hate u sfm


Happy Birthday Miyuki Kazuya (11/17) ✧

“A catcher’s mitt was unlike any other gloves, and it’s the only position that squats down the field, looking at everyone. I was enticed by that.  That was how I became a catcher. …This starting position was what I acquired by my own strength. The plays achieved with the fielders, the types of ball I ask from the pitcher… The role of the coach in the field… Such an interesting position, I definitely won’t give it up to anybody.”

delphinidinrose  asked:

i need u to consider something...voltron scrubs au

I hate you for reigniting my love of Scrubs. I have to do homework, I can’t binge watch Scrubs right now (pulls up Netflix) I don’t have the time for this (types in Scrubs in the search bar) I really can’t do this right now (clicks on ‘start from the beginning’) I hate you.