I Hate the Homeless- || Jeremy and Jack

Jack was excited- someone had made it out. Someone besides him had lived! He wasn’t sure how and he didn’t really care- the thought of having immediate family was a bit more pressing. Plus it’d be nice to have a bit of normality. This morning had been overwhelmingly shocking and confusing. Even thinking about it made his head hurt.

When he got to the street Jeremy had said, he realized he had no idea who to be looking for. He should have asked for a picture. Or a description of what they looked like. A sign caught his eye and he moved closer to read it- 

A little spare change gets forgotten in your pocket, 
Why not give it to someone who needs it?

Digging through his pockets, he pulled out any cash he had on him and put it into the paper cup before leaning down to talk to the homeless man who had it out. “Are you okay out here in the heat? It’s gotta be hell to have to be out here in summer.”


I’m one of those who prefers the Australian X to the American one, though until this week I’d really never listened to anything beyond their blow-out debut album, X-Aspirations.

Finally got around this week to listening to their 2nd album, At Home With You, that was recorded around five years later. In short, I hated it, but there’s a lot of punk bands who, in my view, similarly went off the rails on their 2nd albums…

… However, I’ve now started listening to their pre-album demos, like the one here. This is good stuff.