so let’s talk about Yovana, as you see, has rumors that she and Justin possibly dating. Here is my opinion that many of you like Jiley about jelena. jelena I hate with all the hate in the world, but this is not the original subject. I think very beautiful yovanna, let’s be realistic it’s beautiful. She never hurt us belibers never hurt justin so why the hate? I know many of you will not answer me, but I would like you to answer me, because I would like to hear from you.

I’m in that kind of mood.. I’m stressed and yes… I FUCKING HATE SELENA GOMEZ! And I’m not wild about Jelena either.. #hateselena #hatejelena FUCK YOU who wants to comment shit in my page.. This is my opinion and sometimes I’m nice to people who hate in my shit,, but other times I will get pissed and cuss a lot..

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