hates it so much

tumblr acting like kylo ren’s story is as simple as boohoo mom and dad ignored me so i lash out by throwing tantrums and killing people

do you realize that this is what’s happening in the world today? young kids are being used by terrorists. snoke started on kylo when he was young and vulnerable. emphasis on young and vulnerable. and feeling abandoned by his parents. this is literally what is happening in the world right now. terrorists target the children because they’re not set in their ways and if they start them young, these kids grow old with their foundations as whatever the predators want them to be. whatever they need to be able to use the kids for their twisted causes.

this is the exact same reason why kylo ren thinks what he’s doing is right

am i saying he’s not accountable? no. but do i want to see his character be further developed and explored? to see his character rise above the manipulations of snoke on him as a kid? fuck yes

story-wise that is why he is fucking compelling to me as a character especially with current events and yall reduce him to a whiny ass boy that you all think of as a bad villain

you’re fucking right. he is a “bad” villain. and to those who want an iredeemable villain in star wars he’s not your guy. he is a “bad” villain because he has always been conflicted by the pull to the light. he is conflicted when he does the things he thinks are right (right = evil). like come on that is literally the first movie

and i don’t understand why some people were so confused when rian johnson said he and rey are sort of dual protagonists. like??? are you paying attention? KYLO REN IS NOT THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. rey, actual protagonist, went through the same shit and it only made her kind you say. well don’t you see kylo ren is just the other side of rey? with snoke lurking on the side to ensure ben solo stays dead inside?

this makes me so fucking angry tbh. i’m tired of seeing posts about how people who like kylo ren as a character are apologists and pro this and that shit and oh yeah blame it on the absentee parents boohoo. it’s such a one-sided view of kylo’s story.  he is a victim AND he is accountable for the shit he’s done. it can both exist on a character??? and it’s not even a subtext on the movie. it’s so explicit that some people are just being too selectively blind to see it for whatever reason.

i literally have no idea how he’s gonna redeem himself especially after killing his father. i really don’t know. but those kids recruited by terrorist groups that have killed people in the name of their cause and want to quit and remove themselves from the evil organizations they once swore allegiance to… do i not want to see them renounce the false and evil beliefs and get back into the light? even if they never fully redeem themselves, isn’t it a good thing if they try? isn’t it a good thing for them to start choosing the good? that kylo ren’s redemption is a good fucking message to say that it’s not too late for everyone? that you can’t undo the past mistakes but you can do something about the present and the future? i’m not talking about kylo ren turning into a saint. but just the mere fact that these lost and fallen ones stand back up and find their way to the right and good again… isn’t that what we should want? i literally don’t understand why this redemption arc is such a bad thing for some people. like who are we to say who can and cannot at least try to redeem themselves?

Voltron training headcanons for the soul

  • listen there has to be some kind of workout routine before they get to actual training w their bayards
  • shiro usually has them run laps or jump rope for warm up and then the workout is more crossfit-ish w some other stuff mixed in
  • shiro ALWAYS plays olivia newton-john’s “physical” (1981) and it’s super bass boosted and everyone hates it so so much
  • one day they’re lifting weights and shiro leaves to use the bathroom or smth and he comes back to find hunk bench pressing lance
  • he has to stop pidge from climbing on top of lance so he could bench press her while hunk bench presses him
  • it’s lance’s goal to burp everytime they jump up during burpees and one time he threw up
  • shiro: okay guys we’re doing suicide runs
  • pidge: shiro i will commit suicide if we do these
  • keith doesn’t know how to properly wrap his hands when they punch the bags so lance does it for him
  • he loves it bc that boy is so gay and omg his hands are touching mine oh man he’s so focused
  • however, after one particularly grueling workout, keith is all nauseous and shit and all he can think is “don’t throw up on lance don’t throw up on lance don’t throw up on lance oh god he’s so cute”
  • he kept it down until lance finished and then he ran over to the bin and hurled up breakfast
  • lance: oh shit did i really smell that bad
  • keith, internally: hey god. it’s me, keith. what are you doing to me?
  • hunk is the BEST at speed bags. he can keep a fast af rhythm for so fucking long it’s crazy
  • sometimes the other paladins just stop and watch him go at it
  • they find a box for pidge to stand on bc the speed bags are too tall for her
  • when they get to sparring they’re usually tired and tap out a bit too soon and shiro goes “WOULD ZARKON GIVE U A BREAK?????”
  • lance to shiro: why don’t you ever work out with us?????
  • shiro: don’t need to. see these muscles? these are from the emotional baggage i carry me every day
  • lance: what?
  • shiro: haha i have my own workout routine :^)

A Gillian love PSA

As this thing gets kicked off and we all gear up for the barrage of pics and updates, can we please please remember to keep it kind and focused on how lovely Gillian is and not throw shit and be cruel? I think we owe it to this beautiful creature we adore to give her the respect she deserves and honor her by not making her private life fodder for debate and ugliness. Let’s just ooh and ahh over her *jumpsuit* and makeup and face!

do you ever look at something you made and hate it so goddam much