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Why are you wasting your writing talents on applying for a roleplay like wbs? The admins keep pushing back the acceptance date in hopes of gaining more interest from people they won't even accept in favor of their friends. Friends of friends will apply and the admins will accept them so they can add 2-3 new members instead of just one deserving member and the roleplay has already been drug out for almost four months. You all are being baited and it's just sad and ridiculous at this point.


This is the wrong blog to send this you ignorant hateful ungrateful waste of space. The admins have lives outside their roleplay so if they had wanted to push back the date of acceptance to accommodate their own schedules it would have been fine and dandy but they did it for the applicants that lost their apps and those who needed more time. They did for us. They did for you, yes even you faceless coward because they care about all of the applicants not just those in the tag or their friends.

And the reason it’s been four months it’s because of the amount of work they put into it from aesthetics to bio writing (over forty) to answering every minuscule worldbuilding questions any of us could have. They put their goddamn souls into this roleplay and if it took this long it’s because they respect their applicants enough to want to produce quality rather than get out shitty bios in a record time just to open sooner.

I am sick and tired of seeing a bunch of anons come at this rp with accusations of cliqueiness and favoritism with absolutely no reason or proof to think like this but their own lack of confidence. If you feel the need to tear other people’s down and shit over the work of passionate and kind people it’s your problem but leave me the fuck out of it. I’m talented and I’m still applying for this roleplay because the admins have made me and others feel welcome and it’s not even opened yet. I’m applying because the work that’s been put into this rp is impressive and because they have written characters that touched me, that genuinely moved me and that’s rare. So yes, I’m applying to wbs and frankly none of the vitriol you throw their way or mine will make me change my mind.

The Signs as Steam Powered Giraffe Vice Quadrant Songs

aries: Fire Fire

taurus: Over the Moon

gemini: Steam Junk

cancer: Hold Me

leo: Burning in the Stratosphere 

virgo: Its Cosmic

libra: The Vice Does Tight

scorpio: Necrostar

sagittarius: Sky Sharks

capricorn: The Pulls

aquarius: The Speed of Light

pisces: Star Valley Night

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WATCH: GSA Can Stay, Says Rural Tennessee School System
While the Franklin County School Board may revise its policy on school clubs, the top administrator says it wouldn't retroactively affect the GSA.

A Tennessee school board meeting Monday night saw emotional comments from both supporters and opponents of a gay-straight alliance, but the GSA will continue to meet, the district’s top administrator said. The formation of the GSA at Franklin County High School in Winchester has been controversial, with some parents saying such clubs shouldn’t exist on campus, and one even saying that allowing the GSA would leave the door open for groups like “Future ISIS Members of America.”

But while the Franklin County School Board will reconsider its policy on student organizations, any changes in the policy would not be retroactive, so the GSA is safe, Amie Lonas, the county schools director, told the Murfreesboro, Tenn., Daily News Journal after the meeting.


Scorpio female relationships

Constantly fighting just to make up: Aries x Scorpio

On and off again relationship: Aquarius x Scorpio

Can be controlling when they don’t find balance: Cancer x Scorpio

Your mom loves him but he’s way too clingy: Leo x Scorpio

Gives you way too much space that you forget you’re even together: Gemini x Scorpio

Best friends who understand each other in the most beautiful ways : Virgo x Scorpio

So much unfinished chemistry with lack of communication: Taurus x Scorpio

Strictly just friends: Sagittarius x Scorpio

Unconditionally passionate for each other: Scorpio x Scorpio

Has fun joking around constantly: Libra x Scorpio

Best friends who fall for each other without knowing it: Pieces x Scorpio

Always there for each other: Capricorn x Scorpio

STEVEN UNIVERSE: it was an accident
“We’ll start with the pilot. You gotta do them in order.” “Sssssstaaaart?” The smaller gem tilts her head and hisses the word out, as though it’s foreign to her. “Theeeeeeeemmmm?” Amethyst sighs and smiles, throwing her arms out casually. “Yeah! There’s like, five seasons, dude.” When that doesn’t seem to sink in, she just sighs and counts off on her fingers. “‘Bout twenty episodes a season, that means it’s… I dunno, like. More than a hundred episodes.” The look on Peridot’s face worth, in Amethyst’s humble opinion, every dollar spent in five seasons’ worth of budget.
By Organization for Transformative Works

so i fell into the garbage rock pit and i can’t get out, i’m sorry friends. i’m trying out shorter chapters more often (instead of a reasonably sized oneshot like usual) in case we get any more information or my theories change on rewatches. i think it’ll only be a few instalments, but who knows where this gay geometry train will take us! :’>

content warnings: spoilers for the series up to stevenbomb ‘16. set nebulously after the drill is nearly finished and they have some downtime, but before the cluster is presenting a real threat.

