layer of fat about his midsection. He has the overall swarthy strength one would imagine from a dock worker

Eye Color:  Bright green

Hair Color: Fiery Red

Age: 27

Notable Scars, Marks, etc: Jasper tries to make a point to avoid confrontation: after all angry clients makes for less coin in his pocket. However, a few things cannot be helped. His most notable scar is a bullet wound in his right shoulder, where it looks to have been a point blank shot. Other than that he mostly has an array of smaller ones about his hands and arms, the usual kind you’d get from a life working with your hands.

Tattoos/Piercings: He’s always played with the idea of getting nautical tattoo’s upon his skin, but hasn’t found an artist he’s trusted yet. So far, his skin is unmarked.

First Appearances: Scruffy. That’s the best word to describe him. The way his untrimmed beard sticks out at odd angles, how his hair always looks disheveled from sleep, and the overall simplicity of his dress leaves many to be, well, unimpressed by this unassuming man. He wears simple clothes, a white linen shirt, a purple vest, and black slacks. The only thing of note that stands out of his appearance is the simple wool cap he wears atop his head. It’s dwarvish in nature, clearly purchased or bartered from Ironforge, and even has a little anchor pin in the bill.

His face is nothing to remember, with no defining features that would stick out, unless someone has never seen a face full of freckles before. They’re everywhere, on his nose, his cheeks, his ears, even down his neck and onto the rest of his body. They compliment the fiery red hair atop his head, which always looks windswept or tussled by sleep, and his beard looks like it barely gets a comb through every other day.

Despite the overtly scruffy-ness of his appearance, there is something oddly charming to it. He’s quick with a laugh and a smile, and never really seems all that out of place with friendly intimacy and sharing personal space.

Maybe overall, that’s the point.

What To Expect: Sharp wit, an easy laugh, and fair company. Regardless of the altercation.

Where I RP: Discord, Tumblr, & In-Game

Relationship call

Please like this if you want to be added to my relationship page and/or you want to develop a relationship/friendship/hateship with my muse with real plot and real emotion.

Liking this is also a permission for me to come and plot something deep and meaningful with you (soonish), even if it’s just a friendship between our muses, if we don’t already have something that is full of emotion. I want real things. Real plots and worlds. I just want to create wonderful things.

Similarly, I want people who are invested in making that happen too and willing to put equal work into plots. I.e I will not be the one stuck writing all the starters and coming up with all the ideas again. I want to write with people who are just as enthusiastic and excited about writing wonderful plots as I am.

Mutuals only please. Sideblogs that I follow, please feel free to reply to this post with a simple x or hit me up!

iniwan replied; can’t wait to get less and the others too in some way lmao oops

whoops i ship less n sei now get fukt.

( but sadly for u, both erik n obe are gay. maybe it could work w/ a fem erik but i doubt it w/ me other boii (( or in tht case gurll )) regardless since its so hard for me to ship w/ obe )

Shipping Call

Hey you! Yes you. The cute one. Do you wanna plot out a ship with Holly and one of your characters? Are you my mutual? Like this and I will come, screaming, into your ask box to talk about romance, friendship, hateships, smutships and etcetera. 


if, for some reason, you are down to go to pound town with this piece of shit, you should like or reblog this post. and i’m not just talking the sexy time ships my dudes, oh no, this is a call for all ships. you got your friendships, your hateships, your sinking ships, man if you want any kind of connection with the dragon’s theon, you should hit up this post. my bros, my kraken wannabes, my homie-o’s. just do the thing. we all know you secretly want to. just give in to the kraken dark side. ( i will tarzan swing into your ims to plot once you do. do you really need more insentive? )

i’m on mobile rn so fancy edits have to lay off for a second but consider this a relationship call . i used the word relationship because i’m honestly looking for any kinda ship. friendship, hateship ( in the sense of literal disliking . not that rivals w/ benefits shit because y'know . my keith is ace ), romantic relationship . anything you can think of , really . just hit that heart and i’ll slither over into your IM .

