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You Moved On

   Joaquin has done a lot of stupid things in his life. Leaving Riverdale and Kevin is one of the major ones. He rechecks Jughead’s message saying that Kevin was at the school for some after school wrestling practice as he walks up the steps. He opens the unlocked double doors and stops in his place, shocked at what happened or at least was happening until he walked in.

   It’s obvious what Kevin and Moose were doing, their swollen lips were enough proof of that. Even if it weren’t their faces scream ‘oh shit, we were just caught.’ Joaquin doesn’t know why his mouth opens up, or why he is saying something but from what his ears can tell he says “Hey, Preppy.” Kevin gives him a small smile with those swollen lips and Joaquin can feel the tears building up in his eyes. He takes one more look at Kevin and Moose before he turns on his heels and leaves like it never happened. He hears Kevin’s voice call after him but he’s too far gone, his motorcycle helmet is on and he’s driving off to the Riverdale motel.


   The next day Joaquin’s walking around the halls of the school, a visitor pass on his shirt and his arms exposed because he had to take off his serpent jacket. “Never thought I’d see Bulldogs and Serpents getting along in school.” A smirk is  placed on his lips as he walks into the lounge and sees Toni, Sweet Pea, Fangs, and a few other serpents talking with the kids of Riverdale High. Toni immediately runs up and hugs him, Sweet Pea and Fangs following suit surprising Joaquin since Sweet Pea and Fangs were never ones to give hugs. When they all pulled apart, Joaquin could feel eyes on him but he smiled and started answering all the questions his friends were asking him because today those eyes were not who he was here for. 

    Soon enough the bell rang, signaling that they all had to go to class. It makes Joaquin wonder if this is where he would be if he stayed, if he hadn’t left. He tells the rest of  the serpents goodbye and starts to leave until he feels a hand on his shoulder. He so desperately wants to just shrug the hand off and walk away, move on like the person behind him did but something in him makes him turn around and face him, Kevin. 

   "What are you doing here?“ Is the first thing that comes out of Kevin’s mouth. Kevin’s eyes though were watching his, looking at him like he was crazy. 

   "Not even a hello? Wow, that’s harsh Preppy.”

   "No, you don't  get to call me that; and you got your hello yesterday. Why are you back in town? It’s not safe for you to be here.“ He takes his hand off Joaquin’s shoulder and it’s only then that he realizes that it was on the entire time. He started to reply to Kevin but then the bell rang and Kevin was officially late to class. Kevin groaned and raised his head to the ceiling.

    "Goodbye, Preppy.” Joaquin teased before he walked away and out of the school.


    Joaquin has one more day in Riverdale before he leaves and he has no idea what he’s going to do for his last day. He could go hang out with the rest of the serpents, its that idea that sounds the most pleasing but before he leaves he gets a phone call from guess who, Kevin. Still saved as Preppy in his phone, he picks it up.

  “How long are you staying in Riverdale?” Is the first thing Joaquin hears in his ear, he’s tempted to just hang up so he can get over Kevin faster but-

  “I’m leaving tonight. You won’t see me ever again.” The air conditioner kicks on in the Riverdale Motel and Joaquin lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. 

   "Come over.“ Kevin says, his voice shaky over the phone. "Kev- I can’t.” Joaquin says but grabs a jacket to put on anyways.

 "My dad’s not home, I just wanna talk before you go, okay?“ Kevin spoke, his voice overtaking the sound of him pacing over the phone.

  Really, Joaquin knows how this will end, he knows how bad this will go but his heart tugs and he’s saying that he’ll be over in 10 minutes.

  Joaquin walks to Kevin’s house, it’s not safe for him to ride his bike if he gets caught by the sheriff, or from what he’s heard ex-sheriff. Too scared to knock, in case Kevin’s dad is home he throws a small pebble at Kevin’s window, like old times. And just like then, Kevin opens up his window to let Joaquin in.

  "I told you my dad’s not home, why’d you use the window?” Kevin asks moving to stand in the middle of the room while Joaquin awkwardly sits on Kevin’s bed.

 "Didn’t feel right. What was it you wanted to talk to me about?“ Joaquin rushes, he chuckles at himself about how nervous he is. 

  "Did you have real feelings for me?”’ Shit’ Joaquin thinks. “Or was it all just a job for you to do?” 'Fuck’ is Joaquin’s next thought. “Kev-” “Answer me honestly Joaquin, I need to know.” Kevin crosses his arms over his chest, awaiting an answer.

  “My feelings for you are real, were real anyways. I never wanted to hurt you or anything else like that, but Fp got word of who you were and where I disappeared to that night and, you know the rest.” Joaquin was looking down while he was talking but a sudden burst of guilt made him look up into Kevin’s eyes, “I’m sorry.”

   Joaquin takes the silence as his cue to leave, it was only 12 something, he didn’t bother looking at the time before he left, and he could still go chill with the serpents for a bit before having to take off. “Wait.” Kevin’s voice catches him off guard as he is about to leave the way he came in. “Keep that number, I’ll call you, okay?” Those words catch him off guard too. 

  “But what about-” “Moose? We won’t last for long, I’m his rebound for the time being but when he gets over what ever this is, I’ll call you.” Kevin finishes the question for him, a sting of sadness in his eyes that makes Joaquin’s heart break.

  “Not if I call you first, Preppy.” And with those last words, Joaquin is off to the South Side and soon enough, out of Riverdale.


*Hii!! So this is for @aesthetically-nonpleasing I am so sorry that I never posted this!! And I severely hope you don’t mind I changed Fangs to Moose in this fic! But on a better note this is a very open ended ending so there might be a part 2 in the near future where they actually get together and if you feel like I left you hanging I do have other fics that I would love to share with you! Again I am so sorry!!! Hope you enjoyed.


Can someone recommend me some good heroes of olympus/Hogwarts AU fanfiction??? Or else I’m going to have to actually finish the one I started writing when I was 12. 

(In my headcanon, Piper and Annabeth are Slytherin, Frank, Percy, and Nico are Hufflepuff, Leo and Calypso are Ravenclaw, Jason, Reyna, and Hazel are Gryffindor.)

Back when Lance mentioned being “just a boy from Cuba” was when he was feeling insecure about himself because he didn’t feel enough for Allura.

Now I’m gonna reach, because that’s what us desperate gays do, and point out that so far from the leaked pages in Lance’s book he talks a lot about Keith. More so than the rest of the other paladins. He also says that he was insecure about his place on the team until he took on Red, who we know Keith is still connected to and would probably want to take back. Keith made Lance feel secure and wanted. I’m not bashing on Allura, most of Lance’s insecurities are from him doubting himself not Allura doubting him, but crushing on her made him feel insecure and unwanted. Not enough. Piloting Red and supporting Keith made Lance feel like he was more than just a boy from Cuba. It made him feel like a paladin. Like someone’s first choice.


Shadowhunters 2A + Quotes

I want to know how you’re doing the way I used to. I want to know what made you smile today, what weirded you out… There isn’t much that I wouldn’t give just to relive a moment with you.
—  🖤
SO MANY of the men on r/CatholicDating make me not want to date, ever.

women are more than our bodes

women are more than our ability to have kids

women were not made to be our husband’s sex slaves

“career women” (ugh, I hate that phrase so much) are not useless

it’s not women’s fault if you never get married

women are not commodities

women are not objects

women are not walking uteruses

it’s not women’s fault if you cannot control your lustful behaviors or thoughts

not every woman sleeps around, condones birth control, or will only date Calvin Klein models

you do not deserve a wife or kids. God does not owe you a wife or kids

women are not all the same. we all have our own individual preferences, dreams, desires, opinions, etc.