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2) also what are your thoughts on book sansa and arya relationship? I've read some absurd posts about Sansa apparently abusing Arya or that she doesn't love her at all. And i really wanted to know your opinion Thank you!

Sansa and Arya didn’t understand each other, were often frustrated with each other, and lived in an environment that portrayed Sansa as the ideal Arya should be working for and Arya’s preferences as improper. They spent a great deal of AGoT very angry with each other, and in a hostile situation with frankly inadequate adult supervision.

They love each other, too.

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Sansa and Arya
  • “What could you want to see?” Sansa said, annoyed. She had been thrilled by the invitation, and her stupid sister was going to ruin everything, just as she’d feared. 
  • Sansa knew all about the sorts of people Arya liked to talk to: squires and grooms and serving girls, old men and naked children, rough-spoken freeriders of uncertain birth. Arya would make friends with anybody. This Mycah was the worst; a butcher’s boy, thirteen and wild, he slept in the meat wagon and smelled of the slaughtering block. Just the sight of him was enough to make Sansa feel sick.
  • “Gods be true, Arya, sometimes you act like such a child,” Sansa said. “I’ll go by myself then. It will be ever so much nicer that way. Lady and I will eat all the lemon cakes and just have the best time without you.”
  • Sansa lifted her head. “It will be a splendid event. You shan’t be wanted.”
  • “Go ahead, call me all the names you want,” Sansa said airily. “You won’t dare when I’m married to Joffrey. You’ll have to bow to me and call me Your Grace.”
  • “You’re horrible,” she screamed at her sister. “They should have killed you instead of Lady!”
  • The blood orange had left a blotchy red stain on the silk. “I hate her!” she screamed. She balled up the dress and flung it into the cold hearth, on top of the ashes of last night’s fire. When she saw that the stain had bled through onto her underskirt, she began to sob despite herself. She ripped off the rest of her clothes wildly, threw herself into bed, and cried herself back to sleep.
  • Arya started it,“ Sansa said quickly, anxious to have the first word. "She called me a liar and threw an orange at me and spoiled my dress, the ivory silk, the one Queen Cersei gave me when I was betrothed to Prince Joffrey. She hates that I’m going to marry the prince. She tries to spoil everything, Father, she can’t stand for anything to be beautiful or nice or splendid.”
  • "Then I’ll … make you a new one,” Arya said.Sansa threw back her head in disdain. “You? You couldn’t sew a dress fit to clean the pigsties.”
  • “I’m not like Arya,” Sansa blurted. “She has the traitor’s blood, not me. I’m good, ask Septa Mordane, she’ll tell you, I only want to be Joffrey’s loyal and loving wifeIt was not until later that night, as she was drifting off to sleep, that
  • Sansa realized she had forgotten to ask about her sister.
  • Sansa found herself thinking of Lady again. She could smell out falsehood, she could, but she was dead, Father had killed her, on account of Arya.
  • Sansa had once dreamt of having a sister like Margaery; beautiful and gentle, with all the world’s graces at her command. Arya had been entirely unsatisfactory as sisters went. 
  • She wanted to tease Bran and play with baby Rickon and have Robb smile at her. She wanted Jon to muss up her hair and call her "little sister” and finish her sentences with her. But all of them were gone. She had no one left but Sansa, and Sansa wouldn’t even talk to her unless Father made her.
  • She went to the window seat and sat there, sniffling, hating them all, and herself most of all. It was all her fault, everything bad that had happened. Sansa said so, and Jeyne too.
  • “I’m sore all over,” Arya reported happily, proudly displaying a huge purple bruise on her leg.“You must be a terrible dancer,” Sansa said
  • “It won’t be so bad, Sansa,” Arya said. “We’re going to sail on a galley. It will be an adventure, and then we’ll be with Bran and Robb again, and Old Nan and Hodor and the rest.” She touched her on the arm.“Hodor!” Sansa yelled. “You ought to marry Hodor, you’re just like him, stupid and hairy and ugly!” She wrenched away from her sister’s hand, stormed into her bedchamber, and barred the door behind her.
  • Arya looked down at her ragged clothes and bare feet, all cracked and callused. She saw the dirt under her nails, the scabs on her elbows, the scratches on her hands. Septa Mordane wouldn’t even know me, I bet. Sansa might, but she’d pretend not to. 
  • When she thought of seeing Robb’s face again Arya had to bite her lip. And I want to see Jon too, and Bran and Rickon, and Mother. Even Sansa … I’ll kiss her and beg her pardons like a proper lady, she’ll like that.
  • So the singer played for her, so soft and sad that Arya only heard snatches of the words, though the tune was half-familiar. Sansa would know it, I bet. Her sister had known all the songs, and she could even play a little, and sing so sweetly. All I could ever do was shout the words.
  • “Well," Arya said, "my hair’s messy and my nails are dirty and my feet are all hard.” Robb wouldn’t care about that, probably, but her mother would. Lady Catelyn always wanted her to be like Sansa, to sing and dance and sew and mind her courtesies. Just thinking of it made Arya try to comb her hair with her fingers, but it was all tangles and mats, and all she did was tear some out.
  • Lommy had called her Lumpyhead, Sansa used Horseface, and her father’s men once dubbed her Arya Underfoot, but she did not think any of those were the sort of name he wanted.
  • Her sister came back to see if she was hurt. When she said she wasn’t, Arya hit her in the face with another snowball, but Sansa grabbed her leg and pulled her down and was rubbing snow in her hair when Jory came along and pulled them apart, laughing.
  • Sansa did not know what had happened to Jeyne, who had disappeared from her rooms afterward, never to be mentioned again. She tried not to think of them too often, yet sometimes the memories came unbidden, and then it was hard to hold back the tears. Once in a while, Sansa even missed her sister.

