@stoneycottage your hair is so cute that I wanted to show you my hair again and figured you’d appreciate the shirt as well. Also please excuse my awkward voice and hand shanking, you can tell I was super nervous. Anyways it’s @thebakeprincess, @highsmilin, @cungryhunt, @stoneycat, @havingthehigh-timeofourlives, @hash-stash, @cannabisblisss, @errlqueen, @velocirapt0r and @kush4kae to stop and take a hit. Also anyone else who want to smoke with us, just tag me in your post.


Wanna see me fangirl over Clexa and rage at Pike? Then this is the video for you!

aka a crazy Scottish fangirl reaction video

SNSD as characters

I said I was doing to do this and I almost forgot lol SORRY. However there it’s ~ snsd as characters: 

Tiffany - Dolores Umbridge 

Pink bitch, hates Harry, kicks Dumbledore, annoying voice. Is just so perfect lmao. 

Taeyeon - Davy Jones 

No nose, slave of her love (Aka Umbridge), bad leader, after him a good leader comes. 

Hyogre - Peter Pettigrew 

Ugly inside and out, follows the leader because she is afraid, unpopular/forgettable. 

Seohyun - Gilly


Sooyoung - Bellatrix

Looks crazy, backstabber, has what she deserves at the end. 

Yuri - Hinata

Boring, forgettable, just here for her body. 

Sunny - Invisible man

You just know she is there if someone talks to her. 

Yoona - Rosalie Hale

Just a pretty face. Nothing more, nothing less. Just here to make the fandom look big.

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I Hate This.

I hate how whenever I point out that something is racist, sexist, trans/homophobic, etc. that somehow I’m the one with the problem. How I “ruined” it for people. I hate being “that person who complains about everything.” How when I point out that someone else is being a repulsive piece of shit that somehow I’m the one who’s being rude. I’m given a look of repulsion. Their eyes say to me “How dare you speak.”

I hate how minority’s voices are silenced. How abuse is perpetuated by the privileged. Merely asking for respect is seen as annoying, a burden. They insult us in every facet of life and have the audacity to ask why we’re upset, angry, and depressed. They sit smiling on their thrown of power and tell us to shut up.

I hate this. I hate living in constant fear of speaking my mind, knowing full well that if I do, I’ll make even my own family hate me. I hate being trans. I hate being a woman. I hate being a lesbian. I hate being Latina. I hate having mental illnesses. I hate having mental disabilities that seem invisible to others.

I don’t hate these things because I view them as flaws. I love each and every one. They make me who I am. I hate them because whenever I ask that my people be treated as human beings it’s treated like it’s a selfish demand.

All because I dared to make the privileged uncomfortable. All because I dared to speak.

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Alright, anonymous opinion of you: thought you were cool at first. Sort of distantly knew of you because hp incorrect quotes. Now know you are a complete nerd, v pretty, and hate sand.

*infomercial voice* But wait! There’s more! Just wait until you find out about my crippling depression!

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I my goodness. Your voice is so sweet😳😳😳not what I had originally imagined... It's nice haha

Haha, I hate my voice. My twin has the deeper voice. He sounds like a gangsta though haha.

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if i'm honest the rest of dub upsets me and i literally just watched it for vic. vic is one of those voice actors that would make you watch a dub even if you hated the other characters voices. i know from experience

Vic is really good though I really, really love the English Dub. And Plagg and Tikki are so good. Especially Plagg.

Apology of an Ex-Larrie

I have a confession to make.

I was part of the Larrie cult.

Yes, it is a cult. And no wonder I fell into the appeal of it. There’s a group of people supporting you, there’s a big belief system, there’s a villain to collectively hate.

Everything is spun around so many times until it fits the Larrie narrative. You really get dizzy and stop thinking for yourself.

Sometimes you get doubts but you suppress them because you’d just get hate for voicing them.

I ran a Larrie blog for three and a half years now.

I started it because Larry was bloody cute and I think many of you will agree with me on that. They were so fucking adorable. All the hugs, looks, they just loved each other and it made me happy.

But then Louis got a girlfriend and Larries watched it and didn’t want it to happen so they made up this big management conspiracy. Everything was apparently staged, Elounor was fake, Harry and Louis were forcibly closeted. The more they pushed this narrative, the less interaction Louis and Harry had. Wonder why that was?

And I feel empty, not because I lost my belief in Larry. I have had my doubts for over a year now. But because I lost friends and I see other friends enlacing themselves ever deeper into the conspiracy.

The baby isn’t real.

Okay, the baby is real, but it’s not Louis’ baby.

Okay, Louis claimed it to be his, but there will be a denial soon.

Okay, the paternity test was positive, but the picture is photoshopped.

And so on.

Louis and Harry are to be protected at all costs because they are innocent, pure, weak human beings who can’t  defend themselves against big, bad management. They are puppets on a string. They never touched a woman because eww. That would make them less pure and innocent.

“Babygate” is just the tip of the iceberg. How many times have things happened that needed to be spun around to “understand” them.

Louis’ bullshit tweet.

Harry kissing this blonde girl, I don’t remember her name.

Harry making sexual innuendo about pussy, but that was obviously just an outsider perspective because he himself has never touched pussy.

Haylor. Oh my God, what a horrible time in the Larrie fandom.

Elounor. No wonder they were looking awkward together, their every bloody move was being watched and commented on.

Now I see what back then I didn’t see:

That WE were the ones making Louis and Harry hide their friendship.

WE were the ones making Elounor awkward.

WE were the ones watching and analyzing their every move.


I’m sorry I participated in that. I’m sorry and I can only say that I was brainwashed. I was part of a cult.

I’m free now and I can’t believe I was part of this for so long. I was giving in to big larrie blogs who shut down every doubting word with sarcastic hateful posts.

One last word for these blogs.

You are bullies.

Manipulative bullies.

But I also feel sorry for you.

You must feel so weak in your own lives that you have the need to build a cult on the internet and bully everyone who doesn’t follow it.

Get well soon.


a recovering Larrie