hate this ship with such passion

Secret Relationship with Draco Would Include...
  • Sneaking out in the late nights.
  • Quite sex.
  • Passionate sex.
  • “Sh, you have to be quite.”
  • “But Draco,”
  • “Sh,”
  • Him always winking and smirking.
  • Him sending you anonymus gifts.
  • “I love you and one day we’ll be able to be public.”
  • Teasing each other.
  • “You know I don’t hate you, right?”
  • “Yes I do.”

“Only casuals and homophobes liked it”

I mean??? I’m gay and have been passionately shipping johnlock since the beginning. I adored that episode. I’m really sorry to those who were disappointed or hated it, I honestly am.

But to me it was beautiful and I loved the ending. To me this was making it canon, raising a baby together “I know what you could become” and then they became it as they rebuilt Baker Street together. I felt it fitted the show and it fitted the two of them. And I couldn’t be happier with the episode or with how it ended.

  • JJ and Yurio appear in the same frame for 2 seconds.
  • Fandom: Shipping material.
  • JJ mocks Yurio.
  • Fandom: They're so cute!
  • Yurio hates JJ with a burning passion.
  • JJ has a girlfriend.
  • Fandom: the fuck?
  • Fandom: *hates the girlfriend*
  • Fandom: *says JJ is a cheater*
  • Fandom: *Starts shipping Yurio with Otabek*
  • Me: I'm so done with you all.
once [warren worthington iii]

p.s this got super angsty and sad i’m sorry anon you asked for a cute happy relationship i am sorry also o look at me writing two things in two days also fuck i hate this sorry

p.p.s @phoenixejean lives off angst so here we go also ft. the introduction of yours and @kurtwxgners ‘s favourite ship; hahaha i hate this its so short  also @bamfaway @fandomiteen @tomhollahd @quicksxlvers bless u all

Warren Worthington kissed you once.

It wasn’t easy to forget.

The two of you were in his room, unopened bottles of vodka on the floor. You’re talking about how you fell in love, and yet not with each other.

He tells you how his eyes always follow Alex, like he’s the brightest thing in the room, and in turn you whisper secrets of how Peter Maximoff breaks your heart.

“Funny,” you say, and neither of you find it funny at all.

He leans in and presses his lips to yours.

It’s a kiss, but barely.

“Here’s to secrets,” he says, and his voice is rough and the bottles remain unopened.

“Here’s to what could’ve been.”

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Repost of Saturday's rant ( it was all over the place)

Alright, before I go on I just would like to state that this is NOT a shipping post in any way, shape, form, or fashion. This is an ADULT post meant for ADULTS only. This is also a post about using basic common sense and judgement, especially those who are over the age of 25. So, I’ve noticed that after the release of the first promotional still for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. People noticed what looked like a bruise on the side of Rey’s forehead. People who hate Kylo Ren with a passion were quick to state that he was the culprit responsible for giving Rey that tiny bruise.(smh) They even went as far as to write posts hastaging “pray for Rey” and hashtaging “abuse”. So this got me thinking about the ROOT cause of all of this nonsense. I thought back to 1 year ago in February when word got out that JJ Abrams described or compared the interrogation scene in TFA as “vicious mind rape” as some tumblrinas like to call it. Now this is pretty old and like beating a dead horse but I have never fully addressed this until now.

So when I first heard about this, I could have sworn that this was something JJ may have said in an interview so I when went to googling it, I got nothing. It wasn’t until I posted a comment on a YouTube video that someone pointed out to me that this claim was made by a random person on no other than facebook. And I know what some of you are thinking “but Erika, she said her husband was dying and that JJ spoke to him on the phone and confirmed it!” No, that’s not what this very young I might add woman stated on her post. Here’s how it went; So on January 3rd, 2016 (two weeks after TFA opened) A woman whose name I will not give out, made a post on facebook stating that her dying husband got an advanced screening of TFA by Disney/Lucasfilm. She claimed that her husband was under the impression that the interrogation scene was a rape scene. She then stated that she had brushed it off as a result of him being disoriented by the medication he was on and that she in no way perceived the scene as sexual. She goes on to say that she called JJ Abrams personal phone herself and she inquired to the director about that one scene in particular and that he stated to her “ he was right, it was violent mind rape” her words.

