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Just an odd idea I had while at work

You cannot tell me that in all the various planets and galaxies and star systems that Wander wouldn’t have been worshipped as a God on a few of those planets.

Just the idea of Lord Hater running into a giant Wander-Buddha statue and becoming paralyzed with anger just seemed funny to me

I think my Lord Hater is getting worse -_-

Good Writing= Characters people can’t stop talking about

I used to watch Supergirl rarely ,fast forward through a lot of it & I used to get bored of it & move onto other shows. I never cared much for James or Lena, like I wouldn’t have cared at all if any of those relationships were canon. But Karamel all of a sudden pushed Supergirl to the top of my list of shows that I look forward to and people who don’t like the dynamic, can’t stop talking about it. They are obsessed with him & can’t stop complaining. Something about Supergirl, good or bad, is trending worldwide every week on twitter. I mean, I was annoyed by it at first but can you see what CW did here? They created such an interesting character that you can love him, you can hate him but you definitely cannot ignore him! The hate is good, because as long as people have passionate reactions, he’s going to be on the show and the way the audience responds to him  only ensures that he’s in here for the lang haul!

You know what’s a bad relationship/character for a TV show? One that no one talks about. That’s why characters are made imperfect & relationships have drama! So in a way all hose obsessed haters are good for Mon-El because Chris will be on the show as long as people respond to his character with passion.

What i think Wander Over Yonder´s Third Season was gonna be

This is speculation based on several indicators season 2 had about where the show was gonna go. We all know the endgame for the REAL series finale was hater becoming a good guy and wanders friend.But thats just one part on what might have been a great season of character study.Granted,all i say here is what i think and not confirmed at all so dont take this as fact,just as ideas.

Also,spoilers for EVERYTHING wander over yonder related.You´ve been warned.

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Haters also think they're not really married and it's all for show/Total Divas. They actually thought Dean's wedding ring tattoo was drawn on and that Renee when out and got her heart tattoo on her finger after his was shown on TV. To like play up the marriage. WTF is wrong with these people?

Obviously, how to say, “Hey Jon, let’s get married for fake! Why? For fun!”
And so the license is fake, fake rings, drawn tattoos… Yeah, all a complotistic theory. The haters will save the world from the lies of the nasty Renee Young!!

Now they have to explain … they have found licenses, certificates, documents … they also knew who and where they got married! And then they say it’s a fake wedding … they contradict themselves. Drawn tattoo.. if it was true, you would notice the difference in design (that is not there). In my opinion, the only thing drawn is the haters’s brain 😂
As I have said, they have a strange conception of Dean and Renee … They have all this fantasy: write a book and become famous, instead of inventing theories of conspiracy.

Alex and Craig's thoughts on Backstories and Headcanons
  • Craig McCracken: I'm kinda hesitant to tell a backstory on Wander. Though maybe I could for Sylvia a little, and also Peepers and Lord Hater as we got big ideas to explore on them in case Season 3 is greenlited. But I think the strengths of these characters are your interpretations of their backstory theories that are fun and interesting to explore. They are left for open-ended possibilities.
  • Alex Hirsch: Prepare to have your backstories and headcanons of Stanford and Stanley Pines CANNONED!
Season 3 Theories/Speculation

A New Galaxy

Well, the Galaxy has sprung back to life, and every planet in it has been completely made over. And that means tons of new settings, creatures and characters to explore! The creative potential for a post-apocalyptic jungle Galaxy is incredible, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. 


When we last saw Hater, the inhabitants of the Galaxy were pretty much hailing him as a hero. And I doubt that’ll go away that easily. I think that the inhabitants of the Galaxy will CONTINUE treating him as a hero rather than as a villain. And while Hater will probably be overjoyed at all the admiration, I think that he’ll be conflicted over this, unsure of whether he should be a hero or a villain. (Peepers, will of course, insist that he be a villain.) 

And then of course, we have his backstory. The main four will probably come across Hater’s original space pod at some point and I imagine that Hater discovering or revisiting his history will somehow further complicate his internal conflict. 


 For most of this season, Dominator has been a much better villain than she has been a character. Up until “My Fair Hatey”, she was less defined by her personality and more defined by the threat she poses and the impact she creates. She’s basically an unseen force, altering the status quo and pushing our characters out of their comfort zones. It’s not until “The Night Out”, that we get an in-depth look at her as a character. 

What “The Night Out” did was strip her of her powers an her army for the night. With those out of the way, we could focus on her character rather than the threat she posed. “The End Of The Galaxy” did something similar. Towards the end, she was trapped and stripped of her powers. And it was in these few moments where her loneliness and denial surfaced. We learned more about her character in those short minutes than we did in the entire first two chunks of the season. 

