Halloween memefemale characters of the occult: Moira O’Hara (ghost)

This is Hunter to Legate. Hope you weren't getting lonely

From a simpler time when Cipher Nine was still undercover and Hunter was just an irritating bag of dicks

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Well, I’m not sayng that I have a ship type, but…

my 11 year old brother couldn’t sleep because he heard about the incident and thought that the police were going to invade the house and kill him.
MY ELEVEN YEAR OLD BROTHER IS SCARED OF THIS SHIT. He was crying for 5 minutes because he thinks that he’s going to die tonight.

Can Another Canton Please Stand Up? (Or, Let’s See How Far We’ve Come)

A short meta on Canton Everett Delaware III, how he gave us a glimpse of a much better show, and why we need non-contemporary companions in Doctor Who.

Can I just talk about Canton Everett Delaware III for a second? I do it a lot.

I love him. I adore Canton. I adore his character, his story, his life, his actor, his portrayal and what I thought he could mean for Doctor Who.

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Today’s sexuality: Christoph Schneider taking off his fat-face in the Keine Lust making-of video

idk it’s 9am and all I want to do is cry over Emma because good grief she doesn’t deserve so much shit thrown her way
she’s probably the most tragic character on ouat - lost so much for the ~greater good and thanks to all those ~good intentions
I just…

the only person who actually cares whether or not you have a thigh gap is yourself like do you actually think a guy is not going to date you because you don’t have a thigh gap because if that is the case you need to up your confidence quite a bit. i have never met a guy who would point out whether or not a girl has a thigh gap like in all honesty that does not impact your life in any way cmon

When a judge drops you because they hate your team

❞ I worked at UPS loading package trucks on the night-shift. I worked in the frozen foods department at a grocery store called Hy-Vee. I also built industrial dehumidifiers at a local factory. Gnarly stuff.


can you imagine if you’re future husband is off somewhere with some other girl rn doing couple stuff..?
idk bout ya’ll but i think thats just gross.
i mean seriously everyone goes around saying “oh girls should perserve themselves for their future husbands” but does anyone say guys should do the same?!
it goes both ways.
stop idolizing boyfriends
a guy hasnt done anything for you until he’s made you a wife.

I’m guessing my last text post didn’t ya know…..post…
But basically I was talking to this dude for about a month and out of the blue he stopped talking to me for a week because he got “busy” and I found out today that he unfollowed/blocked me on every social media network except for Instagram like are you kidding me???? Fuck off???
You delete me off everything but you still want me to like your photos tho? Bye as hell.
And then my ex snapchatted me yesterday looking like an alcoholic kindergarten teacher all unshaven talking about “hey (:”. Uhm, no??? Can you go be a cunt somewhere else please??
I am 100% done with fucking around with white guys they all disappoint me or they are boring as hell there is no inbetween

Emma’s words hurt like hell, not because they made me lose hope, no. I’ll never give up on this ship. It hurt because I saw her desvastated. I saw an insecure little girl who wanted to run away and cry behind a tree. That’s how her past makes her feel. I need to see the fierce woman she is, not a scared puppy.

ST/SF shippers must be really happy to hear that. Shame on you if you think that was romantic. That actually sucks. I can already see them coming at us, saying that’s why she’ll kiss Killian in the next episode. Oh well. Let’s see what happens next. Yes, she might still have feelings for him, but I saw her pretty pissed off too. That’s the reason why I don’t see her forgiving him anytime soon, or running to him in slow motion. If Neal can’t forgive his father who says Emma’s supposed to forgive him? Jmo said it herself, it won’t be as easy as seeing each other and being in love like they were, and she knows the character better than anyone.

Sorry Neal but week after week I find myself liking you a little bit less and less. It’s funny, the things you said to your father, did it ever occur to you that’s exactly how Emma has always felt? You know what was like being alone? Living in the streets? Giving birth while being tied, in jail? Knowing that you left her behind? You left the girl you loved abandoned because you were a coward. So don’t try to make your father feel like crap because guess what? You did the same thing. Ha. True love my ass.

On the other hand, Killian’s learning from the best. ‘If there’s one thing I’ve gleaned from you hero types, it’s that there’s always hope’ HOPE. The magical word. Who is giving Emma hope now? Killian. Who destroyed her hopes and dreams? Neal. We always knew a love triangle was coming, well, here it is. We know pretty damn well how these three are, so I don’t wanna see anyone leaving the ship. Our pirate is the one who fights, the brave man. The guy who only wanted to exact revenge on the Dark One is the one who has hope now. Character development, you got it Killian.

I’m telling you guys, don’t ever lose hope. The ignore button is there for a reason, don’t give the haters the pleasure of getting you down.

This story is just starting. It’ll hurt but it’ll be worth it. Emma deserves an epic story and she’ll have it, with Killian. It won’t be easy and there will be drama and angst because it’s a real story. It’s not a fairytale. It’s about two fucked up people finding their way home.

americans who say they hate other americans/america make me so sad