          hello  ,  it’s  me  .  i’m  popping  up  on  your  dash  to  toss  right  out  of  the  queue  with  a  good  ol’  relationship  call  .  the  requirements  ?  oh  it’s  simple  .  we  must  be  mutuals  and  you  must  be  okay  with  me  bee boppin’  my  way  into  your  im’s  to  discuss  this  .  please  note  ,  however  ,  that  this  is  not  strictly  just  a  romantic  relations  call  .  

             while  romantic  plots  are  always  welcome  ,  (  i  mean  ,  i’m  seriously  trash  for  them  ?  hello  ?  )  ,  this  call  is  also  friendships  ,  hateships  ,  down  right  enemies  ,  anything  !  with  that  being  said  ,  if  you’ve  got  something  in  mind  or  would  really  like  to  see  you  muse  have  interactions  with  josh  just  give  this  post  a  like  and  i’ll  be  sure  to  im  you  shortly  !          

so i plan on finding a ships page that i like and working on that in the next few days. because of this, i’m gonna ask you to like this if you want your character(s) to be included on the page. it doesn’t have to be a romantic ship – it can be a friendship, hateship, etc. 

accordingly: if we don’t ship and you want to, this is permission to come into my ims and we can talk about a relationship between your character(s) and roman.

shipping call!

like or reblog if you’re interested in me rolling into your ims to plot a ship between our muses. doesn’t have to be a romantic ship! alpha is looking for all kinds of connections! hateships, enemies, friendships, romantic ships too. i would like more connections and interactions tbh.

Book in 2014

I have read 90 books in 2014 with some rereads as well. Here are the books I loved in 2014:

  • Eduardo Galeano/Los hijos de los días
  • Jorge Luis Borges/Aleph and Other Stories
  • Vladimir Nabokov/Pale Fire
  • Alexander Pushkin/The Captain’s Daughter
  • Markus Werner/Am Hang
  • Marisha Pessl/Special Topics in Calamity Physics
  • Miguel de Cervantes/Don Quixote
  • Neil Gaiman/The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  • Art Spiegelman/Maus
  • Alison Bechdel/Fun Hom
  • Antoni Casas Ros/Enigma & Le Theoreme d'Almodovar
  • Margaret Atwood/The Year of the Flood & Life Before Man
  • Rose Tremain/Trespass
  • Alice Munro/Hateship Friendship…. & Too Much Happiness
  • Lydia Millet/My Happy Life
  • Ben Lerner/Leaving the Atocha Station
  • Ben Okri/The Famished Road
  • Bernhard Schlink/Summer Lies
  • Peter Heller/The Dog Stars
  • Roberto Bolano/Amulet
  • Connie Willis/Doomsday Book
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez/Chronicle of a Death Foretold
  • George R.R.Martin/A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons
  • Julien Green/Leviathan
  • Xavier de Maistre/Voyage Around My Room
  • Ian McEwan/Sweet Tooth
  • Stephen Chbosky/The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Joel Dicker/The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
  • George Saunders/The Tenth of December
  • Agatha Christie/Curtain & And They Came to Baghdad
  • Anton Chekhov/Chekhov’s Doctors (Some Short Stories)
  • Marie Sabine Roger/La Tête En Friche
  • Alberto Manguel/The City of Words
  • Fernando Pessoa/The Book of Disquiet
  • Wilhelm Genazino/The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt
  • Luis Sepulveda/The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
  • Stefan Zweig/Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman & Decisive Moments in History
  • Karen Russell/Swamplandia!
  • J.K.Rowling/The Cuckoo’s Calling
  • Stephen King/The Dead Zone & Firestarter
  • Sylvia Plath/The Journals of Sylvia Plath
  • Romain Gary/A Promise at Dawn &The Life Before Us: Madame Rosa
  • Virginia Woolf/Orlando (special thanks to distantheartbeats)
  • Jean Echenoz/Un An
  • Mo Yan/Big Breasts and Wide Heaps
  • Orhan Pamuk/White Castle
  • Sevgi Soysal/Tante Rosa &Yıldırım Bölge Kadınlar Koğuşu
  • Selcuk Baran/Güz Gelmeden
  • Melisa Kesmez/Atları Bağlayın Geceyi Burada Geçireceğiz

The rest of the books I read in 2014 is here.

Books I loved in 2013

So tell me your favorites?

{Just a lil tag dump for other characters, friendships and hateships!}