"Kill Yourself" [Alex Gaskarth v. One Direction]

How do people just throw those words around like they are NOTHING?? I will NEVER understand it.

Recently, Alex Gaskarth, of All Time Low, tweeted about how much he dislikes a One Direction song. Apparently, Alex is not allowed to have an opinion anymore. His tweet said,

“The new One Direction single is horrendous, carelessly written, and whoever wrote it should feel bad, because it’s bad. Gross.”

Now, I understand this is a bit harsh. But people say that about his music, too. And he’s allowed to be blunt, and have an opinion. Anyways, he was talking about “Live While We’re Young”, but everybody thought that he was talking about “Little Things”. ONE DIRECTION FANS WENT APE SHIT. It was absolutely disgusting to see the way One Direction fans responded to this. They brought up his brothers suicide, and told him to kill himself as well. They’d say stuff like “Kill yourself like your brother”, “that’s what everyone wants”, and so on. That’s just really low. Now, when you search “alexalltimelow” on twitter, the FIRST option is “alexalltimelow kill yourself”. The third option is “alexalltimelow brother”. Like… are you for real? Just because he voiced his opinion about a song? This honestly just makes me nauseous. It breaks my heart to think he’s reading those replies right now. He’s a tough guy, but that hits a nerve for him, and the rest of his family, and for a lot of his fan base as well, including me. It’s like, what if ATL fans, or ANYONE for that matter told One Direction fans to kill themselves just because they didn’t like another bands song, what if the tables were turned?  I don’t like One Direction, and I don’t like their songs. But I have never once said they should kill themselves. It should be the same way towards Alex. You’ve told one of our heros to kill themselves, but what if WE did it to you, just because they voiced their opinion? Think about it.

After all this, Alex maintained his sense of humor. “Regardless, lets live while we’re young. Also, tonight lets get some.”  Gotta love him. 

Alex later said he felt bad because Ed Sheeran wrote the song, and he loves Ed Sheeran. “Ed Sheeran wrote it? Fuck. Now I feel bad because he’s awesome and lovely. I guess it’s smart to give your bad songs away? :(" but then when he clarified that he wasn’t talking about "Little Things”, Ed Sheeran cleared it up that he didn’t write that one. “No harm done then. You rule. Keep it up! RT “@edsheeran:@AlexAllTimeLow 100% didnt write that one. wrote this one -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wBzR7zhA0g&noredirect=1 …””  

Later, Alex said: “What the fucking fuck?! Apparently I caused a feud between fan groups? Nah! Love what you love. But I won’t keep my mouth shut.”


“People. To clarify, I was referring to the song "Live While We’re Young”. Ed had nothing to do with it. I’m a fan of Ed’s music. Now let’s all be friends and please stop wishing death on me you creepy weirdos.“ Still keeping his sense of humor throughout all this, I just thought that should be recognized. 

Don’t just throw around the words "kill yourself”. You never know who is going to take them seriously, and you can apologize, but you can never take those words back.