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Nico walked to the infirmary in such a slow pace that everyone was staring, but there was no helping it. The flowers must get to Will safe and sound. But with each step he got closer to the infirmiry, more nervous he became. He tried to breathe and just fucking calm down but he was a nervous wreck just like always and in the end it didn’t matter.

Didn’t matter that he hand picked the flowers right now. That he had chosen just a few unlucky ones so it would be real quick. It didn’t matter that they were the most bright and lovely ones he could find. They died anyway.

So much for fucking love.

Nico got at the infirmary entrance with a loud groan of frustration. He started kicking the dead grass around his feet because they were fucking plants and why in hades plants had to be such a symbol on Valentines day? He should have gone with chocolate, but of course Will didn’t like those. He had to like plants. Fucking plants.

Such hateful things. Disgusting. Repulsive, repulsive, repulsive.

“uh…Nico?” A damn beautiful voice called at his back. Nico turned quickly. Will looked alarmed, His golden brows slightly frowned, left hand stretched as if to touch Nico, but he was faster. Nico just shoved the dead flowers in Will’s hand before it could reach him.

“Here. Happy Valentines day. Goodbye.” He turned around and left. Or he meant to but after a few steps Nico felt his right arm being grabbed.

Fucking let go or i wi…

“Hey you” Will said with a bright smile that definitely didn’t fit the mood. He let go of Nico’s arm and held the flowers to his chest.

“Thank you so much! First time I ever got flowers. And they are dead! Ain’t I special?” Will smiled sweetly. Nico just starred at him. “Hey, chill. I mean it! I’m just so lucky, I’m going to plastify them as proof so when I tell everybody they will believe me!”

“You’re fucking crazy” Nico said deadpan.

“Come on, I’m your boyfriend. You can’t talk about your boyfriend like that!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t know you.”

Will’s laughter always made Nico breathless. Will threw his arms on Nico’s shoulders and leaned in.

“You know, if you want I can show you every little piece of me” Somehow he made it sound like such a dirty little secret.

“Whatever” Because Nico didn’t know what else to say. Well, besides yes, please.

A nervous wreck indeed.

How sad must be life this person who created IG acount to post hatefull messagess to Jackson, I mean I really pity this person, like really HER/HIS life must be so empty …How much jealousy must be in this person to spread these ugly posts …mayby she hate him because during one fanmeet he didn’t smiled at her or  he din’t looked at her ….oh how sad….

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Well, I was just chillin' on your blog, listening to the music here and thinking about sending you an ask. Now I see that anon and decided, yep, Imma send you an ask telling you that I love absolutely everything about your blog and your artstyle~ I know you can handle hatefull people but I still wanted to tell you something positive after that :P -cerasum92 (firefox+tumblr is weird and doesn't let me get off anon on some blogs, bugger.)

thank you so much! that’s so sweet!

Sara knows it was Sana and targets her friends in turn?

So, we all know that Sana didn’t post any of those nasty messages about her friends on Instagram, because she actually still cares for her friends. She didn’t want to hurt them.

Well, don’t you think that Sara will become eventually suspicious about the fact, that all the hatefull messages were about HER friends. All, except for that one: the one about Sana.

Why would the hacker post all those mean messages about Sara’s friends and then one message about someone, who isn’t her friend at all? Hmm… I think Sara knows by now, that Sana was the hacker.

So, what will her revenge be? Well, if Sana wanted so badly to protect her friends, of course Sara will target exactly them. She knows about Vilde’s mom’s alcoholism. She knows Noora’s password: she will find a way to hurt her (letters to William perhaps?). Sara will build a nice little revenge package about Sana’s friends and humiliate them all.

I’m a bit afraid that on Friday we will get a repeat of the Imagine scene: everything is perfect for a while, and then it all comes crashing down. The domino effect happens on Eva’s birthday.

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Why are "gatekeepers" of the lg community a bad thing? Lesbian la and gay people have specific issues and need their own spaces

LG community…

Ya know, because those nasty hatekeepers want to keep other specific groups from getting their own needed spaces to talk about their own specific issues and to talk with each other about issues that we all have in common.
Like being hated on by the  Straight TM crowd for not being straight enough for their tastes.

