Have some .hack AU doodles. I should get on designing the rest of the crew soon but you know me and my character bias

I can’t believe I’ve grown so attached to the idea of Komui liking birds.


And…. post #2. Occasionally I was given the opportunity to do a bunch of rough poses for the same scene. Although I enjoyed all the different parts of doing pose work on Wander, these were some of my absolute favorite assignments because of the acting involved and the limited amount of movement. Hats off to Boulder Media for taking these roughs and making the come to life beautifully! You guys are awesome!

SNK spoilers, ch 78

This time I’m literally…

Reiner! My precious child is aliiiive! And successfully heals!

And my lovely son Bertholdt is finally here too! Oh, God! He could have shift and just kill everyone, but he didn’t! Moreover he tried to speak with Armin, who proved himself as the most wise and intelligent person of AOT once again! But then Mikasa showed up and ruined everything…

I knew that was to good to be true T_T
And now everyone hates him for kissing her in the face with his boot.
But, hey! Bert could have try to kill her (like she did that to him), he had all chances to do so, but he didn’t. And that kick was pretty fair, she’s just fucking cut his ear off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What did you expect from him? Or he was supposed to just let her kill him? This is ridiculous!

I’m not gonna blame her, or call her stupid. From her point of view that was a right decision. But her actions are gonna have some serious consequences. She provoked him to shift and turn into a Bertbomb, and somebody is probably gonna die because of it.

And WOW, Armin is rumored to decide to switch sides? That’s unexpectedly and f*cking interesting! Armin is the most wise and clever character of AOT, and I truly believe that if he’s gonna do that, it will be the right thing to do. Even if it’s gonna cost him his friendship with Eren…

Besides, I’d really like to see Reiner’s and Bert’s village. Maybe this is the place where we can finally get the answers. And maybe Armin, not Eren, is gonna be the one who will find them. At least I hope so, Armin is the only one who thinks before doing smth. 

As for Bertholdt… I love you, Bert, you’re my precious baby. You’re my cute sweaty son, sweet cinnamon roll who was forced to do a lot of shit. And though you have never been my fav, I have a lot of sympathy towards you. As I’ve already said in one of my previous posts, I’m not gonna hate you or Reiner and I’m not gonna judge you until we know the whole truth, your story.

As for the RBA’s haters….

Suck it! They are still aliiive ~

So… I’m pretty satisfied with it. Everyone is still alive, and I think I can live with that another month ^_^