Here’s the problem I have with this, one it was posted on facebook of all places and two, people last year were on here ranting and raving about it as if JJ Abrams himself presented it as the Eleventh Commandment etched in stone on Entertainment Tonight! When I heard it was a post on facebook I took it with a grain of salt. Also had this young woman’s husband had gotten an advanced screening then this would have been something set up solely by Disney and not JJ himself. Let’s say JJ was involved, then he’s not going to give out his personal number to ANYONE he doesn’t work with or know personally no matter what dire situation they are in and let alone to ask about one scene. At best he would have provided this woman with the number of his Personal Assistant. She would have called his PA and would have made the inquiry to said PA and they would have forwarded the inquiry to Mr. Abrams and he would have responded to her either via email or phone. Or she would have emailed JJ to begin with had he provided her with his personal email address.

But no this young lady claims that she just rang JJ up all willy nilly and he just answered like “Oh hai gurl! How you doin?!” An A list director like JJ more than likely wouldn’t have given out his number to her, nor would he likely be involved in the screening in the first place. Disney has many, many employees who could have handled this themselves without getting the director of the film involved who was probably too busy promoting the film during the time that the screening took place. My point is, you can’t take everything at face value because there is a possibility that this woman may have very well fabricated this. “But Erika who would lie about something involving their dying husband??!!” Oh you would be surprised.

I’m not saying that this person lied about her husband dying, however I find it hard to believe that she called JJ Abrams or even had his phone number to begin with. It’s not impossible that this happened but it’s highly unlikely that she spoke personally and directly to JJ. What boggles my mind is that people on tumblr were talking about it as if what this woman said just had to be true based on the fact that her husband was dying. We all would like to believe that most people would have compassion and morals but unfortunately not everyone does. For example a man in Texas where I hail from lied to the high school he worked for that he was dying of cancer. The school even ran a fundraiser for him. He took their money so he can travel to another state to clear up a pending legal matter, so yes people regardless of how good they may seem on the surface do lie. You don’t believe me then google “Texas Man lies about having cancer.”

Four years ago I was unemployed and wrote a screenplay. My unemployment ran out before I thought it would and I had to find work ASAP or I would have been living out on the street. I had gotten a job at an outsourced call center that would just hire anyone who came a knockin’. So in my training class the trainer all had us play a game and we all asked each other some questions and presented them to the entire class. One of those questions was “do you know anyone famous” one girl by the name of Brittney claimed that she in fact did. That she was the second cousin twice removed of actor and director Tyler Perry. She told the entire class this with the utmost certainty and naïve little old me thought “If she told an entire room full of people then it has to be true!!” So during our lunch break I plucked up the courage to ask her about contacting her famous cousin. She gave me an email address to one of his PA’s named Shondria. I emailed the PA in question my screenplay and got a response back the same day asking for my phone number which I provided. A day later, a woman by the name of Mickey called me and asked me for additional info because the screenplay was an adaptation and not an original. So I provided her with the name and email address of the author of the story and that she would forward my screenplay over to Mr. Perry and would stay in contact with me.

Two weeks later I got an email from “Shondria” stating that Mr. Perry read the screenplay and loved it. Weeks turned to months and months turned into a full year and “Shondria” stopped responding to my emails. I somehow stumbled upon a feature on my gmail account that enabled me to view the actual names of the people I was emailing. I discovered that the person that I was emailing all along was Brittney the girl who claimed to be Tyler Perry’s cousin. She may or may have not been lying about being related to Tyler Perry but she was definitely lying about knowing the people who worked for him. See where I’m getting at? I have receipts of my incident if anyone is interested and doesn’t believe me. And again I am not calling the facebook poster a liar, it’s just people could have taken that post with a HUGE grain of salt and not necessarily as a reliable source.