Because hatekeepers readily play into the hands of the Straight TM crowd and divide the community and dissolve power instead of collecting it.
Nothing nicer for the Straight TM crowd than marginalized groups tearing each other apart, is there?

Because those nasty hatekeepers think only their problems count, that they are the only real victims.
That Bi people are ‘fake gay’ and ‘just straight’ or ‘greedy’.
That trans women are predators.
That trans men are only confused women.
That non binary people are fake.
That intersex does not exist, even when it is scientifically proven.
That pan and poly is greedy/bi/not real/cheaters/whatever.
That aspec is only a modifier/are all straight/nonsense/not real/not hated on.

And to top it off, most if not all hatekeepers are also racist and sexist.
They follow the white coloniser view of gender and sex.
 The view of conquerers and killers who destroyed indigenous cultures who dared to not have the same narrow, hatefull view of sex, gender, women and family.

REGs also want to call themselves feminists but readily speak over, and abuse  women who oppose their view, especially WoC.

REGs are also ableist often enough.

And you are showing it off perfectly.

LG community

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HC for each of the Domergue gang helping the reader after their horse breaks a leg? Maybe what they might would do?

Originally posted by prettynerdieworks

  • Jody would probably be the first to help you
    • He’d probably try getting your things from off of the horse and also trying to convincing Daisy to let you come along with them
    • He’d probably succeed to because he is her brother after all
    • Jody would also be the one asking you exactly where you were going and who you are and everything
      • Questioning you to make sure that you aren’t any member of law enforcement somehow
  • Oswaldo seems like he’d be kind enough to help you get in the carriage or whatever it is the gang ends up riding in
    • He’d probably be a bit suspicious at first but warm up to you soon enough
    • He’d just try and make you feel welcome or try and cheer you up if the whole situation had you down
    • I feel like he’d also be the one person to offer up his coat or something in the case that you were cold
    • Maybe hand over a blanket he wasn’t using because you’d end up telling him how long you were standing out there
  • Joe Gage would be the one that would put down the horse for you
    • He seems like the kind of guy who does the dirty work and doesn’t mind it
    • But he also seems like the kind of guy who would offer up his horse if you wanted it
      • Or find a way to get you another horse soon so you wouldn’t be without one
    • He also would be the one to offer up food if he had it because he knows that you’re probably hungry
  • Daisy herself would honestly probably try and tell you stories to make you laugh
    • She seems like a tough individual but that’s only when in certain situations
    • She can definitely crack a joke and I think she’d bring some much needed levity to the entire situation

I want to share with you all what happened 5 years ago with Kubo on his Twitter account after he adressed an Orihime hater (Anti ichihime).
I know that many people got angry at Kubo and said that his response was unprofessional but we all know who are these “always angry people” lol.
Keep in mind that kubo was new to twitter at that time and some “fans” kept tweeting him hatefull things about Inoue so he decided to respond to one of them :

“それから、下の子のツイート見て、普通のルキアファンは(下の子は「ルキアが好きで、織姫が嫌い」な子です 。)ショックを受けるかも知れないけど、あれで俺の中のルキアファンの心証が悪くなることは無いから安心し て下さい。”
And then, I saw the kid’s tweet below, and it might have been shocking to normal Rukia fans (The kid below said, “I love Rukia and I hate Orihime”.), but it didn’t give me any bad impressions of Rukia fans, so please don’t worry.

“俺がRTしたことで雑言を見てしまった織姫のファンや、気楽にBLEACHを楽しんでる読者のみんなも、申 し訳ない。ただ、他人の意見で俺の描き方が変わる可能性はゼロなので、そこは心配しないで下さ い。”
To Orihime fans and readers who nonchalantly enjoy BLEACH that unfortunately saw the abusive language when I retweeted it: I apologize. However, there is zero possibility that I’ll change the way I draw to suit others, so please don’t worry about it.

The anti-Orihime fans got mad and they started dissing Kubo this time calling him a shitty mangaka, he responded to a couple of them, then wrote a rant about the hate issues that many people has toward Inoue and his work in general and this is what he said :

“才能も無く、努力もせず、そのくせ与えられるものに不平を言って、努力する人間の足しか引っ張 れないような 奴は、目を瞑ってどっか隅っこに挟まって、口だけ開けて雨と埃だけ食って辛うじて生きてろ。”
Those without talent and who make no efforts, yet still complain about what they get and can only drag down those who do make efforts – they ought to just close their eyes, stick themselves in some corner, and open their mouths and eat only rain and dust and just barely survive.

