haters gonna hate

“The age difference between the actors is too much, she’s just a girl and he is an old man”

Vision was totally abusive and manipulative with Wanda, they relationship is so toxic”

“She is a woman with the world ahead and he’s just a robot, a machine. How can you ship them?”

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Alt-Right Group Takes Credit for ‘The Last Jedi’ Backlash, Bashes ‘Star Wars’ For Including More Women
A group called Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys is claiming responsibility for the film's low Rotten Tomatoes audience score.
By Zack Sharf

Quote from the alt-right group’s moderator on why they don’t like The Last Jedi: “I’m sick and tired of men being portrayed as idiots. There was a time we ruled society and I want to see that again.”

Of course you do, little muffin.

Kylo tortured Rey???

Why do haters still keep saying that he tortured Rey? I watched TFA more times than I can remember, and TLJ at least 3 times and I don’t recall him ever torturing Rey?

Unless they’re referring to the interrogation scene? Poe’s interrogation scene is supposed to demonstrate that that’s what Kylo Ren torturing someone would look like. Rey’s interrogation was the exact opposite.

Rey’s interrogation setting:

  • Visibly unharmed
  • Spacious chamber
  • Well lit
  • NO torture or interrogator droid in the room
  • Canon novelization - Kylo releases her restraints
  • Canon novelization - Kylo says he takes no pleasure in doing this but that he’ll be as gentle as possible in extracting the info from her mind (on the other hand, it seemed he took pleasure using the Force on Poe)
  • Says “you’re my guest” in response to “where am I?” I mean, not the right answer Kylo, but ok
  • A bit creepy but he was literally crouching on his haunches for who knows how long, just staring at her, waiting for her to wake up on her own. Or.. to make sure no one touches her?? Or idk, maybe he just doesn’t see much girls out of FO uniform.
  • Rey pushing her face forward with a defiant fuck-you expression like “bitch you thot”

Poe’s interrogation setting:

  • Visibly harmed with bruises and blood
  • He’s barely conscious after all the torture and beating he endured before Kylo Ren finally decided it was his turn to do him
  • Very small chamber
  • Dark and intimidating (were they saving electricity?)
  • There IS a torture droid beside Kylo Ren in the corner (hard to see because it’s dark)
  • Sarcastically asks, “Comfortable?” when Poe clearly is not and answers “Not really.” Oh, Kylo, you’re such a tease!
  • Goes out of his way to use the Force to also slam Poe’s head against the metal head rest. Even though this guy has already been through enough torture and is probably already deadass tired of resisting.
  • Then uses the Force to drag Poe’s face forward (even though Kylo just slammed him back 10 seconds ago)
  • Asks “Where is it?” He bragged to Rey about how he could take anything he wanted. Because he could use the Force (and he didn’t know Rey was a Force user yet). So he could have just ripped the info from Poe’s mind. Instead, he prolongs the torture because he wants Poe to give it to him instead of Kylo just taking it. And he knows Poe will resist and not give up. So he keeps asking Poe where the map is even though Kylo can use the Force to just quickly extract the info. He wants Poe to suffer though, as well as feel the defeat at having given in.
  • Poe screaming in agony and looking like he’s about to have an aneurysm before the scene abruptly cuts to Kylo Ren walking away successfully

The director had these two scenes set up to be parallels of each other. The purpose is to show how, when Kylo Ren wants to torture someone and inflict pain on them, here is what that would look like. Exhibit A: Poe. Next, here is a scene that shows Kylo Ren in the same setting but behaving completely different from the previous scenario. Exhibit B: Rey.

Finally, having your mind touched is not meant to be a nice feeling. Even if it is done by a Jedi. If you’re weak-willed, you wouldn’t even notice it unless the Force user wanted you to. Kylo Ren is a villain (also half of the protagonist, as Rian Johnson said). Kylo Ren is a villain who can use the Force. He is not going to be the kind of villain that bribes the protagonist with tea and biscuits to get him/her to spill the truth. He is not going to play good cop/bad cop either. What was he supposed to do with or without using the Force? Threaten to chop her buns off? Starve a girl who already knows starvation? Threaten her non-existent family (cries)? He’s a villain with Force powers. He is going to use the Force because this is Star Wars. And actively using the Force on someone’s mind is never a lovely feeling, be it by a Jedi, Sith, or whatever.

If he truly wanted to torture her, he would have let the torture droids do it first and then himself. Just like what happened with Poe. They did not design and model a torture droid to put it ONLY in Poe’s interrogation scene for no reason.

And also like, I’m sorry Kylo Ren was doing his job and being a villain??? Sorry he couldn’t be a nicer villain???