Hey there sexy person, you probably want to know what the Tumblr Trash Association is, right?

Here’s what it’s not:
•A place for haters
•A place that discriminates
•A place for normal people
•A place where you don’t feel welcomed

It’s a new thing that I thought of.

•It focuses on stupid memes, YouTubers and various bands

•Anyone is welcomed, I don’t care who you are ; what race, gender , sexuality

•Some posts may include(but not limited to)
•Dan and Phil
•Fantastic Foursome

Spread the word❤ /p>

The BLM movement reminds me of third wave feminism in the way that it has evolved to being associated with hate, and when you don’t agree with the movement even though you want equality, you’re automatically called racist or a woman hater.
For example a BLM group from my city decided to go into a fancy restaurant and Apple Store and just yell at customers. What does that have to do with equality? It’s just like the feminists who “protest” by fucking up people’s shit. And just like feminism, not all BLM supporters are obnoxious like that.
I support equality, not hate.

And before I get messages from random people saying I’m racist and/or sexist, you must know this: you don’t know shit about me and what I’ve been through. I don’t know shit about you and what you’ve been through.