hatem ben arfa


Aurier: In one word ? Class

Di Maria: Max is a great person

Areola: professional

Rabiot: simplicity

Matuidi: class

Verratti: one word, it’s complicated because Max is a great person and he’s fantastic on and off the pitch

Lucas: I’d say example

Kimpembe: simplicity

Lo Celso: professionalism

Marquinhos: Mr; He’s classy on and off the pitch. He’s someone I’ll keep a lot of memories with.

Draxler: Gentleman

Thiago Motta: To find a word is difficult but I think Max is someone special. If I need someone to give me advices, I know he’ll be there to help me and I need to thank Max for all those years together and I hope we’ll continue together many years.

Ben Arfa: professional

Ibrahimovic: “Max, this is the legend speaking.This is your moment, this is your day. So make sure you enjoy it because I’d enjoy it and the rest of the world will enjoy it. So make sure everything goes good, don’t do any mistakes”

roughly translated by me