haters gone hate

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People who say Bill can't act obviously didn't see what he did on Hemlock Grove. A very shitty script but he pwned that shit every single episode. The reason the show even bothered to have 3 seasons is the fans going crazy over Bill. Just like his brother Alex as Eric Northman in True Blood. He was the perfect choice for Pennywise and whoever thinks otherwise needs to have their eyes and ears examine thoroughly.

Oooooo! Tell Em Againnnnn!!!!!!!!! 💯💯💯👏🏽👏🏽

Responding to "I hate you" / Being Back-stabbed
  • Aries: Suck my dick you fucking soggy nappy *starts yelling*
  • Taurus: *shrugs* *sips drink*
  • Gemini: *laughs* *gives you the middle finger* I DON'T FUCK WITH YOUUUU
  • Cancer: *gets upset* fuck you
  • Leo: Yeah, I know, probably cause I'm better than you
  • Virgo: *glares* you're gonna need me one day WITCH
  • Libra: *flips hair* *struts away from ha8rs*
  • Scorpio: wow, fake hoe *pushes them and leaves*
  • Sagittarius: *walks away laughing bc haters are dumb*
  • Capricorn: wow that hurt but wow you're an ass
  • Aquarius: *gives no fucks* *finds new friends*
  • Pisces: *huffs* I WILL FIND BETTER FRIENDS

Haters gone hate! 👋🏻

Jokes aside I get negative comments from time to time. Not too many but I still do. Honestly, sometimes they do get under my skin and hurt my feelings. But when you take a step back and realize how sad a person must be on the inside to waste their time spreading hate you realize it’s nothing against you, it’s everything to do with their inner demons!

It’s okay to feel hurt, it’s okay to feel mad! Just rise above it and know you are better than them.