hated it,


I have to share this because watching this took 5 years off my lifespan and I need everyone else to appreciate it with me


I’ve hit another followers milestone, so i’d like to dedicate this short video to all my followers and will do /yet/ another follow forever c: (not in order) check out their blogs, they are pretty neat people! i know it’s not much, but i can’t find inspiration to make graphics xD again if i miss anybody i really apologize ;v;

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hi so haha what if hypothetically, i’ve never had sex before 

i also might be on the ace spectrum (to be determined)


i started this blog for my long distance ex and then i afterwards i liked being able to come up with posts? i’m a writer (a term used loosely since i rarely actually,, you know, write) also sex sounds pretty great so?

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as much as I love the phandom it takes a lot of mental stamina to be around them irl. Unlike the dodie fandom in which everyone is so soft and pure and the only time there's drama is never

i mean being active in the phandom for the last year has been really draining to me with different friends and cliques that have developed so yeah :/ it sorta sucks but i guess the larger a fan base gets the more likely there is to be cat fights and pettiness

i really hope that no one takes any of these posts as me “attacking” their ships or whatever!

let me also re-clarify, this has NOTHING to do with me shipping mcpriceley. not one bit.

i just really need to put it out there that 2 males can be friends without you guys having to turn it into a gay relationship. it’s also really important that we have this kind of representation of friendship so that it kills the whole “dudes bein nice and supportive of each other is gay” thing.

I understand wanting more representation of the LGBT+ community in media. But let’s also not wash away this CANON, safe, pure, NON-ABUSIVE, NOT SEXUALIZED (unless you wanna count baptize me as sexual, but we know it’s all a joke) relationship between a Ugandan woman and a fat, nerdy, white boy.

Can we just appreciate that? For once? The only canon couple in this musical ended up being between a black woman and the nerdy sidekick. They could have easily made it the skinny, smart lead (Kevin Price) but instead made it Arnold. Who was never confident in himself and who was always used to being in the shadows.

That’s just. Important. Stop. Leaving. Nabalungi. Out. Of. This.

Let Kevin support his friend. Let Arnaba live on.

That’s all.


female awesome meme: {2/15 lead characters} / {2/5 characters with the best growth}

→ Clarissa Adele Fairchild  | The Mortal Instruments 

“I don’t want tea,“ said Clary, with muffled force. “I want to find my mother. And then I want to find out who took her in the first place, and I want to kill them.”

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Are you aware of the user Ambershade on yt? Some of their work looks like it was directly copied from yours, specifically their "You'll be in My Heart" MAP part. I may just be over-analyzing a similarity in styles but I wanted to let you know about this in case you weren't aware

yep, that’s the same person that is @/meowa193. they have a friend called PIGofficial or PIG on wc amino who i recently found who is doing the same thing. they posted a reference of their new OC that they “made”, but it’s literally just a copy of my lionblaze design for our devils backbone map

also a comparison of mine vs meowa193/ambershade. the proportions are off but like…come on dude 


They brought my other child

Meet lil Cat :’). That’s not really his name but we’re just gonna go with that until I can think of something😂 the shelter brought him for his final visit with Sage to make sure they can get along and surprisingly he doesn’t hate him lmao. So he should be here permanently by the end of this week once he has his last check up😭

han was ready to adopt rey and finn!!! uwu uwu

oh yeah, that’s why one of the first sentences out of his mouth was “Chewie, throw ‘em in a pod, we’ll drop them at the nearest inhabited planet” and he wanted to give rey a job where he said flat out he was going to be mean to her and she was gonna get shit pay after MISCONCEIVING that she appreciates the falcon, a ship that rey says is garbage