What really gets me is how I’ve seen a few so called hardcore Reylo’s who weighed in on this without reading the whole story and just taking people’s word for it. One popular blogger even went as far as to make a contradicting statement along the lines of “just because the director stated it was mind rape doesn’t mean that’s how it was written or directed, he was just answering the question of a dying man who was uncertain about his perception of a scene.” As eloquent as this blogger tried to make this statement sound, to me it made zero sense. If it were not written or directed as such then wouldn’t it have made sense for JJ to say no this was not meant to be perceived as a rape?? Common sense here folks. Bottom line this will come up again soon and we need to remember to take it with a grain of salt. Until Lucasfilm/Disney or JJ Abrams himself confirms that this was the subtext that they were using then try to categorize this as a rumor. As far as I know there has been no mention of any sexual subtext or any rape parallels discussed in any BTS footage of TFA or even in JJ’s commentary. This is just something that I felt I needed to revisit and commentary I should have made over a year ago.

My Fair Warrior: Part 7

Setting: Washington, D.C.; McLean, Virginia, 2021

Summary: Feyre’s Independence Day wedding to Tamlin does not go as planned.

Ship: Feylin (technically)

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,635

A/N: Part 7 of my Modern ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas.

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter 

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I really think that the writers didn’t do Susan Williams any favors. 

SA, and MG, and WM, keep pushing her, saying that she’s not an Isabel 2.0, that Oliver just needs a friend, Susan is following a lead she found that might be Oliver Queen during the five years, she’s a reporter, ect. They’re singing her praises. However, us the fandom, HATE HER*. (*not the entire fandom). I mean they’re promising us that Oliver’s gonna bang her, some one we hate. It’s not going over so well. 

The reason we hate her isn’t because we ship Olicity. Of course we do. But did we hate Billy with such a passion? Not really. We thought he was weird and a bit shady, and we didn’t LIKE that he was dating Felicity but he wasn’t a bad guy (some of us were hoping he was Prometheus). But we hate SW because of our First Impression. 

First Impressions are paramount when meeting new characters. We loved Felicity because she was cute, quirky and not letting Oliver bullshit her. We liked Moira, but then found out she had a dark side and so she’s complicated. Some of us like her some of us hate her. 

So our First Impression of Susan Williams was not positive. It was a catty reporter who did whatever she could to undermine Oliver’s mayoral office, running over and betraying Thea Queen– a favorite. It’s a bitchy thing and we immediately thought of Isabel. And now, because of a little flirty flirt with the ‘Mayor Handsome’, she’s all well and good? She’s a saint and Oliver’s friend? 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I’m just waiting for her to betray him, because that is what I’m expecting from her. I’ll be sad to see Oliver hurt in the process ( the poor boy makes horrible decisions we know) but all this Promotion for SW that’s good and sweet, is like tasting lemonade with waaaaay too much sugar. 

Susan Williams is sour, so stop EP, from trying to make us like her.   

masterpost of → tags

so i’ve been listening to Razia’s Shadow a lot lately, and realized that the lyrics are perfect for ship tags? so this is a list of #100 tags, all taken from Razia’s Shadow: A Musical. The list is sorted into ships, aesthetics & development, and visage.