- Just because the ~discourse~ has resurfaced and people are forgetting there are legitimate issues for the girls to work out between themselves. 


#the Joffrey bit

So those of you who’ve had discussions with me already know how obsessed I am about #the Joffrey bit in Sansa and Jon’s recent conversation in S7e01. But since I’m obsessed I am going to list out the various reasons why I am!!

1. Jon stopped walking when Sansa said Joffrey.

2. He was really really offended that Sansa compared him to Joffrey.

3. Please check out the disgust on his face when he asks Sansa “Do you think I’m Joffrey?”

4. We all know how much Book!Jon disliked Joffrey. He tells Arya that Joffrey looks like a girl. He’s upset that Joffrey’s taller than him. He hates the way Joffrey looks around at everything and everyone in disdain etc etc.

5. There are wonderful metas which link Jon’s dislike for Joffrey with Sansa.

6. Show!Jon looked equally disgusted with Joffrey, or being compared to him.

7. Maybe tinfoil: But Jon, who was acting all kingly a moment ago (I’m king now, don’t undermine me blah blah) suddenly looks like the teenager he was before he left winterfell for a second when he asks Sansa, “Do you think I’m Joffrey?” Even the “Thank you!” Is from that boy who’s relieved to know that Sansa doesn’t think he’s anything like Joffrey

8. Jon is so shocked by Sansa comparing him to Joffrey that even after she pays him the best ever compliment he has lost track of what he was saying earlier.

9. Tinfoil: I thought Sansa slid in that comment about Joffrey on purpose to playfully mock Jon. Look at her expression when she starts talking about Joffrey. She doesn’t even let Jon finish his earlier sentence. Book!Sansa did know that book!jon was jealous of Joffrey. Arya tells her as much. Just saying..

10. Joffrey was Sansa’s Dream Prince who turned out to be a monster.

11: Sansa says with that soft glow in her eyes, “You are as far away from Joffrey as anyone I’ve ever met.” Notice the use of the word ever in the sentence.

12. Sansa realises that Jon is a good, brave, gentle, strong man and a good KING. He is a better man and a better king than Joffrey could ever be. Joffrey, who was once the dream of a naive little girl. And we as audiences are being told that!!

13. This is what Sophie Turner meant when she said “Jon will be restoring her faith in men.” By comparing Jon to Joffrey. At least part of it.

14. Jon’s reaction after hearing the compliment. He stares, looks away, clearly at a loss for words.

15. The way the scene was shot. Jon stopping at the mention of Joffrey , Sansa turning around to look at him. It was all meant to bring that moment to our notice. Because #the Joffrey bit was important.


Phew that was long!! But I had to get it out of my system. I’m sure I’ll add more to this. Because I CANT GET OVER IT!! Add to this if you like!!

