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The Night Court - Inner Circle ~ The court of dreams

“The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares. And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”

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Only one thing in return...

Context: in the main town, three of our team members robbed the ‘survival shop’ threatening the shop owner Danson to give them healing potions for a massive ‘discount’. Fast forward to the next village, Ansin-on-Edin, where the three characters decide to assuage their guilt and chuck money around at all the locals, and our bard keeps casting disguise self on themselves to look like Danson (and have him do stuff like get a huge round in at the tavern).

So we get back to Ansin-on-Edin after saving a kid and killing a hag, and before we leave (without getting anything from these poor folk), the bard casts disguise self again, turns to the owner of the tavern and says:

B: We’ve done a lot for this village, and ask for only one thing in return. In my memory, I ask that you add a D to the-

DM: Yeah, I get it… the village is now Danson-on-Edin.

Reblog/like if youre a Victuuri shipper who isn't anti-Otayuri

I did this for other fandoms and I’ve been asked to do this again because honestly, finding Victuuri blogs who don’t just turn out to be assholes is really hard. 


An iKONic wrote a letter to new ikonics and potential fans. Read this guys!

Full Credit @ naekkon ty for writing this T^T

To new ikonics, THANK YOU for giving iKON a chance. You will not regret it. Hate is everywhere we won’t lie, but they make it worth every second of it ;-;

LMFAO at Harries of ALL people going off about how 1D needed a break. Am I living in the twilight zone or no? Is this really happening? Is it real life? Because for the past two goddamn years the loudest people about Zayn leaving have been Harries/Larries. If y'all now believe sooooo much that they all desperately needed a goddamn break then why the fuck were y'all coming at Zayn every damn day for two years for leaving for his health? You say they were all bitter and salty about not having days off and working too much suddenly now that it’s out there that Harry was the one who pushed for it? Y'all so ugly and transparent I swear to god. Where was this fucking push for understanding about a fucking break when Zayn was out here looking skeletal and dead in the eyes due to being in that toxic ass situation with toxic ass people? Where was this push for understanding a break when Zayn opened up to the world and said that being in that band made him mentally worse off than he’d ever been? Where the fuck were all of your text posts about the importance of a break then? Because I am fucking certain that at least 98% of you ugly motherfuckers reblogging posts about a break now were the first bitches in line to call Zayn unprofessional, lazy, a bitch, a drama queen, a professional victim, weak, a druggie etc. because he left the band before he fucking starved to death or had a terrible mental breakdown. For 2 years now we have been fighting day in and day out for y'all to understand that that band was toxic and the workload was hell as well as the constant shit thrown, but no you guys wanted to laugh about shit and say we were just trying to excuse Zayns “laziness” but now suddenly you’ve dug in your assholes and have found receipts of of them needing a break for years because Harrys ass is under fire? Lol.

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I'm so tired of people saying that Harry hates Louis or vice versa. They obviously can't show their love publicly but if Harry is that 'big bad wolf' forcing Louis to do things like going on hiatus then why do Louis friends still like Harry? Steve adores him. Calvin is lowkey his stan. Fizzy is his #1 fan and likes tweets about him frequently. Styles-Tomlinson siblings still hang out with each other. If he's supposedly 'evil' then why??? Explain that, Harry haters :)

They can’t :)

I’m gonna say it, that Doctor Who episode was too dark. You have literal people who have been forcibly operated on begging for death because of the pain they are in, being muted so nobody can hear them screaming. That’s too far. It’s a great (?) concept for a show like Torchwood with a slightly older fanbase, but it’s crossing over a line for the family audience of Doctor Who imo 

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Um hi so I am kind of bewildered that ikon gets a lot of hate???? I am not a hard core stan but I've been following them since mix&match. I never am one to dive deep into idols and what they do I just like their music but I didn't know that ikon got a lot of hate? I'm very confused because the only thing I ever saw about them that was bad was the bullying thing of chanwoo and I don't even know if that was real but I'm kind of shocked to have read that letter, like what? What's there to hate on??

‘What’s there to hate on’

question of the century. I seriously don’t know anon, I would like to know the reason as well