“もしBLEACHよりも面白いものが描ける才能があるなら、すぐに漫画家になるべきだ。面白け れば必ずBL EACHより成功する。絵が描けないと言うのなら、努力して編集者になって漫画家にアドバイスすべきだ 。本 当に能力があれば、どこへ行っても歓迎される。”
If you have the talent to draw something more interesting than BLEACH, you should become a manga artist right away. If it’s interesting, it will definitely be more successful than BLEACH. And if you say you can’t draw, then you should put the effort in, become an editor, and advise manga artists. If you really have the ability, you will be welcomed wherever you go.”

He had the pressure build in for a long time and the shipping wars finally triggered him to blown up. He choose to deal with them personally, and even advisied them to stop reading HIS manga. That’s why i’m always telling y'all that we don’t have to prove anything to these haters.

For me, ichihime is one of the few things that helps me turn what could be a bad day into something better, and i guess it’s the same for other IH shippers, so why don’t we avoid the unnecessary drama and just enjoy our ship by just blocking and ignoring them, the dude knows what he’s doing, just keep in mind that their whining and complaining won’t change anything.

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Superc*rps and K*ramel shippers in S*pergirl fandom are hatefull to eachother and that makes me sad

I don’t like k*ramel it’s stinky gross tbh but I’m not gonna go 2 someone’s blog n be like “ur stinky gross bc u ship this stinky gross ship”

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Hi, Nykeigh! I'm aro/ace. Few years ago I felt broken. I was scared of growing up, because I thought that every single person must have romantic/sexual relationship and there is no other choice. When I found out that there is something like asexuality and aromanticism I felt so alive. It was one of the most important moments of my life. I was saved by ace community and I will always be grateful for that. Now I see a lot of hatefull posts about aces and it makes me feel really horrible. [1/3]

Sometimes I am thinking that maybe these people are right and I am doing something wrong. Even if it’s a negative post about heteroromantic aces I still feel guilty. Today I blocked few aphobic blogs, but that doesn’t help. It’s stupid, but right now I am afraid to post ace positivity on my blog, because I don’t want to start a new discours. I know that this whole situation is really bad for my mental health. Today I saw transphobic posts and one really disgusting post about bi people. [2/3]

I am just so sad right now. I don’t understand why there is so many people who decided to devote their free time to say hatefull things about others. I thought it willl be different now because of pride month, but now I see that I was wrong. I just feel really lost right now. Of course you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to. [3/3]

Hi, anon! I want to start by making sure you know that you are not doing anything wrong, and you absolutely deserve to be proud and positive about your identity. I know the amount of hate on this website can be completely overwhelming, but please try to remember that there is nothing wrong with being aroace, and that other people’s hatred is their issue, not yours.

But believe me, I still understand how difficult it is to stay positive with the amount of really ugly hatred on this website. I’ve only identified as asexual for a handful of months, so I can’t speak to the history of all this anger, but recently it’s been awful. I totally relate to being afraid to post ace positivity on my blog - because even when you make a post that only says ‘i’m asexual and happy’, so often someone shows up and finds a way to make it sound hateful. Hell, I don’t even reblog much ace-related content because so frequently it includes a rebuttal of negativity, so even though the post itself is positive, you still see that ugly hate on your dash. Even posts that are strictly positive make me uncomfortable sometimes, because you just know that the notes and comments are gross. I have a block list a mile long, but that still doesn’t always change what you see on a daily basis. It’s exhausting. And sometimes, this website is super bad for my mental health.

So here’s my biggest piece of advice: Stay the hell away from this website when you need to. I know it fucking sucks, because this place is where I really found the ace community and saw more of the experience outside of the few other asexual people in know in real life. But sometimes it is honestly not worth it. Obviously, block and blacklist and unfollow as many people as you need to, but remember that that’s not always gonna cut it. Sometimes you need to log off and stay logged off for a while. There are days when I can only make it five minutes on this site before it makes me feel like shit about myself for one reason or another (and it’s oftentimes my asexuality). Remember that you don’t owe anyone on this site any part of you, and the function of it is supposed to be for you to have a good time. If you’re not having a good time, cut out whatever and whomever you need to. 