Gif credit to @soapieturner for these wonderful gifs or else you’d have had to bear with my horrible ones!!

Fuck Tom Riddle. Seriously, fuck Tom Riddle, okay? I’m so done with him and I have less than no use for him. And you know what, fandom is mostly to blame. I don’t feel sorry for him at all, because I’m sick of people blaming all of his problems on Dumbledore and everyone else. I just saw this post, that Dumbledore kept an eye on Tom not because he was practicing Dark Magic and staring his own evil little cult following, not to mention he was clearly screwed up, that doesn’t seem to matter. But because he was the only one who can see through Dumbledore’s “manipulations.” Tom was a THREAT to Dumbledore because he could see him for what he was, Dumbledore apparently knew that Tom couldn’t be manipulated easily, not that he would even want to but okay. Tom could apparently see Dumbledore for the manipulator he was from the first meeting they had, and that’s why Dumbledore was suspicious. Of course it isn’t because Dumbledore was the one who could see through Tom for the evil little shit he is, never that! Once again it’s all Dumbledore’s fault. People go on and on about how manipulative he was and his manipulations, who cares that they totally helped save the world from Voldemort right? Who cares that his plans weren’t ill intended at all and Tom’s clearly were, right? Nobody cares about that.

And no, I don’t care that he grew up in an orphanage anymore. “You don’t know about his life!” I know he’s a genocidal maniac who murdered hundreds of people, that’s all I need to know. He’s just a poorer version of Joffrey Baratheon. That’s who he reminds me of, he’s a brunette Joffrey, and I hate them both. But the thing is, Joffrey is rightly loathed by everyone despite his age. Everyone hates Joffrey, and nobody blames his problems on other people. So I don’t understand why people are blaming Tom’s problems, which are probably worse, on another person. So yeah, screw Tom Riddle.

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Hi! This might sound a little silly, but I've been seeing a lot of gifsets about Ned's quote about Sansa and Arya being as different as the son and the moon and in them Sansa's the sun and Arya's the moon. I understand the aesthetic reason for the sorting, but I was wondering if there was a meta reason for it. I think both of their arcs could have the traditional sun and the moon parallels. Your thoughts?

I also got this anon within about 24 hours of your ask (was there a wank I was blissfully unaware of?):

Hey, I really love your thoughts on the stark sisters. This might be a silly ask, but who do you think reflects the moon better and who the sun? I know Ned’s words were more metaphoric than literal, but I always see edits with one sister being the sun and the other the moon, which always vary on which one is which. I can never decide. Do you have a preference?

Before I get into this, I… don’t really have a horse in this race tbh, largely because I think that focusing on the imagery in that line is missing the point of what Ned is saying.  He’s not necessarily saying “one of you is the sun and one of you is the moon,” he’s saying “you are as different as” so I think of it more as a poetic turn of phrase more than anything else.

But since you’re asking here are longer thoughts on the matter, the ones I do have go into symbolism as it appears for Sansa and Arya respectively.

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Being Arya Stark's best friend would include :

(Woooo more GoT prompts!!! Yay Arya :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-You and her doing pranks and being mischievous from the first day you met and getting in trouble all over Winterfell

-You and her training with anything to make as swords with Mycah, even on the day she goes to King’s Landing

-You hating Joffrey as much as she does and holding a grudge against him

-Sansa always complaining about the two of you ruining things, sometimes making you both laugh other making you mad

-Syrio Forel training the both of you, knowing that Arya wouldn’t want to be without you

-Her father telling you to keep an eye for her and telling her to do the same for you as he wouldn’t want anything to happen to the both of you

-You seeing her at the Sept of Baelor when her father was beheaded and holding onto her to comfort her, only to both be taken by Yoren and having to pretend to be boys

-You travelling along with her and her always making fun of you for your little crush on Gendry

-The two of you pretending to be siblings when Tywin Lannister requests for her to be his cupbearer, making him have no choice but to spare you as well

-Sandor Clegane taking you both along when you tried to escape the Brotherhood and having to walk as he let’s you both have the horse until you find one for each of you

-You and Arya always talking around the campfire and her usually confiding in you as well as ask you for your advice

-The two of you travelling to Essos to become Faceless Men of Braavos and taking training seriously but you still managing to make her laugh and smile while at it

Killer Queen

Drabble request from anonymous

Jaime Lannister x Reader

18. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.”
47. Sleepy waking up cuddles
48. “Oh god, what did we do last night?”