So, what about Season 3? Let’s think about this for a second. In “The End Of The Galaxy”, she is stripped of all her powers and her army, PERMANENTLY. In other words, she is no longer as massive a threat as she once was. I have a feeling that Season 3 would pick up where Season 2 left off, exploring Dominator more as a character than a villain. Maybe it’ll even leave some hope for her redemption. 


And lastly, Wander. According to Frank Angones, Season 3 would be about testing Wander. I have no clue what this means, but there’s a chance that it has to do with Dominator. She’s still evil, and she definitely won’t be redeemed as easily as Lord Hater. 

Alternatively, this could be about Hater. Perhaps Hater’s backstory brings something to light. Something troubling about his buddy that the hairy space nomad refuses to accept.

Hater’s Based Origin Story 1 🐵

Note: This theory sort of takes some aspects of @chrossrank ‘s season 3 theory . Also some sources explained about Ham includes this small documentary video and this news article.

As evident, we’ve seen Hater VERY possibly being the space monkey in “The Waste of Time” episode and the end animatic for “The End of the Galaxy”.

But what I’m curious about is what this possible story of Hater’s backstory could be based off of. Sure, we know our world have sent monkeys into space before, but WHICH space monkey is what I’m curious about.

One space monkey I believe Hater’s origin is based off of is Ham the Chimpanzee, the first monkey released into space and luckily survive.

First, it would make logical sense since the helmet on the space monkey’s suit has the letter H circled. Obviously you wouldn’t name a monkey “Hater”, but that H would have to stand for something else anyway. So what if the monkey’s name standed for “Ham”? Also looking at both monkeys, they both have a brown face surrounded by black fur.

That’s not all though. The story editor Frank Angones aka @suspendersofdisbelief has said that Wander Over Yonder given a movie would have had Wander confronting Lord Hater’s “previous best friend”. Peepers would currently be Hater’s best pal (and second command) so he wouldn’t be the friend Frank was talking about. It could be Hater, if being the space monkey, was part of a space program that would even have a possible monkey squad or partner (being the “previous best friend”). And coincidentally, Ham the chimp was trained with a monkey team.  If that isn’t even more of a connection, in “The Prisoner” within Hater’s bedroom, there that is a painted portrait of Hater with two female-looking skeletons both of his side.

And let’s not forget the space vessel we saw in “The End of the Galaxy”. I do admit that the design’s color of Ham’s vessel is different along with Ham being transported onto a capsule within the vessel yet we can obviously see there’s a door latch on both and are from the United States.

Finally, I would like to clearly point out the “training” of Ham. According to dailymail.com, it is said that Ham’s training consisted of, “Pushing a lever within five seconds of seeing a flashing blue light earned him a banana pellet; failure gave him a mild electric shock to the soles of his feet.” Now, I’m not only pointing out the electric shock part as it relates to Hater’s electrical powers, but if we remember what Wander said  in “The Greatest” (which I think is the first episode), he said that he “liked his sneakers” when he saw Hater’s feet for the first time. A bit farfetched, but that line has made me question for some time.

One difference I have to point out though is that Ham survived his mission and got to land back onto earth peacefully while we can only assume Hater (being the monkey) didn’t with the glass of his helmet on the edge of breaking. 

My guess would be that this is a sort of what-if universe where Ham didn’t survive and instead, is revived in a skeleton form so he could strive to be the greatest in the galaxy instead, and season 3 as @chrossrank​ has said would be about hater’s monkey associates (Monkey Boy, if it is) being introduced, possibly Dominator forming an evil alliance, and becomes a new difficult challenge for our hero Wander.


Somethings bothering me about that helmet...

You all know the one.

In the very last scene of the very last episode that hinted to a new villain of the the next series, the one dominator walks past.

Yeah this one.

At least, i think its a helmet right?

I mean we all thought that this helmet was more evidence to the hater is a monkey theory right? And i’m not saying it isn’t, its got his fancy green electric powers lighting it up after all. But until i took the time to actually look at this thing, i thought it was this helmet:

Now call me out if i’m wrong, but now that i look at it this helmet its a completely different shape!! and the glass section takes up half of the helmet. sure maybe the first helmet is facing the wrong way up but i think that we’d be able to see at least a teeny part of that glass visor.

but hang on let me get another look at this thing.

ok i’m just gonna straight up say that this isn’t a helmet.

i mean i’m probably not the first to say it but c’mon!! look at this thing!!!

where is the neck room?? the space where a neck would be is covered by metal with wires sticking out, and theres no eye visor!! that gap in the metal where someone would look through is clearly where that metal piece next to it would slot back into!!

but it does have that same american flag that we have seen on the monkeys space suit. so they’re obviously associated…

maybe it’s an escape pod?…

i can find that far more believable than this being a helmet, and from what Craig Mccraigen recently said about a possible redemption arc for Hater:

Hater is 100% involved somehow, whether he’s the monkey or not (tbh though i’m betting my money that he is)