stop talking about jonnor breaking up in the finale. It took TWO seasons for them to be a couple so do you really that the writers are going to do this to us? I know they’re evil but c’mon

stop saying “summer of jonnor my ass” why are you like this? We all love Jonnor very much but we also know that even if their storyline is important, there are other characters on the show, they have their storyline and they are good too. The show can’t be 35 minutes about Jonnor and you all know it. Stef, Lena, Brandon, Callie, Mariana and AJ are here too and i love their storylines.

stop saying that Jude is being selfish or that he’s acting like an ass. What the actual fuck. You guys know his story, he’s afraid about losing his sister, he wants her to live with him, it’s normal! He’s not shuting anyone out, not the family, not Connor. He was just afraid. At the end he apologized. He’s 13 so what do you expect from him? He’s not gonna be the perfect little boy or boyfriend all the time and i’m totally fine with that. Give him a break. He is still learning to accept that, now, there are people who care about him and love him.


Rant over.

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Book confession: I think Tumblr's obsession with YA is quite embarrassing for a community that claims to love books so much, y'all realise it's not real literature, yeah? Stop wasting time on these 250 page children's stories and read some real books please

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