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

A/N: Tbh I really didn’t have a plan for this drabble I just let it flow out of me like water, writing whatever came natural and making a few tweaks here and there afterwards. Also I had a twisted enjoyment out of having the reader try and get revenge haha. Hope y’all enjoy xoxox

Warnings: language (cause I have a cussing problem), fluff, angst, mentions of blood and death, lots of threatening, Joffrey being a prick, Jaime being a knight in shining armor

Words: 1400ish (lol this was supposed to be a drabble and I just let it get away from me)

“Fuck you, you demented, bloodthirsty little bastard!” you screamed as you slapped Joffrey across the face, allowing the ring you wore to cut his cheek. A satisfied smile split your features as you watched the blood flow down his cheekbone past his jaw, signaling that you had given him a good, hard hit.

“You best watch your tone you little whore. Or you’ll end up like that poor little toy of yours, with your head on a spike” he smirked, waving his hand at the guard beside him, silently asking for a cloth to wipe away the blood on his face.

“If you say one more word to me Joffrey. I swear by the old gods and the new that I will personally slit your throat so deep your head might just fall off that fragile little neck of yours” you warned, your tone getting dangerously low as you pointed a finger at your husband, your king. You lifted the delicate crown off of your head and dropped it to the floor. The metal ringing against the hard stone floor, echoing throughout the throne room. Your eyes cut through the air like daggers as you made eye contact with your husband at the exact moment that your foot came down onto the crown that just moments ago was placed on your head.

After successfully destroying the symbol of your power and connection to that snide little bastard Joffrey, you stormed out of the room, throwing the throne room doors open and nearly taking out the two guards posted by the doors in the process. One of those guards was Jaime Lannister. Kingslayer. Silently hoping that he’d reignite that nickname of his, you ran quickly up the stairs to the room that was yours and yours alone. It was no secret that you and Joffrey hated one another. Everybody knew it to the point where nobody even flinched when the two of you threatened one another’s lives. The guards wouldn’t harm either of you even if the other one commanded it, so a lot of the threats were empty. Except for that last one. You were going to slit his throat, you decided.

It took a bit of planning, but you finally figured out how you were going to do it. You were going to wait until he was asleep and the guards went to change shifts, which they did at exactly the same time every night. During that small window when nobody was guarding his room, you were going to sneak in with the knife you kept under your pillow for protection and drag it across his throat. Yes, you’d probably be beheaded for killing the king, but you didn’t care. Hells, the kingdom might even worship you for doing it, gods know everybody fucking hated Joffrey. Seriously, everybody. Even his guards. It was a wonder he was still breathing.

With the knife tucked securely in your belt, you tiptoed out of your room and snuck around the corner just as the guard was leaving his post to go get the man who was supposed to relieve him. You slowly turned the doorknob to his room, feeling as though everyone in the kingdom could hear your heartbeat and your breathing because of how much adrenaline was coursing through your veins. Once you had snuck into the room, you pulled the knife from your belt and began stalking over to the bed where your husband lay. For a moment you considered stabbing yourself in the stomach after the fact, making it look like self defense but you decided to say fuck it and reached towards his exposed neck, knife in hand.

Suddenly a large, warm hand clamped over your mouth when another one wrapped around and held your wrist in place, making sure you couldn’t strike with the weapon you were still holding. Tears welled in your eyes as you realized you were caught, you were going to be killed and Joffrey was going to smile while one of his lackeys beheaded you.

Strong arms pulled you out of the king’s room and into the hall before tossing open the door to your bedchambers and tossing you inside. You finally got a look at the man who destroyed your plans and there he was, standing with his back to your door and bearing into you with a look you thought was going to make you melt into a puddle of tears. You simply couldn’t help it when you fell to the floor, a crumpled pile of sadness as sobs racked your body.

Hey, it’s okay. I’m here” soothed the Kingslayer in an attempt to calm you down. He sat down on the floor next to you, his bulky armor making the position uncomfortable but he didn’t care.

