Teen Wolf AU  → Mama Stilinski 

Mama Stilinski has not yet succumbed to her illness when Scott is bitten. As her health improves, Stiles stands at his best friend’s side while he navigates peril and the world of the supernatural. After a particularly difficult night caught in the middle of Scott and Allison, the Argents, and Derek’s pack, Stiles goes to his mom for reassurance.

Stiles clambers through his bedroom window and somersaults gracelessly onto the floor–and, ow, the bag of dog bowls he bought to antagonize Derek and his pack, how’s that for karma. When he manages to twist his spine back into place, he realizes his door is open. Flickering light from his parents’ room echoes in eerily from the hallway, and once he drags himself up off the floor, he follows it.

His dad isn’t home from the station yet, or he would have put out the fireplace; the sheriff always yells at his mom for falling asleep with it lit. Stiles understands why she sucks at listening, though. The snap of the wood and blanketing warmth make it easy to just close your eyes and drift.

Treading as quietly as he can, Stiles sneaks over to the side of the bed nearest to the fire. His dad will give both him and mom judgmental looks in the morning for being careless, but if he tries to say anything, it might be worth it to offer bacon as a peace offering. In the end, exhaustion wins out over fire safety, and Stiles drops flat on his back with an appreciative groan.

Too late he remembers that his mother is sleeping and when he pops his head up over the edge of the bed to check, she’s wide awake and shaking her head at him fondly.

He laughs and slides back down to the floor, his silence his apology.