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Follower PSA
I get why plenty of people in the fandom do not ship Otabek and Yurio, or Yurio with anyone at all. However, what I don’t get is the blasting or blacklisting of every individual who posts or reblogs a canon interaction between them without anti’s assuming they ship them.  
The thing is, even when including this Welcome to the Madness content, the interactions are completely ambiguous.  There’s no defining line that clearly divides them from: bros being bros to: explicitly romantic/sexual DOA.
I don’t know what kind of friends you’ve had in your life, or what experiences you’ve shared together, but one thing’s for sure: I’ve done arguably more suggestive things with and/or for my friends and, just because I’d let them stick their finger in my mouth to pull off their glove with my teeth for a shock-n-awe performance, does not mean I want their cock down my throat, etc., etc..
There’s a difference between shipping Otabek and Yuri, and posting Otabek with Yuri; please don’t be presumptuous the next time you consider un-following, blocking, or shaming someone because you couldn’t be bothered to look beyond the post that showed their faces in the same image, or their names in the same sentence.  
This is a YOI blog.  I post YOI content.  Otabek and Yurio’s friendship is YOI content.  I love Otabek.  I like Yurio.  You will see them on this blog, sometimes in the same post.  Thank you.

good morning to everyone but the people who think it’s okay to hate on bands who decide to change up their music style