“You need to be quieter, sweetheart. Someone’s going to hear you” he whispered as he brushed your y/h/c hair away from where it was hanging over your face.

“Why did you stop me?” you mumbled out, allowing yourself to slump against the cold, hard metal of his breastplate as he held your head to him with his hand.

“I couldn’t let you kill him, your grace. He’s an ungrateful little brat but you’re the strong, lovable queen. Can’t have you beheaded for killing the king. Kings Landing would have a full on revolt if anyone lays a hand on you, we need to keep the peace” he continued to rattle off reasons why you needed to stay calm and collected in the public eye as he lifted you and place you into your bed. Your head ached from the tears and your eyes were burning. You grabbed the carafe of wine off of your table and began drinking, allowing Jaime to drink some as well. The last thing you remember is drunkenly crying and leaning your head against Jaime’s chest as you drifted in and out of sleep as he kissed the top of your head.

The sun peeking through your windows woke you up and you shifted slightly as you felt a heavy arm slung over your waist. Not noticing that you normally didn’t wake up with someone else in your bed, you snuggled into the man’s chest, sighing deeply when his arms wrapped around to hold you tightly to him. Your mind was quiet as you felt the warm, surprisingly soft hands creep underneath the hem of your shirt and settle on the small of your back. You hummed as you nestled your face in his neck, feeling his long hair brush across your face as he turned to face you.

“Mmm, Y/N. This is nice” he groaned, shifting so his legs were tangled with yours as he interlaced his large fingers with your much smaller ones.

Then it hit you. You were cuddling with Jaime Lannister.

“Oh my god” you sprung out of bed, standing a few feet a way and facing Jaime, shaking.

Oh god, what did we do last night?” you screeched, letting your hands fly to your head as you paced back and forth, “We didn’t… Did we?” you couldn’t remember a thing and you were trying, grasping for any memory of the night before but between the slight sting of your eyes from crying and the pounding of your head you couldn’t place a single thing.

“Gods, no. Sweetheart I just wanted to make sure you didn’t go running off into the night attempting assassinations again and you insisted I sleep in your bed rather than on the floor” he chuckled, sitting up in your bed and pulling up a pillow to place behind his head as he leaned against the headboard.

“Oh, thank goodness” you breathed out, relief flooding your brain as you shuffled back over to the bed to flop down and potentially go back to sleep.

“Now, can you promise me you won’t kill my nephew?” he rubbed small circles on your shoulder.

“Fine I guess” you huffed, smirking a little at Jaime’s concern, more so for you than for Joffrey.

“Plus I wouldn’t want to upset the public because they lost the queen they love so much” chuckles erupted from your slightly sore body.

“Your grace, the kingdom would absolutely crumble without you” he smiled, kissing you on the temple before beginning to gather his things and leave the room to start his shift in the throne room.

Jon’s thoughts about the Lannisters in AGOT really make me laugh out loud 😂:

- He decided she (Myrcella) was insipid. Robb didn’t even have the sense to realize how stupid she was; he was grinning like a fool

- “Jon says he (Joffrey) looks like a girl,” Arya said.

- Jon looked down on the scene with a frown. “Joffrey is truly a little shit,” he told Arya.

Oh Jon, i didnt think you were so funny but you were…you are…

Ya know I sincerely hated Dolores Umbridge, Joffrey Baratheon, Petyr Baelish and Mark Jefferson with every fiber of my being, but guess what? I acknowledged that the actors/actresses are not the characters they play. I never insulted out of petty hatred, wished death upon or threatened to murder  Imelda Staunton, Jack Gleeson, Aidan Gilleon or  Derek Phillips like a complete psychopath. Don’t like Kylo Ren? Perfectly fine. Insulting Adam Driver, spread lies about Adam Driver, wishing death or actually threatening to murder Adam Driver because you can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction? Grow the fuck up. I am seriously tired of this mob mentality on tumblr, the fact that any of you are even threatening to murder Adam Driver or even Rian Johnson is just downright disgusting. And before you reply with “it’s just a joke” guess what? That’s what abusers and xenophobes reply with whenever they mock abuse, make rape and racist jokes. I’ve said it before and I said it again, The Star Wars fandom is filled with the biggest bullies I have ever encountered, if you honestly cannot see the difference between the character and want to murder the actor, I really hope you seek professional help

a quick rant

Every time I hear “kill yourself if you ship Jon and Daenerys” I just… get so irritated?