I know how shitty that can be when this is your one link to the ace community. But sometimes, it’s still necessary. So if there are good people on this site that you know make you feel good about yourself and don’t cause any problems like that, see if they have other forms of social media or ways to contact them outside of here. I know a lot of people here have other accounts on other sites, so you could still talk to the good people while keeping out all the bad shit on here. Maybe just use tumblr for the messenger or to look at specific people’s blogs. Do whatever you have to do to keep that negative shit away from you. You don’t deserve that shit, and your health and happiness are so much more important than this website. I’m sure anyone else in the ace community on this site will understand, because the negativity is so widespread. 

Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself in a good place. And always remember that your identity is awesome, and nothing to be ashamed of, and the inter-community hatred on this site (for pretty much all identities) isn’t justified. You’re amazing, and you deserve nothing but love. 💜💜💜

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Steven should have an arc to put his morals back together. I mean, he has sympathy for a slave owner, brutal murderer and torturer of inocents who gave PTSD to his friends (The Diamonds) but he's very hatefull of some random jerky teenager who tried to hit on him and his friend (Kevin). I feel like it's backwards. Kevin never killed anyone.

Right, but Steven doesn’t carry with him the legacy of anyone who hurt Kevin, either. I’m not arguing with you, he has some stuff to sort through, but it’s not as clear-cut as you’re making it, either.

Making up

Fandom: Harry Potter
Charcters: Draco Malfoy
Relationship: Draco x reader
Warnings: like one swear word. 
Summary: After ignoring you for over a year, Draco finally tells you why.

You strolled down the wide corridors, your clock swung over your shoulder bag,, your hips swaying to the tune you were humming.. It was a bright and sunny day at Hogwarts, which made for a change, especially in Scotland. The rest of the school was still in class, but you had a free period. Not only did you have a free period but last thing on a Friday as well. You smiled as you turned a corner and collided with someone. You both fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Your [h/c] hair fell across your face, obstructing your view of the person. Muttering “Sorry” you started collecting the books that had fallen out your bag with your bag with your left hand as your right hand pushed your hair back out of your face. To your shock, you saw Draco Malfoy staring at you. 
You and Draco had known each other for 5 years and you were in the same house. Slytherin. During your first 3 years, you and he had been close, joined at the hip even. He was your best friend and you were his. But during the summer between your 3rd and 4th year, he never wrote to you, never contacted you, he ignored your letter and when you came back, he simply said he didnt want to be friends with you. It had torn you apart. The only reason you could find for this sudden hatred to you was that he didnt know your blood line. His family was very proud of his pure bloodline and he didnt want to be seen to be friend with someone like you. Your parents had abandoned you at birth and you didnt know if you were pure, half or none. This was worse because it was a muggle orphanage. 
You had been hurt more than he could see. What he didnt know was that this sudden rejection had brought back bad memories of the countless rejection by the countless couples who had come to find a child, and decided you were not right for them. They often went home with some child who had only been there a couple of months, Your first day away from the orphanage was to get you r school supplies, when you were told you were a witch. 
You were brought out of your thoughts by draco scrabbling to his feet and sorting his shirt, before turning and walking away, not even a second glance at you. 
Before you could stop it, your voice was screaming his name after him in pure anger. He spun around and looked at you, still sitting on the ground with a book in your hand. It wasnt there for long. Next thing Draco knew, he was being smacked in the face with a book. It was only a small book, barley more than 150 pages that was a note book, but it still hurt. His neck snapped bakc to stare at you in anger. 
“What the hell, [y/n]?” He yelled at you.
“Oh, now you talk to me? Now am i fucking good enough for Draco fucking Malfoy?” You matched his volume as you used the wall to help your self up. You were shaking, whether it was from the pain of falling, or the anger you had managed to keep together for a year and a half. You could feel the tears prick at your eyes, but you didnt let him see you cry, not again. 
Draco just looked at you for a second, before he turned his back and walked away from you. 
When you saw him turn the corner at the opposite end of hallway, you slid back down the wall and left your gates down. tears ran down your checks, your hands shaking as they covered your face from the world. You pulled your knees to your chest, not caring that you were wearing a skirt. After a couple of minutes, footsteps echoed down the corridor. As they came closer, they sped up before a figure fell in front of you and engulfed you in a hug, your head against a chest of a male. You hastily wiped away your tears and looked up to see Draco face, his eyes red as his own tears ran down is slender, pale face and dropping off his chin. 
For a second, you looked at him before he bured his face in your neck and sobbed. You did the same as you wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him closer so he was kneeling between your legs. 
Draco held you close as he cried like a broken man. He, who had always had a sour face and hatefull mood was in your arms, shaking. More footsteps interrupted the moment as the last class was dismissed. 
Draco shot up, pulling you with him. He gathered your books as you stood there in a daze. He grabbed your hand and pulled you along the hallways and into an empty class. When he set the books on a desk and turned to face you. He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again. Instead he just stared at you. 
The eye contact was broken when you walked towards him and past him to your books. You looked through them before placing them in your bag. You took your time because you were dreading what was going to happen. 
Was he going to threaten you? Tell you that if you said anything about this and he would kill you? But you couldnt go back to the rejection. The ear splitting silence. 
You took a deep breath and spoke, not facing him. 
“What ever you are going to say, sat it. But just bare in mind that it was you who approached me on the first day. And you broke all contact. You ignored me. You walked away. You rejected me. So before you try and blame me for anything, it was your own fault.” You voice broke and tear started to roll down your cheeks again. 
A pair of arms wrapped around your waist, spinning you around and pulling you close to him. 
“I am so sorry.” He whispered in your ear. “God, [y/n] I am so sorry. I, well, I know its no excuse but, I thought if I distanced myself from you, I would be protecting you. I hoped the pain would stop after a while, when your sadness turned to hate, but it never did. When you threw that book at me, I thought that was it, so I left. But it hurt so much to leave you like that. So I came back and, when I saw you, I knew I had made a mistake. [y/n] I love you. Please, please forgive me?” Now his voice broke as he looked into your eyes, begging you for forgiveness. 
Your anger and fear turned into pity and something else you didnt want to admit. Love. But you didnt say a word.
Draco took this as your revenge. you were rejecting him now, and he knew he deserved it. 
He sighed before cupping your cheek, using his thumb to wipe away a stray tear. He kissed your forehead, whispering “Sorry”, and walked towards the door. His heart torn in two. 
You watched him leave before showing any emotions. You didnt know what to do. You looked around the deserted classroom, searching for answers. Rows of desks, odd bits of parchment and books, but no answers. 
You sighed and picked up your bag before leaving the classroom.
………………….Time skip to one week later……………………………

