another thing i remembered from the show there was like a group of girls from ohio that probably went to every one of their shows in europe and they were pretty determined to make it clear that they were from the USA and they were AMERICAN and during the show of the supporting act (they were an american band) they started chanting USA USA and everyone was like dead silent and like wtf is wrong with you hahahah no wonder there are so many people who hate america i witnessed the prime example why

I hate studio deen i hate anime

america is standing behind germany, yet americas hand is THE SAME SIZE as germanys head

everyone is pink. dangerously pink


germanys body is almost straight-forward, yet hes supposed to be looking right behind him, what kind of owl bullshit

what is that black shit on their cheeks and why does america only have one

$10 to whomever can find the light source for this 


My mom's bitching at me because I keep talking shit about "the greatest country on earth"

So it’s story time:
For history class, I had to draw a picture about the creation of Israel. I drew a little Muslim girl giving a soilder a flower, with broken buildings in the background. This led to me telling my mom about why I’m so against American Sniper, and soon after 50 Shades of Grey, followed to the protest in Baltimore and all the recent police killings of innocent people.
And then I went back to Israel, saying that I’m not racist towards Jews or any other religious groups or races, but that I don’t think it’s right that America supports killing innocent people and being super racist towards Muslims because of a few terrorist groups.
My mom freaked out because of that, saying “all you do is talk shit about america, like it’s a fucking 3rd world country. It’s the best country in the world and you should be fucking proud to live here. I’m married to a man that served 8 years in the army defending this country, and your gonna talk about how its so horrible and racist, sexist, and shitty. Then get the hell out and go to another country!”
To which I calmly responded. “Yes, what a great country it is, built on the backs of minorities, racism, and slavery. Where every other week someone is killed for their race or religion, where Muslims are hated and no one seems to care, where heterosexual abuse is more acceptable then gay love, where the schools teach us war zone tactics to survive if someone snaps and decides to bring a gun to school again, where transgender and queer people are killed everyday without anyone trying to stop it, where racism isn’t only common but premoted. Ah yes, aren’t I glad to live here.”
She then told me I have to stop going on social media because it’s “warping my mind” and that if it wasn’t for it I’d be “normal”; that I’d love America and be a normal girl and still be Christian and be straight and not so fucking weird.
I’m ready to run the fuck away and find a way to Toronto. I hate it here so much. Not only am I made fun of for being trans, buddhist, and liking girls as well as boys, but I have to deal with people being perfectly fine with black people, Muslims, lgbt members, and other minorities being slaughtered as well as my own parents being victim of what I call the “American Syndrome” where they have been brainwashed to believe they live in the greatest country on earth.

Whedon didn’t ignore anything in Cap 2. Nat said she wanted to make choices of her own and figure out what she wants. That includes Bruce. There’s nothing wrong wanting that. I don’t thinks she wants/needs a relationship but she has feelings for Bruce, no one else. It’s not like she going, “Maybe I want to be in a relationship. There’s Bruce, surely he’ll go out with me.”

They’ve known each other for three years, that’s long enough to develop feelings for someone. The Russo Brothers are not going to ignore this. You want the next movie be like nothing ever happen? No seriously, that wouldn’t make sense and then things would really be screwed up. So give me and everyone else a favor,

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Unpopular opinion:

Aou was actually done very well and I really, really enjoyed it. While there could’ve been better scenes and characterization, it was still pretty good and I genuinely had a good time watching it. And brutasha was hella cute.