hate this new update

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.


Black & White + Nic & Worick Official Artwork Wallpapers [540x960]

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Since I apparently have nothing better to do I decided to compile all of RGB’s outfit changes in TPoH, with such memorable moments as “Golden Douche”, “Fifth Doctor”, “Candy Pinstripe” in original and new mint flavor, and all manners of Static glitchery.

I of course couldn’t leave out the all-important jacketless moments:

As well as Hero’s ‘Dark-Vision’ RGB

and, of course:

IM BACK! tumblr no longer hates me! :D

also here’s some updates:

  • i’m uploading a new commission post in a few (w/ more options!)
  • i’m doing another ask bash (where i finally answer as many asks as i can)
  • i’ve disabled my asks (for a few days, a week at most!) since i wanna focus on answering the older ones. :)
  • i’m getting the tattoo on my chest (hopefully) and it’s moved to early dec. hopefully i’m not broke by then since we have an appointment already. :’D

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Bit late on asking this but it never really felt like the tf2 fandom was in state of death/near death. It felt like a solid hibernation until some more official content got pumped out to find a decent reason to be excited. I know smaller ingame events happened but the last one I saw that looked kinda interesting was the Pyro/Heavy fight for a new weapon.

Yeah, I think it was definitely a hibernation until we started getting a lot of hate between the lack of TF2 updates and the release of new games, the latter being a much stronger propeller in the issue. I think once this comic finally comes out, we’ll see a huge resurgence. I’ve already seen a lot of people coming back to the fandom now that the newness of some others has worn out. I think as long as we stay strong, we’ll be good. 

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you find out Calum’s crush. 😜

this isn’t a request, nor is it related, but i just wanted to post something random because of the new ios 10 update. i hate it tbh. 😒 THEY CHANGED THE EMOJIS! 😭 what do you guys think? anyways yeah ,, ✌🏽

Lots of people ask us which drugs we think are good or bad, which ones we like the most and which ones we hate. We have updated this list with a new concept.These are our reactions to them, some people with different body types may prefer them more or prefer them less.

- φ The Golden Ratio φ - This symbol means that the substance can be beneficial but should not be used too often or the person will get depleted of natural neurotransmitters and its benefit will turn into an ailment. Through constant experimentation going from very tiny doses of substances all the way to massively large doses of substances, we have discovered that there is no way out of it. There is no way to constantly take these substances over and over and not get depleted. Staying healthy will help tremendously but it won’t fully protect you.

Weed (Toke it up!) There’s a couple small cons with weed but the multiple benefits usually outweigh that.

Nitrous Oxide (strange)

Hydromorphone (φ)

Oxymorphone (φ)

Oxycodone (φ)

Codeine (φ)

Morphine  (φ

Fentanyl (be VERY careful.. or stay away)

Salvia (Fucking scary, fuck that plant lol)

Gabapentin (Not really that interesting)

Alprazolam (φ)

Diazepam (φ)

Cocaine (garbage, a terrible stimulant with a billion cons)

Nicotine (garbage)

Antidepressants (It’s a scam in the form of a drug)

Ethanol (garbage)

Heroin (Extremely φ)

2C-I, 2C-B, 2C-E (interesting)

LSD (awesome)

Shrooms (awesome)

Mescaline (awesome)

25I-NBOMe (not a fan of the toxicity)

25B-NBOMe (not a fan of the toxicity)

Amphetamine Sulfate (valuable only when pure, dangerous when not, φ)

Amphetamine Phosphate (valuable only when pure, dangerous when not, φ)

MDMA (valuable only when pure, dangerous when not, φ)

Methylone (less empathy than MDMA, still gives energy/attention, more toxic than MDMA though)

Methamphetamine/Methylphenethylamine (Not extremely toxic when its fully pure; still slightly toxic, could be very useful if it wasn’t toxic. φ)

MXE (slightly longer duration than Ketamine- higher potency- not sure if it is as safe as ketamine. Preliminary observations seem good)

Ketamine (Awesome if used in the correct way)

Levamisole (garbage)

DXM (not the biggest fan but interesting)

DMT (awesome)

Caffeine (garbage)

Ephedrine (boring)

5-MeO-DMT (strange; could be valuable or could be scary)

6-APB (seems toxic)

4-HO-MiPT (strange..?)

Bk-MBDB (weak, might be toxic, not sure yet)

Bromo-dragonfly (I didn’t try personally- a friend did- I’d recommend staying far away)

Amanita muscaria/ Muscimol&Ibotenic acid - (Slightly toxic and too delirious)

LSA (Strange..)

I’m Right Here: Chapter 16

Summary: Just as Shinya leaves, there’s a new resident in town.

Today is slow. Guren can barely focus during his meetings. Even if he tries his best to listen to what the person is telling him, his eyes will drift off to his phone. There’s no flashing, no notifications to tell him if someone’s texting him or not.

It’s weird. He’s gotten used to Shinya’s constant texts. It never occurred to him how empty life would be without his phone going off every two minutes and pissing him off.

He hates how it makes him feel lonely.

And he hates that he’s admitting it.

Guren clenches his jaw. No, he should stop thinking about Shinya. The artist made it obvious that he didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Guren’s got enough on his plate to be fawning over anyone at the moment. He should have never gotten too attached to Shinya in the first place.

He doesn’t even know how he got so attached. Wasn’t he still getting over his divorce with Mahiru? Add that on top of his job and looking after Yuu and you’d think that he’d be busy enough to not pay attention to cute artists who won’t leave you alone.

Ugh. Did he seriously just say Shinya was cute…?

Guren reaches for his cup of coffee. God, he really needs to stop thinking about Shinya.