hates charlie and the chocolate factory

Johnny Depp stealing roles from Michael Jackson: a brief history

Michael Jackson: The character of Edward Scissorhands speaks to me so much. I hope I get the role!

Johnny Depp: 

15 years later…

Michael Jackson: I loved the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie and I would love to play such an iconic character.

Johnny Depp:

@bowieakajohn @davidbowiebride I shit you not, he wanted those roles! lol

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is the film that managed to endear an unapologetic child predator to generations of moviegoers. Given the paradoxically creepy nature of Roald Dahl, the world-famous children’s author who penned the source novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s perhaps not that surprising that Dahl hated the movie for not being dark enough.

Dahl was at odds with the film from the very beginning. He had no respect for director Mel Stuart, insisting the man had “no talent or flair whatsoever,” and he hated the film’s numerous “trashy” musical numbers (even though they all celebrate the ironic murder of children, which, as any fan of Dahl knows, was his favorite subject).

But Dahl was particularly upset about the Oompa Loompas. In his novel, the Oompa Loompas were African pygmies, working in perpetual servitude to make candy for their wealthy Anglican benefactor. Dahl saw absolutely no problem with this, but the NAACP disagreed, so the film transformed the Oompa Loompas into a platoon of creepy, orange-skinned little people of indeterminate race. Dahl eventually agreed that changing the Oompa Loompas to avoid offending the African-American community was probably for the best, and subsequent versions of the book also reflected that change, although he did describe the NAACP’s demand as “real Nazi stuff,” because we’re pretty sure Dahl was fucking crazy.

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i hate willy wonka and the chocolate factory its literally the scariest movie and alice in wonderland follows a close second. actually not that close. willy wonka and chocolate factory is like way out ahead in scariest movies of all time. i havent seen the one with johnny depp tho and im not PLANNING TO