so i’ve been calling this my rose swap au. there’s multiple universes, but in each one, rose hasn’t given up her form for steven (he’s a rescued kindergarten experiment instead, and stays fused w connie 99% of the time) and a different gem gave up her form for her own kid. so i guess here you go.

bo lazuli, the daughter of lapis and yellowtail. she retained her mother’s hydrokenesis, and hates everything about beach city. she’s more of a city kid, and wants to destroy the earth with her water abilities. bo is short for absolutely nothing. if lapis could’ve named her b, she would’ve done it. the shorter and easier to remember, the better.

millie, daughter of jasper and marty. she’s “starchild #2″ and surprisingly musically gifted. she’s been greg’s pupil since she was a toddler, and is very sensitive. she and rose are shockingly close. her full name is millicent. 

and lotus, peridot’s daughter. no one really knows much about her, she’s very private. rumor has it she can tie a cherry stem with her tongue. that’s about what everyone knows about her. yes, she is named after the software company.

  • Escucha Drum & Bass y ahora Dubstep (sólo sabe de borgore y rusko)
  • Se la pasa hablando de “pepas” y fuma “ganja”
  • Esta en contra de las corridas de toros y el maltrato de animales.
  • Ha ido a Mérida mínimo dos veces en un año “a comer hongos”
  • Sabe hacer “malabares”
  • Toma fotos y dice ser fotógrafo
  • Vive una vida de “libertinaje” pero sin dejar de pedirle plata a mami y papi

Esta en contra de todo…pero es todo de lo que esta en contra.

si te lo tomas personal, es por algo

Owl City is the best

I know I’m pretty late on this and unfortunately I don’t have art to contribute, but here goes nothing…

I love Owl City because of the beauty and imagery found in its music. I listen to a pretty wide spectrum of music and I can truly say that Owl City is something unique. Adam’s melodies and lyrics are full of joy, hope, metaphors, and puns. The music always whisks you away to another place and frees you from your problems for a short while. No matter which era of OC you’re looking at, there’s something to love about every song. Most of the time I can’t help but sing along and I feel like I’m rambling but idk.

Owl City has helped me get through a lot. When I was overwhelmed with things, I listened to In Christ Alone and How Deep the Father’s Love for Us and on at least one occasion I cried while listening to In Christ Alone on my back porch late at night. Owl City brings me comfort, lifts my spirits, and gives me hope for the future.

And finally, I’m thankful for Adam and the positive role model he is to me and all the other hoot owls. He knows what he believes and isn’t afraid to share his faith but is respectful of others at the same time. It makes me so happy to know that he has such a passion for music and will always be making it. I aspire to act like him in my future career, with a respectful attitude toward others and a drive to do my best in my work.

Thank you for everything Adam.


I need to get away from this city


Handsome Furs - Hate This City

RIP Handsome Furs