haters on the internet

If you have sent this blogger anon hate

Consider this your response:

When you send me hate behind a mask, you force me to shout out the answer – to post your negativity for the world to see – you make the world a little grayer.
Constructive criticism comes from a place of caring and isn’t done behind a mask. I know what you said was meant to wound me. Perhaps because you’re wounded in some way? So, instead of a response that’s about me, let’s talk about the heart of the issue:

- Perhaps you are feeling unheard or overlooked despite your hard work?
- Perhaps you are feeling miserable and misery hates being alone?
- Perhaps you are lonely and reaching out to the world?

I truly don’t know your motives, but I don’t believe you are evil.

So, today you’ve spread some of your hate and I encourage you to take some time to spread twice as much love – the world needs it twice as much.

As for what you said to me,
I am hitting


I have seen so much anon hate this week. I wanted to make something that people could use to respond to the internet bullying without having to exert too much to defend themselves or respond directly to the accusations (as the accusations are usually not very well-founded and the issue tends to lie with the person spreading the hate). If you feel inspired to make one or these anon/hate responses, I encourage you to do so. Let’s work together to take away the voice of internet bullies.

On the risk of sounding like a grandma....

When the ever-loving fuck did we start calling trolls “antis”…?

Back in my day - yeah I already gave up on not sounding old - we called them what they were. Trolls.

People who live to spite and provoke others. People who spread unnecessary hatred on stuff they could very easily just avoid but instead they seek it out and have to loudly proclaim that they hate it and that you are inherently wrong and awful for liking it.

Then the internet started calling them haters and with a careless “Haters gonna hate”, the troll were shrugged off and ignored.

I liked the term haters. It was quite fitting.

So when exactly did we move on to antis…? Not to mention, it is a horribly misleading term, I think.

I am against a lot of stuff to. Anti, then. But unless it’s brought up in conversation and a discussion of it arises, I keep my dislike where it belongs. In my mind. Because really what good does it do you EXACTLY to pulicly hate on something that someone else likes? Does it make you feel better about yourself and the things you do like…? Do you not have enough of an own fulfilled life so you need to go to people who like something and explain to them why they shouldn’t?

And I just feel like the term “anti” is so… polite and mild. Why? Have we now reached the level of political correctness that we have to use nice terms with the people throwing anything but nice terms around when talking about things we enjoy…?

That just seems inherently wrong to me. Can we go back to trolls? Or at the very least haters?

With the recent Klance debacle, it’s time something be said about fandoms.

Voltron, Avatar/Korra, Pokemon, Steven Universe, RWBY, the list goes on for days and days.

The names may change but the fandoms stay the same, going through the same cycles. They always start out so well yet as the show’s story progresses and more fans gather, divisions begin to form with what the show is doing right or doing wrong.

Shippers invested in a pairing clash with other shippers of another pairing, so called critics get on their high horse to declare a plot point as irredeemable whether it will lead to something better in the future or not and discourse runs rampant.

I wish I could crack jokes along the lines of, “Remember when fandom drama was never even a concept” except that is was and always will be. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle couldn’t kill off Sherlock without getting a boat-load of grief in the process.

It’s only thanks to the world wide web that these extreme cases not only are report to the public at large… but also allow for these fanatics to carry out even worse acts than before. Social Media is sadly a double edged sword.

I myself do not condone it and will call bullshit out on the ground of being, well, bullshit. However, I have long given up the hope for a truly peaceful fandom. Humans are small, panicky creature that can be far too opinionated for their own good and too many take it to greater heights.

The nature of fandoms themselves is one that can never truly be altered and to expect everybody to change is a mere dream. With how vast and reaching they all can be, not everybody will be able to hear you say, “Hey, cut the shit, ass!”

Even then, not everybody’s going to listen. Some will rebel and fling back, “Fuck you, I’ll do what I want,” because they cling to the anonymity the web gives. Trolls will trolls, haters will hate and the internet as a whole exacerbates this to no end.

So what do we do? What can we do?

Well, I try to follow Uncle Iroh’s advice. I try to find the light in the dark no matter how overwhelming it may be. I try to find the fans who see through the bullshit and deal with the discourse accordingly, find the fans who create fanart for fun, fans who actually want to enjoy the show they came to watch. I know they exist.

I find them and cling on for dear life, making sure that the dark side of the fandom doesn’t define my perceptions or drive me away from what I enjoy. They don’t get to decide what I can and can’t like. Nobody except for me.

I realize that not everybody can overcome their anxieties, especially younger fans who are just getting into social media. They should not have to fight for having a good time and find a place where they can try to feel safe.

