Novak was never a pack wolf. She hated the pack dynamic. However, things were getting more dangerous. After her house had been ransacked by hunters, she gave in and found a pack. She knew it wasn’t going to be a matter of just getting to join in. It had been a process, few of the others trusted her. It was hard to trust a newcomer, especially since she wasn’t a new wolf. The woman had ended up having troubles with one of the male wolves and now the two of them had to deal with the Alpha. It felt suspiciously like being sent to the Principal. She knocked on his front door, wanting to talk to him about the issues she was having. Though part of her was convinced that he was just going to kick her out of the pack. 


  • “dude i know youre a werewolf and all but seriously that freaking howl laughter you do is so fucking extra and i cant take it anymore”
  • “you being part dog has its perks, mostly for me because whenever i toss something away your eyes follow it and you perk up like you want to chase it but restrict yourself and its honestly the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen”
  • “honestly though i hate my pack so much, like theyre a bunch of assholes but i ran into you on a full moon run in the forest and idk u seem pretty cool. wanna go hunting or scare some people or some shit? i know this sick ass lake thats always really warm, i can show you”
  • “yes i understand im a big bad werewolf now but really i dont want to hurt those cute little rabbits and deer, cant we just wait until we transform back to eat? thats not how it works? well cant i just eat before i transform so i wont be hungry–im sorry im just new at this and im sorta trying to go vegetarian here–”
  • “babe you know i love you and i would give up my life for yours but i sWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GIVE ME ONE MORE DOG TOY FOR MY BIRTHDAY IM GONNA PUNCH YOU SQUARE IN THE FACE”
  • “look im not a supernatural fanatic or anything but i swear man every time this kid next to me gets frustrated they actually growl and it sounds just like some rabid steroid induced dog, and im not saying their a werewolf man but theyre totally a werewolf
  • a werewolf getting personally offended when someone says they’re not a dog person
  • “as a werewolf i can personally talk to dogs and boyohboy does ur little pug have some tea to spill…"
  • “alternatively, i find you to be really superduper adorable and whenever i come over your little dog goes off on rants to me about the cute embarrassing stuff that you do when your home alone and honestly I wake up every day for these chats”
  • “when I saw you climbing out of the stream I was fishing in dirty, wet, and naked, I assumed you had just survived some kind of intense mob hit or something but really you had just detransformed from a werewolf after you were playing in the water trying to catch a fish, and ultimately failing. nice ass, by the way.”

mad as rabbits // panic! at the disco

TJLC Meta - A Beginner’s Guide


hi! it’s a newbie tjlc follower again! So sorry to bother you! I have been watching Sherlock since the beginning and while I have always kind of been a Johnlock supporter, I am new to the TJLC world. I am trying to figure out where to start. Have you any advice for a beginner like me? Which metas to read first and things like that? Right now I am in desperate need for long detailed meta over John’s jelousy and clear possesivness of Sherlock. Honestly, I totally get it if you have no time for this! I had to try and ask you :)

HI!!! :D WELCOME!!! NEVER EVER APOLOGIZE!! I love helping y’all find your way through the MASSIVE amounts of TJLC Meta! It’s quite overwhelming when you’re new, and just reading the meta about it is so exciting and helps to validate your feelings about it! :D

Shameless self promo first of all, let me introduce you to the TJLC / Johnlock section of my Monstrous Masterpost! AND I’m gonna also shamelessly direct you to My Own Meta, because why not :p I specialize in analyzing Sherlock’s character arc, obsessing about TAB and Mary as a villain, with a dab of Nonny Asks on the side :)

So, now that that is out of the way… I was also once a newly initiated TJLCer, and needed my convincing! I’m not 100% recalling SPECIFIC  meta regarding the jealousy and possessiveness, but I have one or two sorta-kinda related. Let me point you to a few of the very first meta I read in the fandom, and sunk me as deep into hell as I am in now :D 

I know a lot of the above links didn’t touch upon the Jealous John thing that you’re interested in, but perhaps the blog tag may net you something good!

Also, you’ll come across some “little fandom things” that may seem really confusing for newbies! Here are a few of those little things! 

I know I must have missed at LEAST 5 others, but, yes. To get you started.

Finally, here are a few fantastic Masterposts from the people I learned how to read subtext from. I STRONGLY recommend starting with these guys, as I learned a lot from them. These are all from my own Masterpost.

Before I finish off here, I must also direct you to Ariane DeVere’s Sherlock Episode Transcripts. This is a VALUABLE resource for ALL of us in the fandom, and without their dedication to transcribing the episodes AND extras for us, there probably wouldn’t be as much meta and fic as there is. Bless you and your team for your hard work! <3

Those are just STARTERS. There are SO MANY BRILLIANT meta writers, and I feel SO AWFUL not adding them… There are ALREADY some amazing new meta writers, and I’m just SO behind in my reading that I haven’t a chance to add everything! I’ve about 400 drafts to still read, so I’m a bit behind!!! I encourage those of you that have “starter” meta, PLEASE PLEASE reblog this post and ADD THEM to help out our newest and all future recruits! Help someone never escape this Johnlock Hell™! :3

If you’re new, and there’s something I’ve missed that  you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to ask :) I’ll try to the best of my abilities, and if not, I’ll pawn it off on my meta-writing followers! My followers often have way more insight than I do. 


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