I’m gonna paint you a little picture. Say you are a fan of GoT, and you absolutely hate Joffrey. Let’s say, you hate him SO much, that you want him to die. You get to the scene where he is poisoned, and you think to yourself “finally this fucker is dead”.

Though you are glad that Joffrey was killed,
NOBODY is going to suddenly assume that you SUPPORT MURDER. Because why the hell would they?

As logical human beings, they understand that just because you wanted something immoral to happen in a show - IN NO WAY - does it mean you actually support that action in the real world.

So back to the original point. You are a REAL person telling ANOTHER REAL PERSON that they should be dead because of an opinion they have about two characters on a completely NOT REAL show.

Incest is fucking disgusting; that is a universal truth that I shouldn’t have to tell you I believe because it should be OBVIOUS.

It amazes me that in 2017 people cannot separate fiction from reality; or even assume that others can do so for themselves.


Reader x Jojen / Reader X Joffrey

Requested By Anon

It was an honour they told you, an honour for the king to look upon you with adoration, to be the only thing the monster thought worthy enough to leave unbruised and unbroken. It sure didn’t feel like an honour.


You hated everything in Kings Landing. You hated Joffrey, the great sea, stifling heat and troublesome servants. You hated the dresses and the way people bowed to you, you hated how short and stubby the trees were and you hated Jojen for vanishing without a word.


You knew it was rare, to be allowed to marry someone you loved but for the sake of your mother’s dying wish your father had allowed it. But when Jojen and Meera vanished one night without a word you were quickly taken back, Cerci convincing your father that he’d been dishonoured and that a girl of such fine beauty should be married to the king.


“(Y/N) … I will not be ignored!” Joffrey complained when you didn’t turn to look at him.

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Imagine being the only person that Joffrey was actually nice to.

“(y/n), how good it is to see you. How are you this morning? Good, good. I must say, you’re looking very beautiful; like every day.”

(Requested by anon)

*Not my gif

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Can you do some Arya/Ned headcanons thanks!

Sobs yes I’m always here for putting more Ned in here I love writing him tbh

  • Arya always does dinner announcements. It originally freaked Ned out and would make him choke, but eventually he got used to it. 
    • Arya, aged 5: “DADDY WHAT’S SEX?” Ned, furiously coughing: “I - how, where, how?” 
    • Arya, aged 15: “Dad don’t get mad but I got suspended for beating up Joffrey and Ramsay. At the same time.” Ned, sipping his tea, “Oh okay honey I have off for the next few days anyway we can make a nice vacation out of it.” 
      • Generally he’d be more strict but he Hates Joffrey and Ramsay so Ned takes her out for ice cream that same day. 
  • Arya once put dye into Sansa’s shampoo to turn her hair blue. This failed on many levels: 
    • 1. Sansa looked great with the blue. It was a light blue that went great with her blonde and everyone gave her compliments on it.
    • 2. This is how the family found out that Ned uses Sansa’s shampoo - he walked in with with a sour look and blue hair and everyone just stopped and stared. 
      • “Arya Stark, you are in big-” “Dad you use Sansa’s shampoo?” “I like the strawberry smell but - dont’ change the subject Arya you are still in big trouble.” 
  • The two people in the family who still use the skinny sunglasses and will bring that and visors on family vacations with matching half-up hairstyles.
  • So….Arya’s….one….flaw. She used to be obsessed, and I mean, obsessed with KidzBop. Fucking KidzBop. She didn’t even do it to get Sansa irritated (though it was a great side effect). 
    • Arya was super into it from the ages of 5-7, and she’d pull Ned into it and force him to sing along and “party” with her. He ended up knowing every god forsaken line (Arya likes to pretend that she doesn’t remember this and refuses to acknowledge that she ever liked the hell that is KidzBop). 
  • Arya loves doing adventurous stuff and she tries to bring Ned with her sometimes - when she was a teenager, he’d always follow along because he knew she’d do it anyway and he wanted her to be safe. 
    • This basically led to Arya rock climbing and Ned calling out “YOU’RE DOING AMAZING, SWEETIE” from down below while wondering if he can drag like, 5 mattresses right underneath her.