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The Snk Shippers

Personal thoughts about the people behind those ships. (Don’t take it too seriously ;) )
No hate and most important… *spotlights on Isayama*

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~ protective as hell
~ haven’t had a boy/girlfriend yet
~ so much love to give
~ gallery filled with melancholic love quotes

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~ beware of teenager hormones
~ passionate muffins
~ don’t care - swear everywhere
~ always get in weird situations
~ hide an embarrassing playlist on their phones

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~ belong to the roaring twenties
~ bad grades though
~ hot blooded
~ did the Harlem shake
~ no party without pics and hangover
~ they leave your fridge empty

Originally posted by kawaiikitten30

~ have literally seen everything
~ hiding a little genius somewhere
~ analysing the shit out of you
~ deep burried romantically side
~ awkward jokes

~ crazy squad
~ best punch lines
~ play fights (and surely break your nose on accident)
~ smash you on mario kart
~ do collect some really weird shit

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~ average human being
~ instagram lovers         
~ have tons of body care products
~ style is on point

~ don’t believe they’re innocent!
~ cuddle kings/queens
~ the canon loves them
~ cockblockers

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~ Anger issues
~ into kinky stuff
~ wear batman/superman shirts
~ get into fights when drunk

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~ Gentle souls
~ will bake a ton of cookies on Christmas
~ trustful relationship person
~ the fluff is everywhere

Originally posted by mickeyymooo

~ the insecurity is strong here
~ would never talk behind your back
~ midnight philosophers
~ permanent hand holders

~ geeks and nerds are welcome here
~ you never hear them talking (probably communicate telepathically)
~ they DO have a kinky side, believe me, somewhere really deep down there.

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~  raised in a strict home
~ bipolar as hell
~ always done their homework
~ never go on a trip with them alone!

~ probably own some huge dogs
~ grandmothers/fathers of the fandom
~ big digs are for real
~ bara senses are tingling


~ might switched from Jeanmarco
~ poor cinnamon rolls
~ have a diary under their pillow
~ decent hipster smell

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~ you little pervert c(:
~always carry lubricant with them

~ will work as hitmen (beware of their stare)
~ walk, walk; fashion baby
~ totally in the winner team
~ no one touches their beloved ones
~ go under the shower BEFORE turning the water on

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~ sociophatic tendencies
~ better carry some earplugs around them
~ you won’t understand shit in discussion
~ blessed with immortality

~ feminist deluxe
~ totally into sports
~ can handle their shit
~ mix their own smoothies

~ lost souls
~ believe in miracles
~never see the daylight

~haven’t read the manga yet
~ totally day dreamers

~ Dominas with whips

Tell me what you think. Any other suggestions? :)

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  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible

America claims he can dance but really all he can do is dab and whip. He can do American dances from to 70′s and 80′s and all those kinds of dances back then. He can’t ballroom dance though. Russia can do ballet

  • likes to watch reality tv

America lives on reality tv

  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone

America hates pants with the passion of 5,000 suns.