I’m not shaming anybody for avoiding the fandoms of Steven Universe or Voltron like the plague. Even if the recent debacle had been perpetrated by a lone troll for his/her sick kicks, that doesn’t erase the minefield of discourse that will definitely take the wind out of your sails from how dumb and/or how hateful.

But for all the bullshit and all the discourse, I wouldn’t trade fandoms for the world. Everytime it feels like it’s not worth it, I find people coming out to prove those thoughts wrong. People like @takashi0 and @coonfootproductions along with their friends who endeavor to make that happen.

I’m not giving up. I can never allow myself…

Dear Readers!

Regarding the last night when we had recaived very nasty thing, we’ve made a decision that since now anons and submissions will be discard for an indefinite period.

Because last time we’ve been dealing with some little wave of hate, we thought that closing of askbox will be a very good solution for some time. Our main moderator, Cass, has been threatening not once and it literally pissed me off, because not knowing us someone was trying to spread shit about my girlfriend. And I won’t let it to happen. Of course, we have left you a way to contact with us, namely DMs and asks, so if you want to drop a request or just to talk to some of us, feel free to do so :)

And to the person who has submitted that creepy shit to us last night: watch out ‘cuz we are on our way to find your funky ass :*

~ Beast

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#YouLookDisgusting Blogger Em Ford Responds To Internet Haters: ‘Perfection Isn’t Real’

The Internet can be a very cruel place, especially when you’re revealing a side that’s rarely seen. Beauty blogger Em Ford experienced this first-hand after posting photos of herself without makeup on Instagram. The harsh reactions to Ford’s bare face inspired her to produce a video that highlights the online abuse and harassment women are subjected to for not looking “flawless." 

Watch the full video for more honest and raw accounts that will teach Internet haters a lesson or two and change society’s perception of what it means to be beautiful.

Reasons I can’t take Taylor Swift haters seriously

Case #1

Taylor: Donates money to a cause, talks about it

Internet: Why would you say you gave money, you just want attention, you’re just bragging

Taylor: Supports Kesha and donates money, doesn’t talk about it

Internet: It’s your responsibility as a public figure and a self called ‘feminist’ to bring awareness to causes like sexual harassment!

Taylor: Goes on trial to fight sexual harassment, sues for a mere symbolic dollar, makes it public enough that she can bring awareness without making it all about her, because she knows (and states) that she’s lucky enough to have the platform and money to do it whereas others may not donates money to foundation and pledges to donate more

Internet: Again with the attention grabbing! I bet she’s lying, she just wants attention and money!

Case #2

“A Better Man”, performed by Little Big Town, comes out

Internet: This is so powerful, she’s so brave for leaving him, it takes such courage!

Written by: Taylor Swift

Internet: What a shitty song, of course she’s whining about an ex again, she just needs to stop!

Case #3

Katy Perry: Is actually legit problematic (has mocked people with mental illnesses, has appropriated Japanese, Egyptian and African American cultures in music videos, has made anti-Semitic comments) though it barely ever gets acknowledged?

Katy Perry: Claims she wants the feud to be over with but always keep bringing it back up?

Katy Perry: Actually did something that would pretty well nearly or entirely sabotage part of any other artist’s tour?

Katy Perry: Has made numerous digs at Taylor in public situations cause she thrives on the hate, even though Taylor has never really mentioned her since the song was released?

Internet: Taylor was so mean to Katy, she ganged up on her and bullied her and she needs to stop!

Case #4

Kanye West: Actually started this whole mess?

Kanye West: Brings it back up at opportune times every single time (aka when he has an album to sell)?

Kanye West: Had a crowd of people chant hateful shit about Taylor?

Kanye West: Got her approval on a set of lyrics, because she wanted to get it all over with, and went ahead and changed some of those lyrics afterward to have better digs, accused her of lying when she said she didn’t agree to those lyrics, got his wife to release a recording proving the lyrics agreed to and the lyrics used had differences?

Internet: Why does she keep bringing this back up, she’s the worst, what a snake!

In conclusion

It’s all bullshit

She can never win no matter what she does

She will keep living her life, selling millions of albums and performing to sold out crowds

And the internet will apparently keep ragging on her for everything because she’s too much of something and not enough of everything, and they’re too busy hating on her and trying to ruin her career (meanwhile yay Johnny Depp has visited another hospital dressed as Jack Sparrow he’s such a *good* guy, there’s no way he could have beat up his ex wife!)

Fuck it all

C o r r i n  J o i n s  S m a s h (Feb. 03)