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I really need to get more exercise, but that means wearing clothes that show my body differently/ show it at all. And I DESPISE my legs. But for my health I have to do this and there are no people free spaces. I hate that right now I have to choose between dysphoria with a good helping of self hate, or my health. Bah.

Just wear whatever you’re comfortable in. It doesn’t have to be something stereotypical. So long as you can freely move and do whatever movements you need to do, it doesn’t matter

If you’re planning on joining a gym or something, I’d recommend planet fitness, they cheap, trans friendly (policy wise at least) and anyone mocking your body or making you uncomfortable pretty much gets kicked out because they have a “judgment free” policy. Ive used two of their gyms in two different states and their gyms are always relaxed, clean, and respectful. Also wear wtf ever you want.


Gonna chime in with some personal stuff here, too - I used to do at-home exercise a lot, because I hated being sweaty and red (I flush in like 0.002 seconds flat) in front of other people.

If you like and own games like DDR, those are great exercise. Wii Fit can also be a solid workout, if you have the balance board.

There’s also plain body exercises like crunches, planks, and push-ups. Those are more muscle-focused than aerobic.

If you want something that’s a blend of aerobics and strength training, look into some online pilates and/or yoga video workouts. My all-time favorite thing was pilates because it had a good rhythm, and I found a video that showed 3 different difficulty levels for each segment, so you could pick whichever one you were best suited for. (Pick Your Level Fitness Pilates, I think)

Depending on if you have or plan to buy additional equipment, there are even more options for specific exercises to do. Free-weights, yoga balls, and foam blocks are all pretty easy to find in stores and can be affordable when on sale.

As far as clothing goes, truly the only thing you need to worry about is making sure your clothing is not unsafe for whatever activity you’re engaging in. Loose drawstring pants and oversized t-shirts are great for aerobics as long as nothing is tripping you. Roomy clothing is also fine for most other activities.

Generally, “men’s” fashions are less form-fitting, so if at all possible, look there for activewear options if you need anything new. Especially workout pants - it’s nearly impossible to find anything in the women’s section that isn’t clingy, but the men’s section will have stuff like jersey pants and stuff!


even if u do go out in public exorcising in a baggy sweatsuit is something people do. though I can’t say it’s super comfortable on hit days


Also there are at home programs like P90X if you feel like footing the bill for those. I work out in my room using those and they really help! They’re intense though and they’re expensive


I dunno if it helps, but there’s stuff on YouTube you can watch for free like Blogilates that have a variety of workouts you can do, at home, for any level you’re able to work out, including beginning stuff. There’s also a variety of workouts that the lady who made it created for specific areas that you might want to work on, legs included!

And since it’s pilates and stretching type stuff, you don’t need to buy anything, wear whatever you want at home, and do it on your own schedule!

blaeddelrunner said:

darebee.com has a shit ton of basic workout regiments, from stretching to strength training to cardio and lifting, and many require no equipment except for what you want to wear, and a lot of them come in cute  pdfs with easy to read graphics. at least I think they’re easy to read with my shitty eyes.

My mom & I are basically getting kicked out of my aunt’s house bc my aunt doesn’t like her own sister
So we’re probably going to move to a place near Crenshaw & my moms basically getting it for free.
So my aunt is going to somehow pay $1000 rent + the bills , she gonna have to learn how to take care of herself & the 6 other ppl living w/ her, she gonna have to learn how to wash dishes & walk the dog , buy food & make it. She gonna have to live in a 1 bedroom apt with 7 ppl. She lost lmao
And my mom & I are going to live in a 2 bedroom apt , we won’t have to pay the rent , the bills , we only got ourselves to worry abt.

trying not to cry at work about fucking Kylux of all stupid things

if you enjoy suffering and also space assholes you should definitely read the god-awful masterpiece hollycomb has unleashed

if anyone wants to rec cute shit to me to heal my soul that would be pretty swell

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Hanamiya dating imayoshi ' s younger sister and hanamiya and imayoshi fight over the girl

“Really? You’re going to be wearing that?”

