photos i took of my lovely friend for my photography final

I’ve some how got 200 followers!!! Which is really exciting and insane, I really don’t understand why anyone follows this madness. But here is my celebratory follow forever!

bold = mutuals

bold/italic = treasured mutuals who are precious cinnamon buns and idk why they follow me tbh


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That was a lot, I follow 200+ blogs so sorry if I missed any of my faves.

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while. Here it finally is! Just because I love you all so much, and you have no idea how much you all mean to me. Please don’t be too frightened if we haven’t actually spoken before; my love for you is from afar. 

Current crushes: samdearborns | prongsandevans | hatepotion | heronkovs | captaingustin | mygreatsin | mlightwood | 

People whose writing I love (and who don’t know I exist): cassandraclare | bcdaily | itatemyhand |

The rest of you beautiful souls: becauseitisbitterbelieveinprongs | brothershemsworth | carlottathedragonwhore | comealongamelia | childrenoftheangel | clarysrunes | clarissawayland | cedricdiggorys | daylightdoe | durmstrang | evanspond | hewhomustnotbejames | injacesandwillspants | jemherondale | jemisnothingbutgoodness | lawrencerr | lightswood | likechildreninafairytale | mrrsprongspotter | messrprongs | madamemalfoy | marauder-potter | messrssnuffles | notonlyangelsfall | nobodycanhearyou | nostrils | ofeggsandketchup | ofmontmaray | potterinthephonebox | prongsandsnaps | rookwhore | rumplesteak | snapsthesnitch | thelastofthemorgensterns | weliveandbreathewords |

Also excuse my horrible attempt at editing.

I hope you all appreciate the effort I went to tagging you all, phew. 

Sunday’s Follow Forever

So, it’s Sunday. I’m really bored, as usual, so I’ve decided to make a Follow Forever :) Gif is not mine.

People I really love and consider myself friends with

Abi | Clara | MaryJane | Nikoo | Alex | Emily | Scarlet | Taylor | Ana | Durfi | Anna | Mari | Tara

People who I admire from afar

evanesco-whispers | dracosmission | mrsprongfoot | messer-prongs | mckinnoned | eggswithketchup | panicthecentaurs | bitcheslovefoldedsocks | katnissception | sirprongs | durmstrang | quiterightoo

People who have quite awesome blogs

girlwiththeradishearrings | thehalfbloodgranger | itatemyhand | nevilleyourtoad | prongsandevans

Yes, I forgot quite a lot of people. I’ll update this from time to time.

TSOTM Mansion plans
  • Jenn helps decorate the inside of it because of her lack of flaws with design and shit.
  • Clara paints Jily all over
  • There will be a Commentarius Room with the first chapter on the walls and there is a spinny chair so we can spin around and read it
  • Abi will write fanfics up on the walls
  • There is a TLAT room too
  • A Limes room with a huge screen
  • Limes will be all over the house
  • There is a FF Library separate from our actual library
  • The FF Library has all FF printed and binded and there is a Restricted Section that has all the smut
  • Each Library has fireplaces
  • and we have projectors so we can show fanvids and feelsy vids in a Limes Movie room
  • Clara and Viria’s artwork decorates the house all over
  • Adina sings Jily songs all over the place and bring joy into Livs life because of lack of flaws
  • Mai ensena todo el espanol y translates todo los fics. (My spanglish for y'all)
  • There is a Doctor Who Movie Theatre Room for Whovians (As per requested by Emily)
  • Also, a shrine to the Magical Wanking Stick aka 11th’s Sonic Screwdriver
  • The William Tell Overture will be played every hour on the hour
  • Lib is the official restricted section Librarian

I did some more URLs tonight.

From left to right:

Top row: “rose may price”, “time turner”, “but more on that later”
Middle row: “hate potion”, “infallible snaps”, “rebel sirius”
Bottom row: “potters and their redheads”, “the only first year”, “wrought with possibility”

I remember when I first met (all of) you. I didn’t really notice you/all of you that much, not until the last tinychat, at least.

But you were like the Doctor Who quote: “You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful - and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick; but then there’s other people. And you meet them and you think, ‘Not bad, they’re okay,’ and when you get to know them … their face just, sort of, becomes them, like their personality’s written all over it, and they just - they turn into something so beautiful.”

Don’t get cocky now, I’m not saying your the most beautiful person ever (you’ve got to let James Potter have his time, right?), but you people are sure pretty damn close.

All I’m saying is: I really love you guys, and I wouldn’t change our times for the world. (Except maybe James Potter; hey, I never claimed to be perfect.)

You have made my time on tumblr amazing.

hatepotion • msgendry • marauderswagger • neverlandavenue • crestas • girlwiththeradishearrings • meroped • jamespotteriloveyou • marksruffalo • ms-malfoy • meandmyfandoms • mrsprongfoot • fairestcharming • gryffindorinthetardis • pottersandtheirredheads • 7violas • muggle-born-witch • district9and3qu4rters • yo-supes

Clara's Rap. By Hatepotion
What should I dooooo
I don’t know
I really don’t but I don’t care
Let’s write a song!

James is hot
Lily is pretty,
I like them both
Because they’re…meaty? spitty? gritty? Um… no

They went to Hogwarts,
They both did well
They turned out to be
Head Boy and Girl!

Sirius Black,
He shipped them like crazy
He called her “snitch”
‘cause she was amazing.

acciowriting replied to your posthahaha I have not written a single word for nano…

If I’m going down, you’re coming with me.

I knooooow, I just have a massive “MISSING SCENE” creative crisis. BUT I WILL TRY.

hatepotion replied to your posthahaha I have not written a single word for nano…

lo estás haciendo en castellano?

Si! ni a palos te escribo tantas palabras gramatical y ortográficamente correctas jaja vos haces nano este año?