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Please stop cosplaying Peggy Carter

Please do not tell anyone not to cosplay something they love. Captain America and Peggy Carter hold a certain spot in my heart. Theres so many connections I have to these character because of my grandfather who was in fact a living embodiment of Steve Rogers. He was my hero, and many others regarded him the same way. In fact during his funeral our priest who knew him spoke about how he truly was the real captain america! I cosplay peggy (and wonder woman) because they are the women I aspire to be. I cosplay characters I have emotional connections to, or characters that I like and I know I do my very best to do them justice, and I am completely content with what I am doing. But it is no ones business to tell me which heroes I can be because I will do it anyway. 


Sticks and Stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us!! You want to send us nasty emails telling us how disgusting, childish, and idiotic we are?? That we are poisoning the youth of today?? Well, all we can say is THANK YOU because now we get to sell a brand new, kick ass poster proudly displaying your hate mail. This is a must have for all our truly appreciative fans whom we love with with all our mushy, gross, blood-filled hearts.

Here’s a sample of the hate mail on the poster:
“This is akin to the nazi’s of throwing live babies into the air and using them as targets to test our their marksmanship with machine guns… I cannot as a reasonable and open minded person who is part of the human race continue to see this being produced for our youth.”


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Why do you have clothes with fruit on it? it's ironic bc it doesn't look like you're eating fruits lmao

Hi, did you know that fruits have high enough levels of sugar in them that diabetics have to be careful how much they have? I’m really fucking sick of getting told “y don’t u just eat fruits? lol not hard” like dude, adding fruits to a diet isn’t gonna do much weight wise. Not that I’m fucking diabetic, just saying.
But whatever. That’s beside the point. The point is one day you’re gonna look in the mirror and see what everyone else sees - what a shitty person you are. Good luck with that my dude.

It’s come to my understanding that (apparently) the online hate for MedievalPoC is ramping up again for whatever reason. Although I will say the same thing happened around the same time last year, when I tried to attend various events in person.

I am quite aware that it exists, but I can see no reason why I should look for it or at it. I’m not interested in reading ten-paragraph screeds on my personal appearance or attacks on my family and friends. I don’t speak about it here 99% of the time, for good reason.

And that really says it all. I’ll talk all day about art/history, historiography, cultural criticism and sci fi and fantasy, but I have no current or future plans to “justify” that fact that I am a human being who actually exists. Unless there is some kind of specific threat that I need to send along to law enforcement to add to the pile, I don’t have plans to derail energy and time from what I’m doing here long enough to care about the fact that someone doesn’t like my face.

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Duuude whaaat you get hatemail???

Yes. Yes I do. Constantly. Since the moment I started this project in 2013.

[images of hate mail and very unpleasant language below]

A lot of it is from neonazis and white supremacists.

I don’t publish most of that since it’s overwhelmingly racism directed at Black people, often under the assumption that I myself am Black (I’m a non-Black PoC).

Some of it is from people who seem to believe I need to turn over my work to the One True Scotsman so that they will be in command of my “tripe and trash” (?) Or whatever, the important thing is I need to shut up immediately if not sooner.

And some is a bit more general, I guess.

There are some really special moments on Twitter, too, since I started posting more there.

And I’m not even gonna mention stuff that was on other sites. Let’s just say I had to make police reports.

And honestly, harassment and online threats have become so normalized in our culture now, some of the messages that I get that are meant to be encouraging (I think?), that read more or less: “Hatemail is good, that’s how you know it’s working!” are just…very discouraging. I don’t think I should have to literally fear for my life because people some people don’t like what I do.

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I am constantly in awe of your ability to go on speaking out against the racist rhetoric that you have to deal with day in, day out on this blog. Thank you, and know that there are so many of us who are grateful for your efforts and listen to you carefully and understand your arguments - even if we aren't always as vocal.

It honestly means a lot when people send kind words. I get a lot of hate mail, and I don’t publish it because I’m pretty sure it gives them a thrill when they think someone is paying attention to them. So maybe people underestimate the volume because of that. A nice message is like a bright spot in a sea of filth.

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its funny that feminists think they are oppressed here in the UK, spend a week in Saudi Arabia and then tell me how badly you are treated

Yes, because we have to scale oppression from one to ten and oppression can only happen at one place at one time.

It’s the Oppression Olympics. There can only be one winner in the entire world. Winning the gold means having people pay lip service to your problem, but only as they put down the silver and bronze medallists’ legitimate concerns. Meanwhile nobody’s problems get solved. 

(Pssst, that’s the whole point of the notion of Oppression Olympics. People who use this just want everyone to stop complaining. Oldest derailment tactic in the book. Anon filed under: must try harder.)

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Cartman is a literal fucking Nazi and you ship him with a Jewish person. Disgusting

I stared in awe for a moment at this. Wow. My first hatemail. Well anon, I can see what gives you that idea, but I disagree with you. And for what it’s worth if Cartman was an actual nazi I wouldn’t ship them. 

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You weren't born obese, you're just hurting yourself. 1/3 of Americans are overweight. It costs 549.5 billion of Americans tax money on medical costs. You shouldn't be proud of that! You're exposing a poor diet in public. Nobody is beautiful with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and many more. THIS is why your “curvy” body is screwing with the rest of us. Please stop projecting your insecurities onto the rest of us by saying we “fat shame”

Did you just like copy and paste a bunch of rando blurbs about evil fatties? Cause like…

  1. I don’t have any medical bills and haven’t in years
  2. I never said I was proud of the outrages prices dr’s bill at? What?
  3. So I should stay home all day to avoid “exposing a poor diet” to the public at large? Glad you’ve got it all figured out at 16
  4. What you’re saying is super messed up about people with illnesses not being beautiful. That’s some fucked up shit. And not like it matters AT ALL, but I have none of those.
  5. Uhhhh who said I was insecure about my fatness? Have you seen my selfies? Cause daaaaaaaang

    I made it, but like any place that would have sold it wouldn’t have fit you cause ignorant brats like you like to make sure fat people have to shop in their own expensive, ugly little stores :)

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I'm sorry but if someone is so pussified that something as trivial as capslock constitutes as a trigger then that person has no business on the internet and it honestly makes me wonder how they cope with daily life.

You’re not sorry, you’re a prick. My job isn’t to tell people what they should or should not be able to handle, it is to make jokes that lots of people can enjoy and experience and access. So essentially, shut the fuck up - this isn’t your decision, and nobody asked your opinion, quite frankly. I’m going to continue tagging this, and to be honest, I hope people like you, people who treat other people with disrespect for having different personal issues to yourself, unfollow us.

It is somebody’s decision to use the Internet if they want to. It is also my decision to make their experience as friendly and easy as possible on my blog, and I’m going to do that. It’s nothing to do with you. Piss off.

Also, it’s 2016. Who still uses the word “pussy” to mean cowardly? Heck, why is being afraid/upset by things even seen as a bad thing? Grow up. People shouldn’t be discriminated against for having anxieties.

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Please don't go and live in India, don't you think they have enough problems already!

I love hatemail that comes with a compliment. This person believes my mere presence would be enough to topple a nation. They would be right. I am an unstoppable force of nature.