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Due to popular demand, I did “Pegasus” after all.
Pegasus is a genus closely related to Gryps (griffins and hippogriffs), which was once widespread across Europe and the Americas, but underwent a sharp decline following the last ice age. The most famous species, Pegasus olympius, is not actually found in Greece but in parts of Northern Europe and Russia, but was named for its resemblance to its mythical counterpart. It is about the size of a large deer and ranges in color from white to speckled grey or greyish-brown. “Pegasette” is the smallest species of Pegasus, and the only remaining in the Americas. It is a textbook case of Insular dwarfism.

SM: ok everyone get ready for our trip to Hawaii 


SM: no not you exo you get to work you’re asses off for another comeback oOps


Okay so Going Grey is a really good album, and I feel like its a rebirth of their old style. A lot of people are saying that its so unlike their other albums, but its not trying to be. The album title itself indicates a change. It makes me so nostalgic because I love the Front Bottoms from their early music that sounded like it was recorded for fun in someone’s garage by a few friends who were fucking around and made these really deep and relatable songs, to their music now, which is equally as deep with the same beautiful, sometimes abstract, lyrics. They’ve grown so much and really refined their sound. I’m proud of the boys and I love this album as much as all the others (Even though Talon will always have a special place in my heart above all others). If youre a “real fan” then you’ll support them even as their sound changes a bit. Everyone has their favorites, but there’s no need to talk down Going Grey as a “weak” album.

LanceLot Valentines Date: Lance’s alien boyfriend is the best and Lotor isn’t sure what the big fuss is but he could definitely could get used to these strange earth celebrations

Latvia Character Facts

🇱🇻He cries very often

🇱🇻He was too scared to throw away the Russian things after freedom

🇱🇻He still hangs out with Russia, much to his dismay

🇱🇻He once stabbed Sealand with a flower

🇱🇻He loves Poetry

🇱🇻The best he can drink is 40 cups of alcohol

🇱🇻He is only 140 cm (for you Americans that is 4 feet and 7 inches)

🇱🇻He likes romance novels