  • is the jealous / protective one

Russia can get pretty jealous

  • goes all out on the holidays

America does for sure

  • cries over books

Russia gets pretty emotional when a good book series ends

  • is terrible with kids

They’re both great with kids

  • drinks too much caffeine

America’s bloodstream is practically full of Starbucks

  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight

America. He hibernates basically

  • never wears matching socks

America but Russia does it occasionally, too

  • punches a tree when they’re angry

I think they both would

  • gets scared by the toaster

tbh Russia does then he accidentally punches it and breaks it

Zutara vs. Kataang

Okay so like when I first watched the show I was 11 and I loved Katara with all my heart and hated Zuko with a firey passion (no pun intended). Mainly because Zuko reminded me of a lot of things I didn’t like about myself and my father (ha the irony). So it’s no surprise that I shipped Kataang and because of that nastolgia I still ship it. However, having grown to love Zuko as I’ve gotten older (he’s now my favorite character). And having watched all the bonus features and knowing the creators intentions for Katara and Zuko to get together I totally understand why people ship it. In fact, sometimes I even find myself shipping it, they have an undeniable chemistry. But the reality of it is, that for legend of Korra to be made and the way that the world and society was set up it wouldn’t have made for a great sequel for Katara and Zuko to get together. Korra (although I generally am not a huge fan of the show for reasons I won’t go into) would not have been near as enjoyable if Aang had married some random ass girl. We already knew Mai (however drab she may be, but she is just a teenager and let’s be honest we all had our emo phase) and she was generally pretty likable. So it makes sense for the creators to pair everyone off like that. That way the characters when they came back in the spin off, they would still be familiar and lovable if for slightly different reasons. By pairing everyone off like that they set the show up for an incredible sequel. So my final statement is, Kataang shippers don’t deny Zutara like it never happened, it was actually a thing, do your research, if people want to ship Zutara let them and understand that they have just as much right to canonly ship it as you do Kataang (the creators have said it was actually part of the original story). Zutara shippers, don’t attack us Kataang shippers, a lot of us grew up watching the show and have nastolgia tied to that relationship, whether it be healthy/plausible/realistic or not, don’t ruin it for us. Keep in mind that our ship is canon too and it brought us Tenzin, Kya, Boomie and all the air babies (*cough cough* Jinora). Be happy with your ships, share fan art and be peaceful. I’m tired of feeling attacked when I go into the tags, I just want to reminisce about my childhood not be in ship wars.

It really bums me out to see people advocating for cancellation/firing of people on my show. If my bosses got replaced, I would be out of a job, too. And I need this job to pay for, like, rent and food and gas. It bums me out to see people hating a fictional relationship so much that they want to ruin real people’s lives. This isn’t directed at any person in particular, and look, I HAVE BEEN A SHIPPER BEFORE I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR SHIP, but it’s something I wish more people thought about. We’re real.

Dating Loki would include:

  • So many pranks.
  • Sarcastic couple.
  • So much sass when you’re in the same room.
  • Being best friends with Thor.
  • Which Loki hates.
  • Sif not liking you.
  • Because of that one time you pulled a prank on her.
  • Hating Odin as much as Loki does.
  • Being the only one who can calm Loki.
  • You’re the only one he listens to.
  • Knowing where all the portals to other realms are.
  • He makes you wear green sometimes so you match.
  • Being obsessed with how hot he is.
  • Trying to stop the Chitauri Invasion.
  • Understanding why he can’t stop now.
  • Being terrified of Thanos.
  • Passionate make outs in empty hallways.
  • So much hand holding.
  • Hickies all over you to show you are his.
  • Him getting jealous when you talk to other men.
  • God forbid someone touches you.
  • Thor shipping you two.
  • Frigga loves you.

“I hate how they ignore the canon and make characters gay just to please the shippers!! They’re just doing it for the fanservice!”

I’ve read so many comments similar to this one on FB and YT. I just wanted to say something; nygmobblepot was not the most popular slash ship. I think that award goes to gobblepot (Jim/Oswald).

So if they made any Gotham slash paring canon just “to please the fandom” I don’t think they would’ve chosen nygmobblepot. I also shipped gobblepot in earlier seasons before Ed and Oswald got more interaction (and after Oswald’s confession I have a feeling our little bird had at least a slight crush on Jim).

Furthermore, even though I love nygmobblepot with all of my heart we have to realise that compared to other shows we are a small shipping fandom. Look at Voltron for example! That show came out this summer - is not even a year old - and it already has so much ff:

And let’s not forget the biggest queerbait ship in the history of television, Destiel (and that’s only AO3 - there is also a shitload of it on sites like FF.net):

So no, dear homophobic Gotham fans, the show did not make nygmobblepot canon just to please us. They made it canon (or at least made Oswald confess) because the writers saw that the relationship progressed very nicely and naturally. And the actors absolutely adore it too, you can sense the chemistry and spark whenever they are in a scene together. 

Sometimes when you’re writing something, some characters just naturally fit together - even if you originally didn’t plan it. And I think that’s what happened here. The creators saw the potential and sensed the amazing chemistry and decided that this was too good not to evolve into something more.

They made it canon because it fits the characters in this universe and not for “cheap fanservice”.