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Majority of sangbum shippers are disrespectful and annoying as shit, i can't wait until sangwoo dies and your ship is over with :)

Idk about “majority” because I don’t know every single sangbum shipper. The ones I know are pretty okay people, and I think we’re all respectful here on tumblr.

Besides, antis are way more vocal and way more annoying and disrespectful towards sangbum shippers (in my experience in the tag at least) (I can’t go 5 posts in the ks tag without finding an anti post) so I guess both sides have a problem here?

Also I don’t think this ask was very respectful, anon. You know, you should be the change you want to see in the world. If you want people to act respectfully you should be respectful as well. Think about it, won’t you?

This said, you don’t really know my ships but trust me, someone dying never stopped me. Lowkey reference to avilero. I’ll die with that ship. Actually a double suicide sounds like a very nice idea for an ending! But even if that’s not the case, Sangwoo dying is a possibility I do not rule out.

Have a nice day anon :)

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Why must you put words on every post you reblog?

Because when I reblog something it goes onto my blog and I can post whatever I like on my blog.
Plus, I normally reblog from mutuals so we don’t mind adding words to each other’s posts. If you don’t like it either ignore it or delete my words when you reblog it from me.

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Who the fuck let a homophobic speck of fungus run a pro choice blog? We don't want you.

I keep telling radfems to make their own pro-choice blogs since y'all seem to hate the ones already here, and yet no one ever seems to do it. Go be transphobic somewhere else, we don’t want you either.

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You think transphobia is gay people being born exclusively attracted to the same sex and not wanting to date literally anyone who uses the same pronouns. What a piece of shit bigot you are publishing so many people defending a horrifically homophobic description of gay sex (not like there's been laws against sodomy!) and telling us our homosexual sexual and romantic boundaries are a problem. Your homophobia is a fucking problem. You're a terrible person. You want everyone pan like you. Fuck you.


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So I used to go through this blog every once in a while, amused at the posts and the rants. I thought mod d was some feisty, sexy feminist but then I realised she's actually some fat unloved woman and blah.. Unfollowed

It’s just so unfair, isn’t it? Do we really expect anon to listen to a woman they don’t consider attractive? They’ve been cheated! Everything I say is clearly invalid now that they’ve found me out! Who do I think I am, saying stuff while fat? Don’t I realize that everything revolves around anon’s libido? God, I’m so incredibly selfish.

Thin privilege is not having your words dismissed because you are fat and therefore “unsexy” and obviously unloved and bitter about it. 

As a thank you for helping make my point, anon, I have a gift for you:

[Photo of Mod D.’s fat belly]

You’re welcome.

- Mod D.

who the fuck follows a rape culture blog for the hotness of the mods?

- Main Mod.

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I was reading your, "why Pro Choice" and I see some flaws. Your manner of thinking is your own. But are you not aware that "roe" in the abortion case, now deeply regrets having ever made abortion legal? And is fighting for it to be stopped? Just thought I'd let you know since you and other Pro abortionists think shes a wonderful advocate, without having done more research than simply knowing her original case to allow legal abortion.

Are you aware of how Supreme Court cases work?

You take something of importance, in this case the right to a safe and legal abortion, and you find people who could be the face of it. You find people to physically represent in court. In this case, it was Norma McCorvey.

It doesn’t matter that she changed her mind. She wasn’t the only “Roe.“ Roe represents the thousands of women* who wanted safe and legal access to an abortion. Roe wasn’t just Norma McCorvey. She was those women* in 1973. She was those women* thirty years later. She’s those women* now. She’s me.

We all know that Norma McCorvey changed her mind. We’ve done our research. Perhaps you should do yours.

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Skinny gossip has many professionals in the fashion industry on their site, including many successful models. They know a heck of a lot more about the industry than you do. It makes me sick that people value you your opinion when you have absolutely no experience or potential in this industry. I thought I should be nicer in this message, but the way you judge and make assumptions about SG w/o knowledge wasnt very nice either xx

skinnygossip itself isn’t nice. Or perhaps it was set up with “nice" intentions, but the glorifying of and aspiration to bodies achieved through unhealthy methods isn’t very nice, is it?

I don’t really mind about what you think of me, but people value my opinions because they’re opinions, not claims that may or may not be true. There are plenty of opinions not derived from experience on that website, and people listen to and discuss them - why not value mine?

Also, I stopped posting about the website on the first edition of this blog - I’m not interested any more, so I won’t bother to answer any more questions. Don’t ask them, or come off anon.

It’s come to my understanding that (apparently) the online hate for MedievalPoC is ramping up again for whatever reason. Although I will say the same thing happened around the same time last year, when I tried to attend various events in person.

I am quite aware that it exists, but I can see no reason why I should look for it or at it. I’m not interested in reading ten-paragraph screeds on my personal appearance or attacks on my family and friends. I don’t speak about it here 99% of the time, for good reason.

And that really says it all. I’ll talk all day about art/history, historiography, cultural criticism and sci fi and fantasy, but I have no current or future plans to “justify” that fact that I am a human being who actually exists. Unless there is some kind of specific threat that I need to send along to law enforcement to add to the pile, I don’t have plans to derail energy and time from what I’m doing here long enough to care about the fact that someone doesn’t like my face.

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Your mom should have swallowed or at least charged more and bought a condom

Aw, but then I wouldn’t have been around to piss off all you childish misogynistic pricks. Who would you spend your time sending abuse anonymously to on the internet then, huh? I guess you’d have to instead use those valuable minutes contributing something meaningful to society. 

You can send me all the messages you like, dudes, but you’ll never stop me speaking out. Never. 

Sorry boys, but this feminist doesn’t shut up because you tell her to. Nor will any of the feminists reading this. I guess you’ll have to get used to being insignificant. 


I’m just now realizing that you can see messages from people that you’ve blocked on the mobile app.

So this is to the anon who is continually sending me messages that I can’t even see until I bother to check the mobile app - please stop. I am not going to be responding to any of them. You are wasting your time and I don’t care about the hatred you are spewing. I blocked you for a reason, so please leave my ask box alone.

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I saw your very classy response to someone who actually does horrible jobs for a living and never gets showered with lavish gifts, yet you somehow think you're the real victim. I think it's hilarious how much you wallow in self pity doing a job you chose to do, yet you and your braindead, simpering yes-girls accuse her of being bitter and playing the world's smallest violin. For someone who asks others to check their privilege, you never seem to realise how privileged you actually are. Lol.

Of course you did, you were refreshing the page waiting for it because it was you ;)

Psst go back and reread that post slowly and carefully, because I have no doubt you’ll probably want to be pretend to be a few more different people and the least you could is know what you’re talking about.

- Mod D.

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"Wah wah wah wah it's so hard being viewed as a sex object when people pay me to fulfil their sexual desires. Oh god you don't know how hard it is you guys being bought expensive gifts and lavish dinners. I deserve and am entitled to these things." Cry me a fucking river. I put myself through college having to clean toilets for minimum wage, and none of my bosses ever took me out for an expensive dinner or bought me a lavish gift. You can kiss this girl's ass, you whiny little diva.

Honey you’re supposed to clean toilets with a brush, not by licking them clean and then vomiting into ask boxes.

By the way, if someone had dropped their baby in your lap and asked you to change their diaper, would you have agreed to do it because hey, you clean shit up in a certain place so what’s the difference? No, I didn’t think so. Work on that bitterness sweetheart, it’s causing you selective reading issues.

- Mod D.