You had managed to avoid Draco for a whole week, only seeing him at dinner time and in class, so it wasnt really avoiding, but it was the closest you were going to get. He looked broken. His eyes are red and he had dark circles under his eyes, his normally tidy hair was messy. Eye contact was little and far between, but you felt his eyes bore into your back during classes. 
It was your free period again, and you didnt want to sit inside on another sunny day, so you went outside and sat under a tree at the lake. You stared at the water for a little before a rustling sound caused your attention to turn to the trees higher branches. 
There was Draco, with a half eaten apple in his hand, his left leg lazily hanging off the branch, the right one keeping his balance. You couldnt see his face, but you had an answer for him, so you started to climb the tree. Draco must have heard you because when you were a few inches away from his sitting place, his face came into view. His eyes winded at you and you held out a hand, silently asking for help. He grabbed you arm and hosted you up to sit opposite him. His legs were on both sides of the branch while you sat like a woman with both legs on the left. You were only inches away from his face, so you took advantage of that and slowly leaned in, pressing your lips against his. His eyes widened in shock before fluttering shut. He kissed you back hungrily as he wrapped his arms around you, bring you close.
Eventually, air became a necessity as you both broke apart, panting. He leaned his forehead to yours, eyes still closed and a smile on his lips.
“Draco?” You whispered. his eyes opened and looked into yours.
“I love you too.” You breathed. His eyes widened and his smile became massive as he beamed at you. 
“But…” you continued. 
“But?” His smile dropped as he leaned back. 
“You got a lot of making up to do.” With that, you kissed his nose and giggled, before hopping down from the tree and walking back tot he castle. He was close at your heels, smiling as he watched you sway your hips. 
Oh he was going to make it up to you.