Hanamiya scowled as he realized just who had opened the door to his girlfriend’s home. Glaring at Imayoshi, he pushes his way past the other guy and into the house, not bothering to wait for an invitation. Still not used to the layout of her home, he stands impatiently in the hallway, his back toward the wall so it wouldn’t have to be toward the sly bespectacled guy also occupying the space.

“She hates that color,” Imayoshi comments, referring to the shirt that Hanamiya is wearing. He feels the need to rile Hanamiya up; get him angry. Maybe then he’d leave.

“Really?” Hanamiya asks almost immediately, then without waiting for an answer, “Because she seemed to be really into it when she was helping me take it off last night.”

Despite the innuendo that he’d really prefer not to hear, Imayoshi pushes the conversation forward, gritting his teeth. “You’re re-wearing clothes from the night before? Didn’t know my sister was dating a charity case. She’s such a saint.”

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you’d heard what she was screaming.”

This, followed along with Hanamiya’s devilish smirk, has Imayoshi practically sneering. He opens his mouth to retort, but just as soon as the words find order in his mind, the sound of light footsteps coming down the stairs catches both their attention.

“Makoto, you weren’t waiting long, were you?” Imayoshi’s sister asks as she pecks her boyfriend lightly on the lips in greeting. Hanamiya wraps his arms around her, keeping her close in an attempt to simultaneously keep the kiss lingering and piss Imayoshi off. “Let’s get going before we’re late for the movie.”


Imayoshi is nearly blinded by Hanamiya’s victorious grin as he as his sister bid him goodbye before leaving through the front door. In the back of his mind, Imayoshi wonders when his sister had grown out of hanging out with him and grown into dating guys scum like that.


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You sighed rolling over in bed hating the cold space you felt beside you.

It had been a week since Peter had broken up with you and slowly, but surely you were trying your best to shake off the sense of loss and sadness that lingered around you.

Your friends had taken you to the movies and on one ill-advised trip to a bar, but nothing but time would fix this.

Peter had broken up with you out of nowhere claiming that his lifestyle was too dangerous and he didn’t want to put you in harm’s way or leaving you hanging for weeks on end. You had gone on his ship to a few planets, but you had decided early on that it just wasn’t something you wanted to do on the regular especially of Peter kept nicking things from the places you went to.

That had never been a problem in your relationship. You gladly hung out with him and the gang on the ship, but if they had to go anywhere either you would get off or stay behind on the ship while they did something.

You thought that eventually that had gotten tiring to Peter. You couldn’t blame him because your world was so different from his even if you both were humans.

So here you were boyfriendless and depressed, but you had to keep going.

Peter meanwhile was ‘working’ nonstop. Not that anyone would call thievery and the odd good deed here and there work.

The team was worried about him and they kept trying to get him to take a break none of them voicing the thought that he should go back and try to mend things with you. You guys had made each other so happy and complete and Peter inability to handle meaningful romantic relationships had caught up with him.

“Peter you should go back to (Y/N),” Gamora said one evening.

Peter gave her a sharp look, but she held her ground.

“Peter you need to go back to (Y/N). They meant the world-the galaxy-to you and you need to realize that.”

“Gamora please stop. I can’t. Anything we had I ruined and besides it isn’t worth putting (Y/N) in danger.”

Gamora frowned looking ready to argue with him, but Rocket shook his head and dragged her away.

“(Y/N) you need to find a way to contact him,” your friend pleaded whilst tugging your covers.

You had been moping in bed all day and they had had enough of your pity party. Either you were going to your ass in gear or they would make you.

“Not right now (Y/F/N),” you moaned, rolling over the blankets so they stayed around you.

“(Y/N) you can’t keep up like this. You have bills to pay and things to do and if you keep this up you won’t have a job anymore. You either call Peter and talk to him or move on.”

They left your room leaving the lights on and your phone open to Peter’s contact information.

You stared at it for a moment, but shutting your phone and getting up.

Whatever you felt for Peter he didn’t feel the same and he never would. Going crying to him wouldn’t fix anything. So you faced the new day ready to forget all about Peter Quill.